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    Resource Management Configuration Overview

    To configure resource management, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Catalog Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    This section describes the configuration options for the various resource management functions. These can be accessed in Configuration Menu > Resources. The following table lists the available configuration options. Options are configurable on the institution level, only.
    Note that some configuration changes in Resource Management impact other functional areas. Consider the impact on other functional areas before making changes to existing configurations.
    For a full reference of all the code tables provided with Alma, see Alma Code Table Reference.
    Resource Management Configuration Options
    Section Configuration Item Configuration Level Refer To:
    Search Configuration Search Indexes Institution Configuring Search Indexes
    Customize Indexes Labels Institution Configuring Index Labels
    External Search Resources Institution Configuring External Search Resources
    External Search Profile Institution Configuring External Search Profiles
    Repository Search Institution Customizing the Repository Search
    Additional Staff Search Fields Institution Configuring Additional Staff Search Fields
    Cataloging Metadata Configuration Institution Configuring Cataloging
    Controlled Vocabulary Registry Institution Configuring Controlled Vocabulary Registry
    Author Number Lists Institution Configuring Author Number Lists
    Local Transliteration Table for Author Number Generation Institution Configuring Customized Transliteration for Author Number List Generation
    BIB Redirection Fields Institution Configuring BIB Redirection Fields
    Cataloger Permission Level
    This option must be enabled for your institution by Ex Libris.
    Institution Cataloging Privileges
    Cataloging Level Mapping for External Authority
    This option is only available when your institution is enabled with the ability to contribute authority records to the Community Zone.
    Institution Configuring Cataloging Levels for Contribution to Externally Managed Authorities
    CNMARC 6XX Multiple Heading Configuration 
    UNIMARC Multiple Authority ID configuration
    These options are only available when the relevant record types are configured by Ex Libris as active for your institution.
    MARC Slim Configuration Institution MARC Slim Configuration
    MARC21 / KORMARC - Browse Bib Headings Names / Subjects Institution Configuring Browsing Bib Headings Names / Subjects
    Record Export Exclude Process Types from Publishing Institution Excluding Resources with Specific Process Types from Publishing
    Map Holdings fields into Bib record OCLC Institution Publishing to OCLC
    Institution OCLC Symbol Institution Publishing to OCLC
    Map Holdings fields into Bib record Libraries Australia Institution Holdings Mappings for Libraries Australia
    Institution NUC Symbol Institution Configuring a Library NUC
    MARC 21 to DC Crosswalk Institution Configuring MARC 21 to DC Crosswalk
    Record Import Originating Systems for MD Records Institution Configuring Originating Systems for Import Profiles
    Remote Digital Repositories Institution Managing Remote Digital Repositories
    Deposit Deposit Return Reasons Institution Configuring Deposit Return Reasons
    Deposit Decline Reasons Institution Configuring Deposit Decline Reasons
    Patron Deposit Templates Institution Configuring Patron Deposit Templates
    Patron Deposit Labels Institution Configuring Patron Deposit Labels
    Terms and Conditions Institution Configuring Terms and Conditions
    General Other Settings Institution Configuring Other Settings
    Processes Institution Configuring Processes
    Provenance Code Institution Configuring Provenance Codes
    Accession Number Institution Configuring Accession Numbers
    Item Sequences Institution Configuring Physical Item Sequences
    Control Number Institution Configuring Control Numbers
    E Task Statuses Institution Configuring E-Task Statuses
    Label Printing Tool Institution Printing Book Labels Using the Label Printing Tool
    Call Number Parsing Institution Configuring Call Number Parsing
    Barcode Generation Institution Configuring the Barcode Generation Method and Barcode Validation
    Description Templates Institution Configuring Description Templates
    Inventory Network Groups Institution Configuring Distributed Access to Electronic Resources
    Physical Item Sort Routines Institution Configuring Physical Item Sort Routines
    Physical Material Type Descriptions Institution Configuring Physical Item Material Type Descriptions
    Brief Levels Institution Configuring Brief Level Code Descriptions
    Call Number Mapping Institution Mapping Call Numbers to Holdings
    Digital Storage Institution Configuring Digital Storage
    Library/Location Display Institution Customizing How Library and Location Appear
    Representation Label Templates Institution Configuring Representation Label Templates
    Resource Management Jobs Configuration Institution Configuring Resource Management Jobs
    Reminder Types Institution Configuring Reminder Types
    Reminder Statuses Institution Configuring Reminder Statuses
    Statistics Notes Institution Configuring Statistics Notes
    Authority Control Task List Types Institution Configuring Authority Control Task List Report Types
    Medium Types Institution Configuring Medium Types
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