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    Leganto Release Notes August 2016

    New and Changed Leganto Features

    The following features are new or changed in this month's release of Leganto.

    Support for the RefWorks Citation Manager

    Leganto now supports integration with RefWorks, a ProQuest-owned citation management service.
    To enable RefWorks (as an instructor):
    1. Ensure that an administrator has enabled RefWorks in Alma (see Other Alma Features).
    2. Add valid values for your RefWorks user name and password, and (optionally) enter a specific folder name into your Leganto user settings.
      User Settings - Instructors
    3. Click Open Collection within your reading list and drag and drop citations from the RefWorks menu into your reading list.
      Reading List with RefWorks Menu

    Additional Leganto Features

    The following additional features were changed or added in this month's release.
    • New welcome screens were added for student users.
    • The Alma scope for an advanced search in Leganto only appears now if Primo search scopes are not activated.
    • For consistency, (nearly) all Remove options were changed to Delete. The exception is when selecting to stop following a list.
    • Leganto can now extract some bibliographic data from some PDFs uploaded as citations. The extracted data is used to prefill citation information fields in Leganto. This feature was tested with JSTOR documents and PubMed Central, and may be able to extract some data from other documents as well.
    • Leganto now displays breadcrumbs with the reading list and section name when viewing a citation.
      Citation Page

    New and Changed Alma Configurations

    See the Fulfillment - Alma 2016 Release Notes for more new and changed features.

    New Options for Course Loader Integration Profile

    When configuring the course loader integration profile (see Configuring Course Loading) - The following additional options are available:
    • When deleting associated reading lists, delete copyright records - Whether to also delete the copyright information associated with a reading list if you enabled the setting Delete Associated Reading List when Deleting a Course. This information is normally preserved for record keeping.
    • On rollover copy student discussion (Leganto only) - Whether to copy student discussions. The names of the users are removed from each comment.
    • On rollover copy reading list owners - Whether to copy the reading list's owners during a rollover
    • On rollover copy reading list collaborators - Whether to copy the reading list's collaborators during a rollover
    • On rollover -
      • Keep course instructors - Keep the existing course instructors, and ignore the instructors in the uploaded file.
      • Overwrite course instructors - Remove the old instructors and add the instructors from the file.

    Other Alma Features

    The following additional features were changed or added in this month's release.
    • The customer settings refworks_group_code, refworks_key, and refworks_secret were added to support RefWorks (see Support for RefWorks). The values for these settings should be provided to you by RefWorks. To configure these, see Configuring External Services for Leganto.
    • The deprecated parameter display_necessary_dropdown was removed.

    Resolved Issues

    The following issues were resolved in this release:
    • (URM-56098) When adding an item with both electronic and physical availability, only the electronic availability appears. A comment now appears in the UI to note this.
    • (URM-56907) The Leganto branding did not extend to the login page. This was fixed, and now the Leganto color parameter also affects the look on the login page.
    • (URM-57171) There was an issue when displaying thumbnails for citations originating from certain Amazon sites. This was fixed.
    • (URM-58686) Book Chapter was missing from the most common area of citation types (when adding a citation manually). It was moved to the common types at the top of the list.
    • (URM-59492) Export Citations should not have appeared as an option in the Reading Lists menu. It was removed.
    • (URM-60347) The Volume field was missing in the More Item Details section when manually adding a Book Chapter. This was fixed.
    • (URM-60935) View Online did not increase the view count for the citation. This was fixed.
    • (URM-61061) On the citation page, the due date could be changed. The date was not saved, but it should not have been editable. This was fixed.
    • (URM-61068) When copying a section, the citation due dates were also copied; they should not have been. This was fixed, and the due dates are no longer copied.
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