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    PO Line Types and Workflow Steps


    This page describes the various types of PO lines, some of the main actions that can be performed on PO lines, etc. For information on the overall purchasing workflow see Purchasing Workflow. For a list of links to pages with instructions for purchasing in Alma including creating PO lines, renewals, working with vendors, etc., see Purchasing. For an overview of working with acquisitions in Alma, including links to relevant sections such as Invoicing, Renewals, Configuration, etc., see Introduction to Acquisitions.

    PO Line Types

    PO Line type is determined by the PO Line format (Physical/Electronic/Generic/Digital) and continuity (One-Time/Continuous/Standing Order). Below is a list of PO Line types that can be configured in Alma (Configuration Menu > Acquisitions > Purchase Orders > PO Line Types):

    For more information see: Explanation of Purchase Types Workflow and Inventory.

    PO Line Types in Alma
    Access Service - Subscription Physical Computer File - Subscription Physical Computer File - One Time
    (New for August) 
    Access Service – Subscription
    (New for August)
    Article Processing Charges (APC) – One Time 
    Database - Subscription (removed) Physical - Archiving Physical - Subscription
    Database - One Time (removed) Other Service - One Time Physical - One Time
    Database Service - One Time Other Service - Subscription Physical - Standing Order Monograph
    Digital - Subscription Mixed Material Physical - Standing Order Non Monograph
    Digital - Non Archiving Microform Print Book - One Time
    Digital - One Time Map Print Book - Standing Order
    Electronic Book - Subscription Manuscript Print Journal - Subscription
    Electronic Book - One Time License Upgrade Print Journal - One Time
    Electronic Book Package - Subscription (removed) Electronic Title - One Time Sound Recording
    Electronic Book Package - One Time (removed) Electronic Title - Subscription Remote Computer File - One Time
    Electronic Book - Standing Order Electronic Title - Standing Order Remote Computer File - Subscription
    Electronic Journal - Subscription Electronic Collection - One Time Electronic Collection - Subscription
    Electronic Journal - One Time Electronic Journal Package - Subscription (removed) Electronic Journal Package - One Time (removed)
    Musical Score Visual Material  

    PO Line Workflow Diagrams

    PO Lines in Alma can have multiple steps from the point of creation until the item arrives or the electronic resource is activated. The status of a PO line is determined by it's step in the workflow. For a complete list of workflow steps, see Searching for PO Lines.

    The workflow differs to some extant depending on the PO Line Type. The most common workflows, for one-time orders and continuous orders, are illustrated in the following diagrams:

    Possible PO Line Statuses for One-Time (OT) Orders:

    PO Line Status_OT Orders.png

    Workflow Diagram: PO Line Statuses for One-Time (OT) Orders
    Possible PO Line Statuses for Continuous (CO) Orders:

    PO Line Status CO Orders.

    Workflow Diagram: PO Line Statuses for Continuous (CO) Orders

    PO Line Row Actions

    When you open a PO line from the task list, it is opened in View mode. In order to edit it, you must make sure it is assigned to you, and then select Edit  (Edit button in task.png in the task list or the Edit button Edit button + label in Details pane.png at the top of the Details pane) to switch to Edit mode (see New Layout 2022). Once you are in Edit mode, you can use the row actions to manage the PO line. Depending on the nature of the PO line and its current workflow step, different row actions are available for a PO line. For information about the available row actions at different stages in the workflow, see:

    Alerts in PO Lines

    For a list of alerts that may appear in a PO line, see AssertionCode in Configuring Purchasing Review Rules.