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    September Release

    Scheduled Purchasing

    September 2020 RialtoNGS-105
    Scheduled Purchasing now allows you to create a feed of titles to be either purchased or added to your DDA pool at a frequency you choose. This allows Selectors to spend less time on manual selection, and provides a mechanism to have a predictable spend on an ongoing basis.

    Scheduled Purchasing plans consist of a purchasing query, purchasing rules, and a ranking profile. Once these are in are place and the plan is enabled by Rialto administration, Rialto periodically produces a finite list of best-fit candidate offers, ready to be purchased or added to a DDA pool once the list is reviewed by Selectors. 

    Rialto Scheduled Purchasing provides a number of advantages compared to the legacy approaches to automated purchasing: 

    Function Legacy systems Rialto Scheduled Purchasing
    Eligible titles Only newly published titles Any title in the Marketplace
    Recency  Upon publication, captures new (profiled) titles Captures any title based on query
    Ranking True or False on match to profile; no ranking  True or False + ranking to assign fitness; boosting offers according to ranking profile
    Amount purchased All matches Best matches up to monetary cap
    Managing budget Restrictive query limits matches per purchase interval Monetary cap defines spend per purchase interval

      See Scheduled Purchasing and Scheduled Purchasing Management

    Navigate to Works from the Cart

    September 2020 RialtoNGS-3121
    Now you can navigate to a list of other offers for that same work from the cart, to confirm that this is the best offer or to choose an alternate/additional offer in the same work.
    To navigate to the offer list for that work:
    1. Click the title of the offer in the cart or select Display Title in Market in the row actions list. 
      The list of offers for that work opens. The item currently in the cart is marked with In your cart badge.
    2. To replace the item with another item, click Replace Title on the desired item. The In your cart badge moves to the selected title.
      To add an additional item (if you increased the number of copies in the cart), click Add to Cart on the desired item. 
      Replace title in cart.png
    3. To go back to the cart, select back icon.png by the work name at the top of the page. 

    See Navigating to Work from the Cart.

    Purchase Request Enhancements

    September 2020 RialtoNGS-3265
    Now if the patron filled in information in the below fields of the Purchase Request web form, these fields appear in the Purchase Request panel:
    • Other system number 
    • Publication year 
    • Place of publication 

    The "Citation type" field was removed. 

    In addition, if the patron filled in some of the custom fields added by the institution, this information now populates the "Requestor Notes" field of the Purchase Request panel (previously it was the "Internal Notes" field). If several such fields were filled in, they all appear in "Requestor Notes" field one after the other in the form of "field A: value A field B: value B...."  

    purchase request panel updated.png

    See Purchase Request Web Form Management.

    Cart Enhancements 

    September 2020 RialtoNGS-3264
    The cart was enhanced with the following:
    • You can now disable institution-level templates that were shared with you. See Filling in the Cart Options.
      disable a template.png
    • In the templates selection dropdown, the private and shared templates are now indicated as such for your convenience.
    • The "Apply Location" and "Apply Fund" actions were removed from the top of the page.
      new templates selector in the cart.png
    • In the right-hand pane that shows the details of the selected offer, the "Location" field was re-labelled to "Shelving Library/Location". 

    See Adding to Shopping Cart and Submitting to Approval.

    Cart Template Enhancements 

    September 2020 RialtoNGS-3351
    You now can select whether the blank values in a template override the existing cart values, or the pre-existing values in the cart are left as is. This helps you make sure that information specified by the Selection staff is not lost after applying a template.

    override existing values.png

    When applying templates in the cart, users can see the override icon.png icon by the templates where this option was selected:

    overide template in the cart.png

    When the template has been applied to the cart, the name of the template appears in the right-hand panel, and all the fields where values were inherited from the template receive yellow background. If you modify such value, the yellow background disappears. 

    full template applied to the cart.png

    See Cart Template Management and Adding to Shopping Cart and Submitting to Approval.

    Ordering Multiple eBooks 

    September 2020 RialtoNGS-3615
    You can now order multiple copies of an eBook, to make sure that patron demand is satisfied when unlimited license is not available. To do so, indicate the desired number of eBooks in the Quantity field in the cart, when ordering eBook.

    Ordering multiple copies is enabled for EBC and EBSCO, only when the offer's license is 'single user' or 'three users' or 'non-linear/concurrent' (i.e., not 'unlimited').

    See Adding to Shopping Cart and Submitting to Approval.

    "Available For" in Holdings View

    September 2020 RialtoNGS-3347
    Now you can see offers that are available as part of your inventory network group within the Holdings panel. This means that only patrons belonging to this group can access the resource contents when searching or browsing in Discovery. For more information, see Configuring Distributed Access to Electronic Resources

    For electronic holdings, you can see the "Available For" statement applied to a portfolio or inherited from the collection or service in Alma. If the portfolio is available for several inventory network groups, all groups are displayed.

    When the "Available For" statement does not appear in the Holdings panel, this means that the offer is available to all patrons, without any limitations. 

    available for.png

    See Locating Offers that Match Your Holdings

    Brill Available in the Rialto Marketplace

    September 2020RialtoNGS-3120
    Now eBooks from Brill online are enabled for acquisition through the Rialto marketplace. This expansion of the Rialto offering is important now more than ever before, as librarians meet the demands from students and faculty for eBooks for remote learning.

    Please contact Rialto customer support to enable the new platform, if you are unable to purchase. 

    New Out-of-the-Box Recommendations and Ranking Profiles

    September 2020 Rialto
    A new recommendations profile and a new ranking profile were added to the profiles that are provided with Rialto out-of-the-box.
    The recommendations profile, 'Ebook offerings for print holdings' pulls together all the print holdings in your institution, that are not already owned as an Ebook, and pairs them with their Ebook equivalent offers in the market. This profile allows you to start utilizing Rialto features immediately upon implementation, even before any institutional profiles are finalized. The below query is included in the recommendations profile and available in the feed list:
    Criterion Value
    Ebook offerings for print holdings True

    This recommendations profile is associated with the new ranking profile 'Usage and predicted fit'. You can add offer-level boosts to this profile, to reflect your policies for preferred offers, or you can leave it as-is. The below boosts are included in the ranking profile:

    Boost Weight 
    Predicted to be popular Medium
    Recently published Medium
    Predicted to be of interest to your institution Medium
    Historical usage at your institution High

    See Managing Recommendation Feed Profiles and Managing Ranking Profiles

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