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    Summon: Summon Index Update

    • Product: Summon

    What is the status of the Summon Index?

    This document provides a status of the Summon Index. The index is currently being updated twice a week. Based on a standard volume of data being processed, an updated index is released on Wednesday and Friday (Thursday and Saturday for Asia Pacific libraries, due to the international dateline).

    Timeframe Needed for Content Changes to Appear in Summon

    As a general guideline, you can expect your holdings updates to appear in Summon within 4 to 7 days. This timeframe applies to holdings updates you make in the Client Center or Intota, and updates to your local collections (catalogs, repositories, and study guides) that have been sent to Summon.
    For a detailed view into the processing timeframe:
    The below table provides the days of the week in relation to when holdings updates will appear in Summon. The Updates Submitted day is the day you make the update to your Client Center or Intota profile, or the day that Summon processes your local collection update. For example, if you update your Client Center holdings on Monday you can expect those updates to appear in Summon on Friday.
    It is important to note that this information provides a set of expectations for when a library can anticipate seeing holdings updates reflected in the Summon Index. With an index of more than 2 billion items, it is inevitable that from time to time the volume of data being processed leads to issues that cause delays to the standard schedule. The best way to stay informed about processing delays is to receive an email alert; to subscribe to the alert, visit the System Status page.
    Updates Submitted Updates Go Live in the Index
    Saturday, Sunday, Monday
    (Asia Pacific libraries: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)
    (Asia Pacific libraries: Saturday)
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    (Asia Pacific libraries: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
    Wednesday (the following week)
    (Asia Pacific libraries: Thursday (the following week))
    • If you need help identifying which Updated Submitted day applies to a change you have made:
      • Client Center or Intota updates:
        • Within your Client Center or Intota profile you can see what day you made a particular holdings update. Use that day as the Updates Submitted day in the table above.
    • Local collection updates:
      • If you subscribe to Content Ingestion Reports, see the processing date listed in the report. Use that day as the Updates Submitted day in the table above.
        • For more information about ingestion reports see the Content Ingestion Reports section below.
    Note that an export of a library's full catalog does not align with the above timeframes for updates and deletes. New full loads require additional validation work conducted by our metadata librarians, and a library should expect a new full load to go live in the Index a week to ten days after uploading to the Summon FTP server.
    If Summon is not displaying holdings updates that should be indexed in Summon according to the information above, see Missing Article or Book Citation in Search Results.
    Keep in mind that changes made to e-resources in your Client Center or Intota profile also require an index update to appear in Summon. This is in addition to the nightly cache build, which will make changes visible in your E-Journal Portal/360 Link sites for patrons the following day. So it is important to remember that the Summon Index processes updates based on this nightly cache build process. See Client Center: Daily Profile Data Refresh (Cache Build) for more information. 


    • Date Created: 20-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 28-Sep-2017
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