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    What information should be provided when requesting a Voyager software upgrade or a server move?

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Local


    What information should be provided when requesting a Voyager software upgrade or a server move?


    In both instances, begin by opening a Case and state the work needed (Upgrade, Server Move, or both), providing the information outlined below as appropriate.

    Software upgrade

    To request Ex Libris perform a Voyager software upgrade (cost included in maintenance), provide the following information:

    • Can you confirm that you are upgrading the software on the same server the current version resides on? (i.e., no hardware change)
    • What is the current version of the software?
    • What is the OS and version of the environment?
    • Are you requesting Ex Libris perform the upgrade?
    • What dates would you prefer to upgrade?

    Refer to the Installation and Upgrade Requirements document for operating system requirements (under Voyager > Implementation Guides > [version]) - if your server is not running an OS version that meets requirements for the version you are upgrading to, you may need to migrate your Voyager installation to a new server running a compatible OS. In that case, please also provide answers to the Server move questions below.

    Server move

    A server move/data move (i.e., migrating a Voyager installation to new hardware) is work that Ex Libris needs to do and will provide a quote for. Providing the information below helps in determining an accurate quote and scheduling time frame:

    • What is the OS and version of source (current) environment?
      What is the OS and version of target (future) environment?
    • Will data be moved to a new physical or virtual environment?
    • Will there be additional data copy work requested? (from production to a test environment, for example)
    • Is there an existing test server that also will be migrated?
    • Is source environment all-in-one or multi-server?
    • Is target environment all-in-one or multi-server?
    • What method is available to Ex Libris to connect to impacted environments to perform the work?
    • Will the Voyager software also be upgraded?
      • Do you want Ex Libris to perform the upgrade?
      • What is the current version of Voyager?
    • How many database instances are involved? Please list the name of each xxxdb.
    • What is the database size (# bibs)?
    • Are there preferred timeframes for this work to be performed?
    • To whom should we provide the completed quote?