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    Fulfillment - January 2018 Enhancements

    The following changes were made in the Fulfillment functional area for this release:
    • You can now associate a reading list to a Creative Commons license. See Editing a Reading List.
    • You can add or manage subject tags for reading lists (this feature was previously available only in Leganto). A new tab Subjects appears on the Edit Reading List page. For more information, see Editing a Reading List.
      Leganto customers can disable this feature, because some institutions do not want subjects to appear in the Leganto UI. See Disabling Reading List Subjects.
    • You can now run the manual job Reading List Bulk Change to change a set of reading lists. See the Reading List Bulk Change job. The privilege TASK_CHAIN_UPDATE_READING_LIST was added to the Course Reserves Manager role for this feature.
    • The Bulk Citation Inventory Enrichment job (see Matching Reading List Citations to Inventory in Bulk) now also runs the OpenURL link resolver to check for electronic resources for the citation, in order to update a citation's Locate Status. For more information, see Managing a Citation's Attachment to an Inventory Item.
    • When printing a slip report for a reading list, Barcode was added as the last column in the report.
    • The columns Creation Date and Modification Date are now sortable on the Reading Lists Task List page.
    • Updating the expiration date for canceled requests on the expired hold shelf will now not make them reappear on the active hold shelf. Requests on the hold shelf that were only expired (and were not canceled) will become available upon updating the expiration date. Canceling a request marks the request as canceled now. Additionally, the option to change expiration dates for canceled requests on the expired hold shelf was removed.
    • idea_exchange.pngIdea Exchange: In the Blocks tab of the Manage Users page, it is now possible to add a block expiry date and edit the expiration date on an existing block. You can now also sort on the Expiry Date column in the Blocks tab. See Blocking and Unblocking Users.
    • Two columns were added to the loan display in Manage Patron Services, Loaned at Library and Loaned at Desk. They are hidden by default and can be added in the Hide/Display Columns pane. See Loaning Items. Similarly, Loaned at library and Loaned at desk were added to the On Loan Item page (to see this page, after searching for an item, click the link in the Process type column for an item that is on loan), as well the Loan Audit Trail page (this page appears when selecting the Loan History row action from a loaned item in Manage Patron Services). This change is not applicable to reading room loans because the information was already displayed.
    • The Location field on the Primo My Account Loans listing can now display the checkout location. For the location to appear, the new customer parameter, add_checked_at_information_to_loan_details_in_primo, must be set to true. See Configuring Other Settings.
    • In Manage Patron Services, a link was added to the User Notes summary section. If there are no notes for the patron, the link is Add Note. The link is Edit Notes if there are between one and five notes. If there are more than five notes, the link is More User Notes Exist. See Manage Patron Services.
    • The format of the Submit List By column in the course loader integration profile was changed to be more flexible, to allow additional parameters in the future. See the new format in the Configuring Course Loading.
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