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    System/search slowness **MASTER RECORD**

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    Searching is slow in both the OPAC and the GUI search; system functions, generally, are slow. Poor performance.


    Missing Oracle indexes:
    Article 000043308 (“How to tell if Oracle indexes for a particular library are present & VALID”)
    Article 000045910 (“Poor response time; iowait above 50%”)
    Article 000044902 (“OPAC is SLOW”)
    Article 000039913 (“Browse gets "server failed to execute request after 60 seconds" & ue_01 slow”)
    Article 000045475 (“Keyword - Test server - extremely slow search”)
    Article 000045750 (“Keyword searching on common words takes extremely long; multiple z97's”)
    Article 000043827 (“After tablespace full: record not found; response slow; results out of order.”)

    Wrong optimizer mode / presence of Oracle Statistics:
    Article 000047285 (“Disk I/O and CPU jump each weekday at 3:10 pm”)
    Article 000046939 (“Aleph Production too slow”)

    Excessive iowait's as a cause/corollary of system slowness (in the morning):

    Article 000041503 (“Aleph slow / exceptionally high iowait%”)
    Article 000032985 (“Slowness due to excessive i/o wait's -- due to backup”)

    Slow response in connection with items:
    Article 000043691 (“Slow response in connection with items **MASTER RECORD**”)

    Problem with Disaster Recovery process in writing blocks to the ATA drives:
    Article 000044808 (“Each day between 1:15 -> 2:30: very slow OPAC; timeouts; "base/library not avail”)

    Suggestions for analyzing OPAC response time:
    Article 000039425 (“Analysis of OPAC response time”)

    Slowness after switch to TWO-TASK; multi-thread mode:
    Article 000039540 (“Response-time problems following v20 upgrade / switch to Two-task config”)

    "We found out that there was a problem with the SAN that was causing the slowness":
    Article 000047319 (“ue_01_word_parallel slowness”)

    Slow performance: checkpoint waits, ZFS pools:
    Article 000046920 (“Slow performance: checkpoint waits, ZFS pools”)

    Aleph high CPU (98%):
    Article 000036802 (“Aleph high CPU (98%); ue_01; item update conflict”)


    Additional Information

    See article  " Procedure for diagnosing slow Aleph system performance ".


    • Article last edited: 18-Apr-2016