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    What are common causes of authentication problems, and how can they be resolved?

    • Product: Alma, SFX, 360, Summon
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local


    What are common causes of authentication problems, and how can they be resolved?


    Issues that can cause authentication problems fall under two categories:


    This can be within the proxy, on the vendor/provider site, or both.

    Database stanzas/forwarding tables - A resource needs to be configured properly in your proxy before it can be accessed remotely. Check with your proxy provider or the vendor if you need configuration information.

    IPs - The vendor/provider must have your proxy IP on file before remote access is possible. You will also need to make sure your on-campus IP ranges are accurate.

    Unique Identifiers

    These are used by vendors/providers to identify your institution and must be configured for proper authentication. Verify they have been entered by doing the following:

    Alma: Go to Linking Parser Parameters under the Linking tab. A list of vendors that require these can be found under "Library-Specific Parameters" in this article.

    SFX: Instructions on how to add and edit Linking Parameters starts on page 104 of the SFX General User's Guide.

    360 Services/Summon: This article contains information on databases that need custom configuration.

    Further reading

    How to set up proxies in Alma

    How to add proxy definitions in U-Resolver

    How to set up proxies in 360/Summon:


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