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    Changing App Manager Installation Settings

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    A number of App Manager settings are configured during installation. These should not (or cannot) be changed, except in coordination with Ex Libris customer support.
    Examples include:
    Installation Settings
    Setting Page Path Notes
    Creating and removing apps. -- -- New apps can only be created or removed in coordination with Ex Libris.
    Integrations with external authentication systems Select authentication access to change App Settings > Customer Web Services > Authentication Access  
    Customer application servers Select application server to change App Settings > Customer Web Services > Application Servers  
    Web service endpoints Select web service endpoint to change App Settings > Customer Web Services > Web Service Endpoints Web service endpoint configuration includes drop-down lists for application servers and integrations with external authentication systems (each defined above).
    You should not remove or change the endpoints defined during installation, but you can add new ones for use by your integration services. See Configuring Web Service Endpoints.
    Profile registration authentication Select profile registration authentication to change App Settings > App Settings > Profile Registration Authentication See Configuring End-User Authentication Types.
    Configurable separately for each app.
    Email templates Select email template to change App Settings > App Settings > Email Templates See Configuring App Emails.
    Configurable separately for each app.
    Language packs -- -- Used when configuring profiles. See Managing Profiles.
    Customer roles Select customer role to change App Settings > Enterprise Roles > Customer Roles API used to fetch codes from the institution's directory service for an end-user when an end-user registers or authenticates in the app. The codes are mapped to app roles using customer roles. See Configuring Customer Roles.
    Location references Select position to change and Select position action to change App Settings > Maps/Locations > Positions and App Settings > Maps/Settings > Position Actions The (Customer) Location Reference requires codes returned from the institution's location service to map to locations in the App Manager. See Adding Map Locations and Adding Actions at Map Locations.
    Dynamic tiles for integration (or other) services -- -- Integration (and basic and static content) services display fixed tiles (fixed images) unless configured by Ex Libris to display dynamic tiles. Note that feed and banner services display, by default, a limited type of dynamic tiles.
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