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    Working with Grant Information

    Working with Grants

    A user must have the following role to manage grant information:
    • Research Assets Manager

    Esploro enables you to manage information about grants. This information is useful primarily for reporting purposes in Analytics, for example to view the list of assets that were sponsored by a grant. This page shows you how to manage grant information. For configuring grant information see here. For a video showing how to work with grants see here.

    You manage grant information on the Find and Manage Grants page (Research Management > Grants > Manage Grants). You can add, edit, and delete information about grants on this page.


    Find and Manage Grants

    Current active grants are available on the Current tab. Past and inactive grants are available on the Historical tab. See Status, below, for more information on active, inactive, and past grants. You can enter search criteria in the secondary search to filter the list.

    To add a grant (one at a time):
    Grants can be uploaded independently using the Import Research Grants profile. For more information see Importing Research Grants in the developer network.
    1. On the Find and Manage Grants page, select Add Grant. The Grant Details page appears.

      Details page when adding or editing a grant.

      Grant Details
    2. Enter the following information:
      Grant Fields
      Field Description Values
      Grant name (mandatory)    
      Grant ID (mandatory)    
      Grant URL The URL for the grant. Clicking on the grant name in the Researcher Profiles takes you to the URL.  
      Acronym Alternative identifier for the grant.  
      Funder (mandatory) The organization that funds the grant. Select from the list of external research organizations. To configure this list, see Configuring External Research Organizations.
      Funder abbreviation    

      Grant type

      This list is configurable (see Configuring Grant Types).  
      Funder agency A sub-unit of a funder, if any.  
      Expected start / end date If start/end dates are not known.  
      Start / end date Period that grant is/was active.  
      Status An Active grant is one that is not marked Inactive and not past its end date. It appears in all areas of Esploro.

      An Inactive grant does not appear in other areas of Esploro (when selecting grants, for example). You can manually set a grant to Inactive.

      A grant is set to Historical automatically after its end date passes. A Historical grant does appear in other areas of Esploro.

      • Active
      • Inactive
      • Historical
      Category Optionally select a grant category. To configure categories, see Configuring Grant Categories.  
      Amount Funding amount in local currency (additional currency options will be added in an upcoming release).  
      Currency This is a non-configurable list.
      • USD
      • AUD
      • EUR
      • GBP
      • Visibility
      Display in profiles Control the visibility setting of grants in the profile.  
      Related Organizations – Select or enter related organizations (not the funder) to the grant. You can add external or internal affiliations. Set the Relationshiop Type for the organization to be either Host (organization that hosts the research) or Recipient (academic or organizational unit that was the recipient of the grant).

      Investigators – Select or enter investigators (researchers) awarded the grant. For each investigator, enter first and last name and select the person's role. When editing an investigator, you can edit only the role.

      The list of available investigator roles can be managed in the Research Grant Investigator Roles table (Configuration Menu > Research Administration > Grants > Grant Investigator Roles). By default, only Principal investigator and Co-investigator are enabled.

      Alternate IDs – Enter any alternate IDs for the grant, including ID and ID type.
      Research topics   Select one or more predefined research topics to associate with the grant.
      Keywords If any of your topics is not predefined (Research topics), enter them here. A comma-separated list of topics.
    3. When you are done, select Save to save your changes.

    To edit a grant, select Edit in the row actions list.

    To delete a grant, select Delete in the row actions list. Note that you cannot delete a grant that is currently associated with an asset.

    To add a grant to a deposit, see any of the specific sections referred to in Adding Staff-Mediated Research Deposits.

    When adding a grant, as you begin typing the Grant Name, an auto-complete function displays matching title values from Pivot. When a title value is selected from the auto-complete options, available fields will be automatically populated in the grant. The fields that are mapped are:
    Pivot Field Esploro Field
    title Grant Name
    award_id Grant ID
    sponsor Funder
    begin_date Start Date
    end_date End Date
    amount Amount
    awarded_grant_id Alternate IDs
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