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    Primo VE Delivery Services

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    Primo VE provides delivery services based on the Alma inventory. Access to such resources is controlled by the Alma inventory. On both the brief results and full record pages, Primo VE includes information concerning the availability of the items and online links. On the full record page, Primo VE displays the following delivery sections:

    • Get It – Allows users to place requests on physical inventory. Additional services (such as digitization may also be provided by the library).

    • View It – Allows users to display electronic and digital inventory. Out of the box, this section is labeled View Online for Primo VE.

    • How to Get it – When a record has no inventory, this section allows users to select other options to get this item.

    If a record has both print and electronic/digital inventory, both Get It and View It sections will display on the record's Full Display page.

    Availability Status and Calculation

    For records managed in Alma, Primo indicates to the user if a record is available online and/or in cases of print inventory, the record level availability and indication of its holding information. In cases of multiple physical holdings, an additional text will indicate "and other locations". This availability information is calculated directly from Alma and displays on both the brief results page and the full record page. Additional holdings and item information displays as part of the Get It section on the full record page.

    For Central Index records, which are managed by either Central Discovery Index (CDI) or Primo Central Index (PCI), Primo will indicate on the brief results page whether a record is available online based on the Alma electronic holdings file that is published weekly to the Central Index. For information on how to publish the holdings information to the Central Index, see Publishing Electronic Records to Central Discovery Index or Publishing to Primo Central. On the full record page Primo VE will calculate the full availability for the record and indicate whether Alma can provide electronic, digital or physical services and will update the availability statement accordingly.

    When opening a Primo Services page which is called from external openURL services, Primo VE will calculate the full availability for the record and indicate whether Alma can provide electronic, digital or physical services and display an availability statement accordingly. For more information on the Services Page see Configuring the Services Page for Primo VE.

    • For cases in which Alma also matches a physical holding for a journal and cannot determine its exact coverage range, the availability status indicator will display Check Holdings on the brief results page.

    • In the brief results, the availability status for WorldCat records is always Check for available services. When a record's full display is opened, the system calculates and displays its availability status.

    Get It

    The Primo Get It section will display when the record has print inventory/holdings in Alma, allowing patrons to determine the following information for each physical title displayed in the search results:

    • The availability of the title

    • The locations in which the title can be found

    • The request options

    • The item information and status

    If the user belongs to a collaborative network, additional locations and services from other institutions may be seen under the Getit at Other Institutions section.

    Request Options

    Primo Get It allows users to perform the following types of requests, if permitted by the user, for the selected title: Request, Digitization, and other (such as resource-sharing requests and purchase requests). The system displays request options only if the signed-in user is eligible to place them. If the user is not signed in, the system displays the following message above the list of holdings or items: Please sign in for request options.

    Requests options for non-serials appear as buttons above the holdings. For example:


    Title-Level Request Options for Non-Serials

    Requests options for serials appear as buttons at the item level, based on the item's description. For example:


    Item-Level Request Options for Serials

    For serials, additional request options are provided at the title level to allow users to request or digitize issues that are not listed.

    Requesting from Other Institutions without a Local Linked Patron

    When using Primo discovery across a fulfillment network, it is possible to retrieve another institution's information without copying the patron information from the original institution and without creating a linked account.

    The user parameter uresolver_remote_register controls whether the other institution's holdings may be retrieved without creating a local linked patron record (see Configuring Other Settings). The following values are valid:

    • Auto - A linked account will be created automatically. This is the default.

    • None - There will be no option to create a linked account via the Get It page. Only holdings information will be displayed.

    • Manual - The Get It window will display a link to sign into the institution. Selecting the link will open the request form from the source of the linked account.

    View It

    The Primo View It section appears when the record has electronic or digital inventory in Alma, and can list up to 25 services and related services that allow users to access or view the resource:


    View It

    Out of the box, this section is labeled View Online for Primo VE.

    If configured, additional services may also display in the View It section. For more information, see Configuring General Electronic Services.

    For more configuration options, see Configuring Discovery Interface Display Logic for Primo VE.

    How to Get It

    The Primo How to Get It section appears only when the record has no print, electronic or digital inventory in Alma.

    This section can include Alma services, if permitted for the user, for the selected title such as Resource Sharing and Purchase Request. In addition, you can define additional services that to display in the How to Get It section. For more information, see Configuring General Electronic Services.


    How to Get It Service
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