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    Digital Resource Management - June 2018 Enhancements

    Full Text Support for Digital Inventory

    You can upload a plain or ALTO fulltext file to accompany a digital file and search for the text in the file using the newly embedded Internet Archive Book Reader. (To use this reader, you must configure it as described in Configuring Digital File Viewer Services.) For more information, see Managing Digital Resources. In addition, you can now search for fulltext format using the Advanced Repository Search under Digital File > Fulltext Format.

    Normalization Rules Creation for Dublin Core Records

    You can now create normalization rules in the MD Editor for Dublin Core records. The new DcDroolNormalization normalization task uses the normalization rules that you create. For more information, see Working with Normalization Rules and Working with Normalization Processes.

    Inventory Actions Added to MD Editor for Dublin Core Records

    You can now perform additional inventory actions on Dublin Core records from the MD Editor. To support this feature, the View Inventory and Add Representation actions were added as icons and menu items (Tools > Dublin Core) in the MD Editor. In addition, the XML View action was added as a menu item that allows you to view the DC record as an XML file. For more information, see MD Editor Menu and Toolbar Options.
    Inventory Actions Added to MD Editor.png
    Inventory Actions Added to MD Editor for Dublin Core Record

    Additional Digital Resource Management Enhancements

    • You can change the schema of DCMI records using the new Change Record DC Application Profile job. For more information, see Running Manual Jobs on Defined Sets.
    • You can create a process that adds the MMSID to the dc:identifier field of Dublin Core records using the new addMmsIdToDcIdentifier DC normalization task. In addition, the Qualified Dublin Core Bib normalize on SRU search process was added, which uses this normalization task. For more information, see Configuring Processes.
      If the SRU integration profiles are configured to use normalization rules, search results that use the SRU protocol contain the MMSID in the Dublin Core record. For more information, see SRU/SRW Search.
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