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    Aleph is slow ***MASTER RECORD***

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    Aleph system is slower than in previous version. What could be causing this poor performance?

    Do "top" to see if CPU, memory, swap, or I/O percentages seem too high. Look for high CPU processes.  Consult Article Procedure for diagnosing slow Aleph system performance .

    Here are some knowledge articles which address issues of slowness:

    1. General slowness:
    Article 000040425 ("System/search slowness **MASTER RECORD**")
    Article 000043308 (“How to tell if Oracle indexes for a particular library are present & VALID”)

    Article 000044808 ("Each day between 1:15 -> 2:30: very slow OPAC; timeouts; "base/library not avail")
    Article 000046920 ("Slow performance: checkpoint waits, ZFS pools")

    Article "Slow response in TWO_TASK caused by distance between App server <-> Firewall <-> DB server"


    2.  Communication slowness.  The server could be performing well but response for the user is slow because of slow communications.  (Especially if slowness is seen in typing on screen in the OPAC or the GUI.)   See article " PC connection to server extremely slow " in this regard.  

    3. Slowness in bib searching:
    Article 000037535 (“Logical base response very slow”)
    Article 000039909 (“Web OPAC and GUI Search keyword searches (Find), extremely slow / time out”)

    Article Keyword "Exact Title" searches time out and shut down the session

    4. Slowness due to high cpu, z39_server, pc_server:
    Article 000036809 (“System slow, high cpu; pc_server; z39”)

    5. Slowness on loan/return:
    Article 000040570 (“Loan/return activity is slow”)
    Article 000044836 (“Slow check-out of items which have been loaned many times”)
    Article 000040063 (“Return date override function time out.”)
    Article 000039173 (“Slow system response during check-out (loan)”)

    6. Slowness with items:
    Article 000043691 (“Slow response in connection with items **MASTER RECORD**”)

    7. Slowness due to ue processes (These can be seen in "top" as rts32 processes). For example:
    Article 000039637 (“Aleph v20 "No space left on device" ; 100s of DNS queries/second; ue_23”)
    Article 000033411 (“Long-running rts32 (ue_01) sessions with high CPU”)
    Article 000032858 (“Oracle /arch directory filling up rapidly; ue_11”)


    8. Slowness in running manage-18 or other batch job:  manage-18 extremely slow; "unable to extend index ..." messages in Oracle log

    . Response time analysis:
    Article 000036170 (“General slow response time”)

    If none of these seems to apply to your situation, then please describe what specific functions you find to be slow.

    • Article last edited: 18-Apr-2016