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    Resource Management - January 2018 Enhancements

    The following changes were made in the Resources functional area for this release:
    • You can create publishing profiles for authority records with the same workflow as when creating publishing profiles for bibliographic records. For more information, see Publishing and Inventory Enrichment (General Publishing).
    • You can configure import profiles to disregard resource type (serial/non serial) when matching imported records using a single match profile. For more information, see Managing Import Profiles.
    • You can contribute templates to the Community Zone from the MD Editor, where they can be shared with other institutions. For more information, see Contributing to the Community Zone - Normalization, Merge, and Indication Rules.
    • You can contribute general publishing profiles to the Community Zone, where they can be shared with other institutions. For more information, see Sharing Publishing Profiles in the Community Zone. To support this change, the CONTRIBUTE privilege was added to the General System Administrator and Repository Administrator roles. Note that the View > Data Enrichment tab will be available in a future release.
    • When merging records, you can configure Alma to take an identifier from the secondary record and place it in the primary record to keep track of the merged record. This configuration is performed from the new BIB Redirection Fields configuration link (Configuration > Resources > Cataloging). For more information, see Configuring BIB Redirection Fields.
    • To protect users' privacy, user names are no longer displayed in the MD Editor. Instead, the name of the user's institution appears.
    • Right-to-left display is now supported for Hebrew language in the MD Editor.
    • A scheduling option for Every Saturday was added to the general publishing profile.
    • You can now configure the options for medium type in the advanced search; see Configuring Medium Types.
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