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    Creating Primo Tools

    This functionality is not relevant to to Primo VE.
    In addition to monitoring and executing Primo tools, Create a Tool section on the Tools List page (Primo Home > Monitor Primo Status > Tools Monitoring) allows you to create jobs for the following tools and execute them as needed.
    The following additional tools are available for on-premises installations:
    Primo Tools
    Tool Description
    Create XREF1
    Builds the enrichment indexing keys for existing PNX records per data source. For more information, see The Create XREF Tool
    Import PNX Extensions*
    Loads enrichment data to enhance Primo records. For more information, see The Import PNX Extensions Tool
    Export User Generated Data*
    Exports user-generated data to an XML file. For more information, see The Export User Generated Data Tool
    Delete PNX Extensions*
    Removes enrichment data from Primo. For more information, see The Delete PNX Extensions Tool
    PNX Extensions Loader*
    Adds PNX extensions to existing PNX records. For more information, see The PNX Extensions Loader Tool

    1Requires installation-level permissions to create and execute this tool.
    To add a tool to the list:
    1. Click Monitor Primo Status on the Back Office’s home page.
      The Monitor Primo Status page opens.
      Monitor Primo Status Page
    2. Click Tools Monitoring to open the Tools List page.
      Tools List Page
      If you are an installation-level staff user, select the owner of the tool in the Owner drop-down list. The valid values are Installation (if using the default name) or a specific institution.
      For institution-level staff users, this field is set to your institution.
    3. Select a type of tool in the Create a Tool drop-down list.
    4. Click Create to configure the specific tool. For specific information on each tool, refer to the following sections.
    For information on monitoring tools, see Tools Monitoring.
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