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    RefWorks Overview

    Welcome to RefWorks

    RefWorks is a reference management service that supports the needs of students, faculty and librarians. With a streamlined user experience, full-text management and collaboration features, RefWorks gives students and faculty a tool that enables a more efficient and reliable process for producing research papers.


    • A modern interface that makes it easy to store and manage all of your references, together with your uploaded citations.
    • References can include uploaded files, physical or electronic books or chapters cataloged in your institution, and citations on, or reference by, external web sites.
    • View and annotate uploaded citations directly in RefWorks.
    • Multiple options for filtering, organizing, tagging, searching, and sorting references. Includes tools to help edit references in bulk and to find and eliminate duplicate references.
    • Multiple options for viewing lists of references, including features to help identify missing fields required for your bibliographic formats.
    • Multiple citation styles for output, including CSL styles and a comprehensive citation style editor to enable you to create new styles.
    • Add references to RefWorks directly from websites using direct export (when supported) or using the Save to RefWorks bookmarklet.
    • When enabled by your institution (see Configuring Site Settings), you can synchronize RefWorks with Dropbox, in which case RefWorks automatically makes copies of your uploaded citations in your Dropbox account.
    • Ability to configure single sign-on with your local institution.


    RefWorks Terminology
    Term Description
    Bibliography List of references used in your document or research, whether or not they are cited in the document.
    Bibliography Format One of the formats defined by a citation style. Defines how the reference appears in a bibliography.
    Citation References cited in the body and/or end of your document or research.
    Citation Format One of the formats defined by a citation style. Defines how the reference appears when appearing inline in the document text.
    Citation Style Formats for how references appear in a document. Each style can define the following formats: bibliography format, citation (inline) format, footnote format.
    Footnote Format One of the formats defined by a citation style. Defines how the reference appears when appearing as a footnote or end note.
    Ref ID A unique reference ID for each reference in RefWorks.
    Reference An entry in RefWorks that can be used to generate a citation. For uploaded files, the reference includes the uploaded file. For electronic texts, videos, and other digital sources, the reference can include links to the source.
    Reference Type The three major types of references are book, journal article, and generic. For the complete list, see Reference Types.

    Getting Help / Submitting Ideas

    • help_icon.png Select the Help icon at the top right for the following options:
      • Knowledge Center – Open RefWorks documentation on the Knowledge Center
      • Contact Support – Open a support submission form to submit a support case
    • To access the RefWorks video tutorial page, select the video icon in the utility toolbar.
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