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    Intota Assessment: 360 COUNTER Reports: Books

    • Product: Intota Assessment

    What can you tell me about the data in these reports?

    360 COUNTER Book Reports let you analyze Ebook usage through any of the interfaces you offer to your patrons, such as the native database interfaces and ProQuest discovery services.

    The consolidated reports include the following information:

    • Report: The report name

    • Data Source: The source of the data in the report. If the report includes multiple sources, the most pertinent source is listed.

      You must upload COUNTER reports from providers to your Intota or Client Center profile before the consolidated reports listed below can display data. For information about uploading COUNTER reports, see Intota users click here; Client Center uses click here.

    • Notes: Useful information about the report

    To learn about using report features such as moving columns and saving customizations, see Using the Reports.

    Books (R4)

    Report Data Source Notes

    Ebook Report

    BR1, BR2, and BR5 reports. Cost comes from library-provided information in Intota or 360 Resource Manager.

    Results come from successful Title and Section Requests (BR1,BR2, BR5) using metric ft_total (total full text requests). Cost per use is included when costs have been added to your Client Center or Intota profile.

    Use the Month and Report Type filters to include a quarterly or monthly view of your requested timeframe.

    Generate Fiscal Year report by selecting Yearly for Report Type filter. Results will display a Select View drop-down menu at the top of the report::

    • FY is for viewing Fiscal Year

    • CY is for viewing Calendar Year

    Information about setting your fiscal year: Intota users click here; Client Center users click here.

    Ebook Performers

    BR1 and BR2 reports.

    View the activity of Ebooks for a specified time frame. Filter by usage greater than or equal to 1, 10, or 100.

    Ebook Change in Use

    BR1 and BR2 reports.

    Choose to include in the report: Titles with Negative change, No change, and/or Positive change. Change in use is displayed as percent (%) change.

    Ebook Turnaways

    BR3 and BR4 reports.

    A turnaway (rejected session) is defined as an unsuccessful log-in to an electronic service due to exceeding the simultaneous-user limit allowed by the license.

    Authority Title from Intota/Client Center.

    Click on a year to drill down to quarters and months.

    Ebook Zero Usage

    BR1, BR2, and BR5 reports.

    Query titles without any usage. Search any time period equal or greater than one month.

    Ebook by Fund Report

    BR1, BR2, and BR5 reports.

    Fund names are created by library in its Intota or Client Center profile.

    Additional Information

    For topics related to data setup and maintenance, see the Intota Assessment User Guide.

    360 Counter users should see the 360 Counter User Guide; libraries managing their profile in Intota should see the Assessment section of the Intota User Guide.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 02-Nov-2016
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