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    Mapping to the Normalized Record

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For more details on Primo VE mapping, see Mapping to the Display, Facets, and Search Sections in the Primo VE Record.

    The templates described in the following subsections map several standard formats to the PNX. The mapping is divided into PNX sections. All PNX sections and fields are included, although it is not always possible to create a generic mapping. In such a case, only the PNX field is filled.
    Each table contains the following columns:
    • PNX field – the field that is created from the PNX.
    • Source/Content – the source fields that are used in the mapping or another element that is used to create the mapping. If multiple fields are listed, they will all be used to create the PNX field (as a single merged field or multiple occurrences of the field). If the PNX field can be created from several source fields, but only one source field should be used, list all the fields in order of preference with an "OR" between the fields.
    • Additional normalization rules and notes.
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