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    Working with iFrames

    This page is intended only for users who have administrative permissions.

    The embedded search feature assumes that you have some knowledge of basic HTML design and working with iframes. To get started, you may need some help from your IT staff or Web development team to add the Pivot-RP code snippet to your site. However, once the Pivot-RP iframe code is embedded on your Webpage, you can control the Pivot-RP content that appears within that frame from the Pivot-RP Admin Dashboard without having to make any direct programming changes to your Website.

    The Pivot-RP Support team does not support helping customers with customizing their Web pages. However, if you have technical issues related to the functionality of the Pivot-RP embedded search tool, feel free to submit a ticket for assistance:

    iframes and Responsive Design

    The Pivot-RP funding opportunities within the iframe are responsive. You can control the dimensions of the frame itself.

    It is possible for you to configure the width of the embedded search iframe so that the width changes as the browser width changes. This can be achieved by adding some custom HTML and CSS code to the page.

    Tutorials and Resources

    The following are some suggested third-party tutorials for help on this topic:

    These links take you to Websites outside of Ex Libris and that are not affiliated with or managed by Ex Libris.
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