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    Reports and Notifications for the Smart Harvesting Framework


    This page describes how to work with reports in Smart Harvesting. You can see a video showing how to approve and review Smart Harvesting author matches here. In addtion to the author matching report, there is also a letter for new assets added to the researcher profile - see here for more details. For working with researchers see here. For working with Smart Harvesting see here. For working with Smart Expansion see here.

    Author Matching Report

    This report lists author-researcher matches for assets captured by Smart Harvesting as well as those imported via an Import Profile (migration) or via SWORD. The report can be used to automatically approve assets via the import option. Any rejections must be managed manually in the Administrative interface - see Author Matching Approval Task List for more information. For information on SWORD deposits see here.

    The report is accessed via Researchers > Researchers > Author Matching Report/Update Approved Matches.

    Author matching report.

     There are two operations:

    • Export report – export to Excel a list of author matches.
    • Update approvals - use the updated report to automatically approve matches.

     These options are further described in the following sections. In addition to the author matching report, there is also a letter for new assets added to the researcher profile - see here for more details.

    Export Reports

    The report has the following parameters:

    • Researcher population – the report can include all researchers or only researchers included in a set of researchers.
    • Include non-affiliated researcher flag. The default is to exclude non-affiliated.
    • Input method - Smart Harvesting , Import Profile,  SWORD, Smart Harvest via Citation Lists.
    • Export Format:
      • Full – includes all fields
      • Researcher – a format intended for a researcher in which most of the researcher info (which the researcher already knows) is not included.
    • Asset import dates – from/to
    • Email report to – add the email to which the report should be sent. The system defaults to the email of the operator.

    After selecting the parameters, invoke the Run now option. A job ID will display. The job will be displayed in Monitor jobs.  The report will be emailed to the email defined.

    The format of the report is described in the following section.

    Report Format

    The report is sorted by the researcher's internal ID and has the following columns:

    • Control info – used by the update approvals operation. All of these fields must be present for the update:
      • Researcher User ID – this is the internal researcher ID.
      • Author type (CREATED/CONTRIBUTED) – this indicates if the author is a creator or contributor.  This information is important for the update process.
      • Asset ID – this is the asset ID.
    • Researcher info – most of these columns are not included in the "Researcher" format:
      • Researcher name
      • Researcher Type (affiliated/non-affiliated)
      • Researcher email
      • Researcher Primary ID
      • Researcher affiliation/s
      • Researcher keywords - research topics and keywords from the researcher record.
      • Researcher Area of Interest – from the researcher record.
      • Status – this is the match status.

    Approved matches are not included in the report.

    • Asset info
      • Author name – the name of the author the research has been matched to.
      • Asset Type
      • Title
      • Publication details
      • Publication date
      • DOI
      • PMID
      • Research topics/keywords
      • Abstract
    • Approval column – must be present for the update.
      • Add an X to approve a match.  Any other text in this column will not be considered as an approval.

    Update Approvals

    The input format requires at least the four mandatory fields:

    • Researcher ID
    • Author Type
    • Asset ID
    • Approval column

    See below for an example.

    Update approvals excel example.

    Update Approvals Example
    The input checks the column names in the top row – these should not be changed. The other columns can be removed.
    To update approvals based on the report, select the file and click Run now. A job ID will display and the job can be monitored in Monitor Jobs. An email will be sent to the operator upon completion and report on the number of updates (Records processed).
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