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    Fulfillment - March 2017 Enhancements

    Renewal Enhancements in Manage Patron Services

    NERS.png NERS Enhancement (Request ID 4661): Two new columns were added to the Loans list in Manage Patron Services. The columns, Last Renew Date and Last Renew Status, are hidden by default. They are accessed from the Columns button above the list. Once the columns are visible, they display the most recent status and date for the item if any renewal has been attempted. For more information, see Managing Patron Services.
    Patron Services Loan Columns Highlighted.png
    Patron Services Hidden Columns
    The possible statuses for the Last Renew Status column are:
    • Renewed successfully
    • Item is not renewable
    • The item status is "Claim returned" and cannot be renewed
    • The item status is "Recalled" and cannot be renewed
    • The item status is "Lost" and cannot be renewed
    • User does not have a patron role or the role has expired
    • Renewing the loan conflicts with a booking request and the due date must be shortened
    • The item cannot be renewed since there is a request for this item
    • Item renew period exceeded

    Keep Old Values When Overwriting or Rolling Over Courses

    When editing a course and a field is marked for overwrite, or when rolling over a course, entering a plus sign (+) in the field instructs the job to keep the old value for this field (as if overwrite was not selected). Any other value (including an empty value) is used in place of the old value.
    For searchable IDs and instructors, when editing or rolling over a course, if a + is entered in any of the fields, any values added in these columns are merged with any existing values in the course.
    For more information, see the note in Configuring Course Loading.

    Integration with the Digital Content Store (UK)

    This feature is relevant for UK customers only.
    The Digital Content Store (DCS) is a web-based platform that combines a searchable repository of digitized book and journal extracts with an online workflow management tool. The platform is managed by the UK's Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA). Library staff create reading lists in the DCS in order to manage and process the digitization and copyright clearance process in that system. At the end of the process, and after copyrights clearance for the materials is approved, the library staff receives a licensed URL that links to the digitized contents stored in the DCS.
    You must configure a new integration profile, Digital Content Store, to automatically retrieve citation URLs from the CLA. See Integrating with the UK's Digital Content Store (DCS).
    After adding the profile, you can manage citations' attachments to DCS items. For more information, see Managing Citations.

    Changing Location for a Reading Room Loan

    A library now has the option to temporarily change the location of an item that is loaned at a reading room for the duration of the loan so that the library can apply special rules to the item for as long as it is on a reading room loan, based on its temporary location. The item automatically reverts to its original permanent location when a final check-in is made. The library configuration is optional and per reading room desk. If the configuration is not performed, reading room loans function as before. The temporary change of location automatically expires when the item is returned as a final return. The item is then put in transit back to its permanent location where scanning it in sets the item to be reshelved. For more information, see Adding a Circulation Desk.

    Additional Fulfillment Enhancements

    • When duplicating a reading list, its section and citation tags and public notes are also duplicated.
    • You can now add more than three searchable IDs on the Manage Course Information page. See Managing Courses. In addition, when using the course loader integration profile, you can add multiple searchable IDs in the third searchable IDs field, separated by commas (similarly to adding multiple instructors in the last instructors column). See Configuring Course Loading.
    • Additional, optional criteria can be used to limit the citations processed by the Citation Inventory Enrichment job (see Matching Reading List Citations to Inventory in Bulk). The additional criteria include:
      • A specific course
      • Reading lists with a specific status
      • Citations with a specific status
    • The last person to modify a reading list now appears in the Reading List Information of the Edit Reading List page. For more information about this section, see Managing Reading Lists.
    • The Creative Commons License field was moved from the Copyright Attributes to the Citation Parameters section on the Edit Reading List Citation page. In addition, Citation License Type was removed as a clause when adding a digital profile rule.
    • The Library section heading on the fulfillment configuration menu has been changed to Library Management. The ability to click the heading to invoke the Organization Unit Details page is replaced by a new link, Library Details, on the fulfillment configuration menu in the Library Management section. The link is active only when configuring a library.
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