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    Viewing User Identifiers

    To manage user identifiers, you must have one of the following roles:
    • User Manager
    • User Administrator
    You can view the list of pre-defined user identifier types. These types, for example a barcode, are available to uniquely identify a user in addition to the primary ID that you assign to the user when the user is first added (see Adding Users and Managing User Identifiers). These user identifier types are available in drop-down lists in several locations in Alma. User the codes from this table when you must add a user identifier code to a file, such as when importing an itemized set (see Creating Itemized Sets).
    You view the list of user identifiers on the User Identifier Type code table. For more information about code tables, see Code TablesCode Tables. This page is read-only.
    User Identifier Type Code Table
    The list typically includes a barcode, a code to indicate the ID from the student information system, and any social media IDs supported for your institution.
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