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    Leganto 2022 Release Notes

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    Download December Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download December Full Release Notes as a PDF

    January 2023 Sneak Preview

    • NERS #7744 Indication for courses that intentionally don't have reading lists

    Download November Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download November Full Release Notes as a PDF

    December 2022 Sneak Preview

    • Mark a reading list as a master reading list
    • NERS 8017: Create brand new courses during rollover

    November 2022 Sneak Preview

    • Separate view for public and private annotations
    • Calculate and display percentage of item for copyright
    • Support for Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

    Download September Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download September Full Release Notes as a PDF

    November 2022 Sneak Preview

    • Separate view for public and private annotations
    • Calculate and display percentage of item for copyright
    • Support for Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

    Download August Full Release Notes as a PDF

    September 2022 Sneak Preview

    • Leganto will introduce a new course archiving option to help clean up your data.

    Download July Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download July Full Release Notes as a PDF

    August 2022 Sneak Preview

    • New rule for automatically completing citations with an unlimited number of licenses
    • Option to hide screens in the first time wizard

    Download June Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download June Full Release Notes as a PDF

    July 2022 Sneak Preview

    • Leganto will auto-populate the start and end pages on the copyright form
    • The Demand in Other lists table will be added to the course information of a purchase request

    Download May Full Release Notes as a PDF

    June 2022 Sneak Preview

    • New parameter to enable or disable the option to upload files when reporting broken links 
    • Option to assign reading lists automatically

    Download April Full Release Notes as a PDF

    May 2022 Sneak Preview

    • Update the course year in bulk
    • Broader support for Cite It! for Web of Science

    Download March Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download March Full Release Notes as a PDF

    April 2022 Sneak Preview

    • New tool to help with label customization
    • New analytics measurements for annotations and assignments

    Download February Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download February Full Release Notes as a PDF

    March 2022 Sneak Preview

    • NERS: Add a file to the Broken Link Reports (part 2)
    • Create a reading list in the background when an instructor creates a Read & Respond assignment 

    February 2022 Sneak Peek

    • NERS: Enhance broken link reports
    • Create custom material types

    Main Features

    Create Parent Reading Lists That Can Be Easily Discovered and Copied

    December 2022 Leganto URM-143328

    Parent lists can be used as templates for other lists and/or courses. List owners, Leganto course operators, and librarians can assemble lists of resources (such as for a specific course or a specific topic) and indicate that the list is a parent list. Other instructors can easily discover parent reading lists and can copy the full list, specific sections, or individual citations to their own reading lists.

    When the parameter mark_as_parent (Configuration Menu > Leganto > Features > Leganto Features) is set to true (default), the edit list form in Leganto includes a checkbox to Mark as parent list.

    The option to mark a reading list as a parent list.

    Option to mark a reading list as a parent list

    The parent list is marked with a PARENT indicator.

    The master tag indicating that a list is a parent list.

    parent indication that a list is a parent list

    When parent reading list (Configuration > Leganto > Features > Find List Settings) is Enabled, the parent list checkbox is available in the Find Lists search for librarians and instructors. As with other types of lists, instructors can only discover and access parent lists that have been published to All Students or Anyone.

     The parent list option on the find list search.

    Find List parent list option

    Librarians can mark a reading list as a parent list in Alma without needing to configure any parameters.

    The option for a librarian to mark a list as a parent list.

    Option for a librarian to mark a list as a parent list

    If you rollover or duplicate a parent list, the parent tag is removed from the new list and the Mark as parent list checkbox is cleared.

    This feature will be available for analytics in the January release.

    For more information, see Creating a Parent Reading List.

    NERS: Create Brand New Courses During Rollover

    December 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-176863 NERS NERS Enhancement (ID #8017)
    Previously, when rolling over courses using the course loader integration profile, if the OLD_COURSE_CODE didn't exist in Alma, or couldn't otherwise be used for rollover, the course couldn't be rolled over and therefore the line was skipped. The new course defined in the line was not created.  The course loader profile (Configuration > General > External Systems > Integration Profiles) Actions tab now includes an On rollover create new course when old course doesn't exist checkbox. When selected, in cases where the OLD_COURSE_CODE does not exist, the new course is still created.
    New courses cannot be created for rollovers with an unusable OLD_COURSE_CODE that contains the plus sign (+) for mandatory fields (COURSE_CODE, COURSE_TITLE, and PROC_DEPT). An entry is added to the Failed records (Configuration > General > External Systems > Integration Profiles > Course Loader > Job History > Error Reporting) indicating that the course cannot be created because a mandatory field is missing.

    For more information, see Configuring Course Loading.

    Test the LTI 1.3 Connection from Alma

    December 2022 Leganto URM-177672

    When configuring LTI 1.3 (Configuration > General > External Systems > Integration Profiles > LTI Tool), a Test URL button is now available to test your connection for the URL in Public Keyset URL to help with troubleshooting. The Test URL indicates if the connection is successful or if the connection failed.

    A successful connection when using the Test URL button on the LTI 1.3 integration configuration screen.

    Test URL successful connection

    A failed connection when using the Test URL button on the LTI 1.3 integration configuration screen.

    Test URL failed connection

    Support for Google Analytics 4

    November 2022 LegantoURM-174863

    Leganto now supports Google Analytics 4 (GA4). We strongly recommend upgrading to GA4. For instructions on how to upgrade, see Analytics Help

    After upgrading, copy your G4A Measurement ID and store it in google_ga4_id (Configuration Menu > Leganto > General > External Integrations). All configured accounts receive data. Once your new account is working, you can remove the old ID from google_analytic_id (Configuration Menu > Leganto > General > External Integrations).

    Google Analytics 4


    For more information, see Enabling Google Analytics.

    Rialto Order Updates in Reading List Citation Alerts

    November 2022 LegantoNGS-7822

    Reading and citation list users are now able to monitor the progress of a Rialto order created from a reading list when viewing that reading list or citation. Rialto linked orders are now updated on the citation as follows:

    • Rialto Order Placed (when the order has been submitted)
    • Rialto Order Complete (when the item has been received or activated)
    • Rialto Order Rejected (when cart item was rejected from orders awaiting approval)
    • Rialto Order Cancelled (when the order is cancelled)

    For more information, see Searching Reading and Citation Lists.

    Searching and Purchasing from Citations and Reading Lists

    September 2022 Leganto idea exchange Idea Exchange

    Users with access to modify reading and citation lists in Alma course reserves now have the option to search the marketplace directly from the lists, and place an order, without having to break their workflow. Similar to searching from a purchase request, a new Search in market button appears for each request on a list.

    The reading list search button.

    Search the market option

    When the button is selected, the catalog of available titles in the Rialto marketplace are searched using the information provided (title, author, and/or ISBN). On page load, when the title is available, the user is presented with the available offers. To aid in selection, the course information is present, as well as the holdings panel that display any local or network zone holding matches. 

    The reading list search option.

    Search a Reading List

    When the desired offer is identified, selecting Link and Add to Cart ensures the record is linked when purchased. The item is added to the user's cart, and a badge appears on this offer throughout the marketplace so that other users are aware it is being worked on by another staff member.

    A Reading list badge.

    A badge indicating that the offer is being worked on

    Users can now continue to checkout or use the back arrow within the page heading to return to their list and continue to add to the cart.

    Simplify the Data Managed in Alma Using Course Archiving

    September 2022 Fulfillment - Course ReservesURM-156643

    You can now archive courses in Alma, enabling your library to reduce the amount of data you view in Alma without deleting historical information. Archived courses are still available for reference purposes, and you can view statistical data on archived courses via Alma Analytics. Courses can be archived and unarchived individually or in bulk.

    The indication for archived/unarchived courses will be available in Alma Analytics in November.

    An Archive action is now included in the course action list to easily archive a single course. Marking a course as archived immediately filters the course from the current course list visibility, removing it from view.

    The action to archive courses.

    Archive action

    When marking a course as archived, any reading list associated with the course is also archived. Therefore, a confirmation message appears confirming that all reading lists associated with the course are archived as well.

    Confirmation message that all lists associated with the course will also be archived.

    Confirmation Message explaining that all lists will be archived

    Courses where the reading list is linked to additional unarchived courses cannot be archived. If you attempt to archive a course with a reading list that is linked to additional courses, you receive an error message:

    This course cannot be archived because it has [number] unarchived reading lists that are linked to other courses. You should either archive the reading lists or remove the course association, then try again.

    When viewing an Archived course, you can use the Unarchive action to unarchive the course. The course is then restored, but the associated reading lists remain archived, and you need to unarchive them separately.

    The unarchived action.
    Unarchive action appears for archived courses

    You can also archive/unarchive courses in bulk using the Course Bulk Update job (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Run a Job). When selecting the Set course visibility checkbox, you can select Archived/Unarchived from the adjacent dropdown list to archive/unarchive courses in bulk. By default, no option is selected.

    Courses that are archived/unarchived successfully are counted in the Total records processed and Total records updated.

    When courses fail to archive/unarchive, the job completes with a warning. You can select the warning to view which courses were not archived/unarchived and why. 

    The completed successfully message.

    Completed successfully

    The completed with warnings results.

    Completed with warnings

    Alma now includes a new Visibility facet, for Archived and Unarchived courses so that you can filter your course list according to current or archived courses. By default, the course list is filtered to Unarchived courses and the facet is hidden from the left panel.

    The course list unarchived filter.

    Course List Visibility filtered to Unarchived by default

    The default Visibility filter can be removed which displays all courses and displays the Visibility facet with the option to filter to either Archived or Unarchived courses.

    Visibility facets

    Archived/Unarchived Facets

    Archived courses are hidden from view in Leganto. When attempting to access an archived course from the Learning Management System (LMS), you receive a message that no lists are associated with the course.

    Message for accessing archived lists.
    LMS message when accessing archived lists

    Archived courses are not included in the Manage course association and Roll Over lists in Leganto.

    The manage course association list.
    Manage course association

    For more information, see Archiving Reading Lists.

    Automatically Complete Citations with an Unlimited Number of Licenses

    August 2022 LegantoURM-143326

    To streamline library processing work, libraries can now choose to have citations automatically set to Complete when the associated electronic portfolio is available to an unlimited number of concurrent users. This option is disabled by default. To enable it, set the unlimited_access_citation parameter to define the desired citation status (BeingPrepared, Complete, Declined, Inactive, InProcess, ReadyForProcessing, or a code from the Additional Reading List Citation Statuses code table.

    If desired, you can use the unlimited_access_model_code (Configuration > Leganto > List Management > Course Reserves Automatic Status) parameter to customize the list of Unlimited Access Model Codes (Configuration > Acquisitions > Acquisitions Infrastructure > Licenses > Access Model) that triggers the citation status change. The default values are PUR-UU, UA, U-UA, which all have the public access model Please note that the platform supports unlimited access. 

    Once configured, each portfolio with a link in the Acquisition tab > Public access model field (see screenshot below) is checked against the unlimited_access_model_code parameter. If at least one of the codes matches, the citation status automatically receives the status defined in the unlimited_access_citation parameter. If the Public access model field is left empty, no changes occur.

    Configuration settings for the Acquisition tab.

    Public access model field on the Acquisition tab of the Electronic Portfolio record

    For more information, see Configuring Defaults Statuses for Citations/Reading Lists.

    Enable and Disable Specific Screens in the Instructor's Onboarding Wizard

    August 2022 LegantoURM-165845

    You can now configure which onboarding wizard screens to show/hide to instructors, by setting the Display option in the Configuration > Leganto > UI > Onboarding to Yes/No. The default Display setting for each screen is Yes.

    You also have the option to add a Custom GIF URL to present your own GIF for each screen. By default, the out-of-the-box GIF appears.

    The Onboarding screens configuration table.

    Onboarding Screen configuration

    For more information, see Enabling or Disabling the Welcome Screen.

    Auto-Populate Page Ranges for Copyright Request

    July 2022 LegantoURM-142773

    The Pages From and to fields on all copyright forms now auto-populate when the Start page and End page fields are included on the citation.

    A citation with start and end pages.

    Citation Start and End pages
    The digitization copyright request form.
    Copyright request form with auto-populated pages

    In addition, when the Start page 2 and End page 2 fields on the citation contain values, selecting Add another range on the copyright request form also auto-populates the second page range field. Auto-populated pages can be manually overwritten.

    Use "Demand in Other Lists" to Support Purchasing Decisions

    July 2022 Fulfillment - Course ReservesURM-148401

    For purchase requests created from a citation, the Course Information section of the purchase request now includes a Demand in other lists, other courses link. Selecting the link opens the Manage Resource Options window, enabling you to easily view information (such as course, number of participants, tags, etc.) about this citation in other lists and courses.

    The Demand in other lists, other courses link on a purchase request.

    Demand in other lists, other courses link in a purchase request

    For more information, see Managing Purchase Requests Created from Citations.

    View Reading List Tags in the Demand in Other Lists Table

    July 2022 Fulfillment - Course ReservesURM-152309

    When reviewing and processing citations, library staff can view "Demand in other lists". And use it to understand which other reading lists or courses utilize the same resource. The Demand in other lists, other courses table now includes a new Citation Tags column. This column enables library staff to easily determine which citation tags are associated with the citation in other lists. For citations with multiple tags, the tags are listed separated by a semicolon (;). The column is hidden by default.

    The citation tags column on the demand in other lists table.

    Citation Tags column

    Disable File Upload for Broken Link Reporting

    June 2022 LegantoURM-168220
    Leganto now includes the parameter mark_as_broken_file_upload (Configuration > Leganto > General > Settings) which enables uploading a file to the broken link report. Previously, the upload file option was tied to the option to upload a file to a citation. Now you can configure file upload for broken link reporting without impacting the ability to upload a file to a citation. When set to true, the option to upload a file when marking a link as broken is visible to both students and instructors in the mark as broken dialog box. When set to false, this option is hidden. The default for this parameter is true.

    The maximum file size allowed is 50 MB. 

    The option to upload a file when reporting a broken link.
    Upload a file when reporting a broken link

    For more information, see Enabling Broken Link Reporting.

    Automatically Assign Reading Lists

    June 2022 Fulfillment - Course ReservesURM-122353
    To automate the process of assigning reading lists to library staff for processing, we added the parameter auto_select_list_assignee (Configuration > Fulfillment > General > Other Settings). When a reading list is associated with a course and auto_select_list_assignee is set to true, the list is automatically assigned to a processing department operator (Configuration > Fulfillment > Courses > Processing Department > Operators tab) from the course's processing department at random. When set to false, the Assignee can only be set manually. The default setting for this parameter is false.
    Unassigned reading lists task list.
    Reading List Assignee
    List of operators who can be assigned to lists.
    Course Operators
    If the Operators list for a processing department is blank, the list will not be automatically assigned.
    When multiple courses are associated with a list, the Assignee is selected from the processing department of the first course that was associated with the list.
    For imported reading lists, if the import file includes an Assignee, the Assignee is assigned to the reading list. If the file Assignee is blank, the list is assigned to an operator from the processing department at random.  
     For rolled over reading lists, if the rollover job is configured to copy the Assignee, the Assignee is assigned to the list. If the Assignee is blank, or the rollover job is not configured to copy the Assignee, the list is assigned to an operator from the processing department.
    If a course is deleted or unassociated with a list, the current Assignee remains assigned to the reading list.

    For more information, see Assigning a Reading List Automatically.

    Option to View Label Codes in Leganto

    April 2022 LegantoURM-167078
    To enable easier customization and translation of labels (Leganto Configuration > General > Customer Labels), administrators now have the option to display all translation labels by selecting Show translation labels from the user menu.
    The translation labels options.
    Show/Hide translation labels options

    When enabled, Leganto displays the names of the Alma translation labels.

    An example of the translation labels.

    The Leganto interface labels codes

    NERS: Enhanced Broken Link Reports - Part 2

    March 2022 LegantoURM-164983NERS NERS Enhancement (ID #7208)
    Users have the option to upload a file when reporting a broken link.
    The option to upload a file when reporting a broken link.
    Option to upload a file

    The library can view the file by downloading it from the Leganto Broken Links Report in Alma.

    The Leganto Broken Links Report with a comment and an attachment.

    Leganto Broken Links Report with an attachment.

    For more information, see Enabling Broken Link Reporting.

    Citation Has Assignment Field Added to Leganto Analytics

    March 2022 Analytics URM-163488

    The Citation Has Assignment field was added to the Citations dimension of the Course Reserves, Leganto Student Usage, and Leganto Instructor Usage Events subject areas. It indicates if the citation is linked to an assignment.

    Leganto Citation Workflow Note Field Enhancements

    March 2022 Analytics URM-164346

    The Leganto Citation Workflow Note field (Course Reserves > Reading List Citation) was renamed to Leganto Citation Workflow Note (Q&A) to clarify that the Workflow Note is added as a result of the Leganto Questions feature.

    In addition, the event is now reportable when the note is added. To support this feature, the new Instructor added workflow note event type was added as a possible value to the Event Type field (Leganto Instructor Usage Events > Instructor Usage Events). 

    Instructor Added Workflow Note selected.

    Instructor added workflow note

    NERS: Enhanced Broken Link Reports - Part 1

    February 2022 LegantoURM-154451NERS NERS Enhancement (ID #7208)
    When marking a link as broken, users now have the option to add a comment to provide more information about the link.
    Leganto now includes the parameter mark_as_broken_comment_mandatory (Configuration > Leganto > Features > Leganto Features) to require users to include a comment when reporting a broken link. When set to true, users must enter a comment when reporting a broken link. When set to false, comments are optional. The default for the parameter is false.
    The broken link comment screen.
    Add a comment
    The Reporter column lists how many users reported the broken link.
    The Reporter list.
    Amount of reports
    When the number of reporters is selected, Alma displays a table to show who reported the link as broken and when, as well as any comments they have added.
    Leganto Broken Links Report.png
    Leganto Broken Links Report
    The option to include a file when reporting a broken link will be added in a future release.
    For more information, see Enabling Broken Link Reporting.

    Updated Cite It! Installation Instructions and Icon 

    February 2022 LegantoURM-156448
    We improved the Cite It! installation window to make it more clear that the Cite It! button can be dragged to the browser toolbar. The process of installing Cite It! did not change, only the design of the window. Additionally, we added an icon for Cite It! 
    For more information, see Installing Cite It!
    The new Cite It installation window.
    Cite It! installation window

    Remove Assignments and Scores after a Designated Period

    February 2022 LegantoURM-157412
    To clean up old course assignments and grades and enable institutions to comply with institutional privacy policies, we have added a new job under Activate/Deactivate Courses (Configuration > Fulfillment > General > Fulfillment Jobs Configuration). The new job enables you to configure when to Remove assignment submissions. The default value is 365 days after a course end date. If the field is set to 0, the submissions and scores are removed when the course ends. If this field is left blank, the submissions and scores are not removed. 
    The Activate/Deactivate Course job settings.
    Remove assignment submissions configuration

    The Job Report includes the Total submissions deleted.

    The Job Events includes the Deleted Submissions. When selecting Deleted Submissions, the following information appears:

    Course Code | Course Section | Reading list Name | Number of deleted submissions

    For more information, see Working with Assignments.

    New Onboarding Experience

    January 2022 LegantoURM-161837
    Leganto now offers a new series of onboarding screens for instructors, displayed when Instructors log in for the first time. The onboarding screens include GIFs that portray the general concepts underlying Leganto and how it can be used, then point instructors to where they can go for more information when they need it. There is minimal text per screen, which can be customized. The new screens explain the following:
    • Leganto is a tool that can be used to gather resources from different sources and organize them
    • Resources can be added from the entire library collection
    • Resources can be added from the web, using CiteIt!
    • Social Reading
    • Where to go when you need help
    • Installing CiteIt!
    A sample welcome screen.
    Sample Welcome GIF

    A sample add resources screen.

    Sample Add Resources GIF

    A sample add CiteIt screen./p>

    Sample Add CiteIt GIF

    A sample social reading screen.

    Sample Social Reading GIF

    A sample help screen.

    Sample Help GIF

    The new onboarding screen is enabled by default (parameter: welcome_screen_instructors in Configuration > Leganto > Features > Leganto Features).

    The welcome screen is disabled for instructors who have already seen and used Leganto before.

    The option to display Help (parameter welcome_screen_help Configuration > Leganto > Features > Leganto Features) for students when they first log in remains unchanged.

    For more information, see Configuring Leganto UI Elements.

    Watch the New Leganto onboarding for instructors video (1:22 minutes).

    Set Section View for a Reading List

    January 2022 Leganto URM-154447NERS NERS Enhancement (ID #7189)
    Currently, institutions can use the parameter sections_collapsed (Configuration > Leganto > UI > Settings) to set the default for how a list appears (collapsed or expanded). To enable instructors to override this default and set their own default view, set the parameter set_section_view (Configuration > Leganto > UI > List Menu) to Yes. By default, the setting is No. When enabled, instructors can use the action Set Section Collapsed/Expanded to override the institution's default setting.
    The instructor default collapsed view. The instructor default expanded view.
    Instructor default action - Collapsed
    Instructor default action - Expanded

    For more information, see Collapsing (Hiding) or Expanding a Section.

    Watch the Select section view for a Leganto reading list video (1:27 minutes).
    November 2022 Fulfillment - Course ReservesURM-URM-142776

    To assist librarians in evaluating copyright, the Edit > Copyright Attributes tab now includes a field for Copyright percentage. This field auto-populates when the Required Pages and Resource Total Pages contain values. The Copyright percentage field enables librarians to clearly determine the percentage of pages requested for a resource.

    The item Copyright Attributes tab.

    Copyrights Attributes tab includes copyright percentage field

    Update the Course Year in Bulk

    May 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reservesidea exchange Idea ExchangeURM-023303
    The Course Bulk Update job (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Run a Job) now includes a Year field so you can update the course year for a set of courses in bulk. When the Year checkbox is selected and the field contains a value, you can define the conditions for update: 
    • If field empty – Only update courses without a Year.

    • If field not empty – Only update courses that currently contain a Year.

    • Unconditionally – Update all courses without exception. 

    If the checkbox is selected and the Year is left blank, the year is removed from all courses in the set.
    The year configuration in the Course Buk Update.
    Year configuration - Course Bulk Update

    For more information, see Course Bulk Update.

    Create Custom Material Types

    February 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-158633SF: 05318298
    Customers can now add their own citation material types to Leganto (Configuration > Fulfillment > Courses > Citation Material Type). The new types are displayed as part of the Type drop-down menu. In the Type drop-down menu, the new material types are presented under the Others sub-category and are ordered alphabetically.
    Existing types cannot be removed, only customized. 
    Example drop-down list where your own citation type appears.
    Example drop-down list where a custom material type would appear

    If no thumbnail is configured (Configuration > Leganto > UI > Citation default thumbnails) for a type, the default thumbnail is used.

    If a new material type is added to Leganto, but not mapped in the field mapping or brief format, it is mapped as a book.

    See Citation Default Thumbnails, Citation Field Mapping, and Citation Brief Mapping for more information.

    Alert of Associated Reading List when Withdrawing or Deleting Items

    January 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reserves-154446NERS NERS Enhancement (ID #7207)
    When using the Withdraw Items action to remove a physical item from a repository, Alma now checks whether this item is used as course material.
    Physical Items - Items
    If so, the warning message now includes a notice that the item is on one or more reading lists. The message also includes the courses that are associated with the list or lists.
    point of withdrawal physical.PNG
    Confirmation Message for removing physical items

    Similarly, for electronic items, when using the action Portfolio List to Delete a portfolio, the warning message now includes a notice that one or more items from this portfolio are on at least one reading list and which courses the reading lists are associated with.


    Electronic titles - Portfolio List


    point of withdrawal electronic.PNG
    Confirmation Message for removing electronic items

    Additional Enhancements

    • December 2022 Leganto URM-163892

      To improve usability, annotation replies now display in the order in which they were posted, listing the most recent reply last.

      Annotation replies listed in descending order.

      Annotation replies display in the order posted
    • December 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-180474

      When copying a citation, the Created by on the new citation is attributed to the user who copied the citation.

    • December 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-153988

      For consistency and clarity, the Brief Display Request Status label is now labeled Citation Status to match the Citation Status facet label and the data in analytics.

      Citation Status label on the Brief Display of a citation.

      Brief Display Citation Status
    • December 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-178004

      The List Last Set to Complete Date field was added to the Reading Lists dimension in the Leganto Student Usage, Leganto Instructor Usage Events, and Course Reserves subject areas. It displays the most recent date that the reading list was set to complete.

    • December 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 06454739 URM-177711

      The Citation Hidden Links field was added to the Citations dimension of the Leganto Student Usage and Leganto Instructor Usage Events subject areas and the Reading List Citations dimension of the Course Reserves and Purchase Requests subject areas. It indicates if there are hidden links in the citation.

    • December 2022 Leganto URM-165439

      The Maori language can now be excluded from the Leganto interface by adding mi to the exclude_language_codes (Configuration > Leganto > General > Settings) parameter value.

    • November 2022 Leganto URM-165439

      To improve usability, Leganto now displays public and private annotations in separate tabs.

      The option to add private and public annotations.

      Private annotation tab

      Users can view and add private annotations using the My notes tab, and the annotations do not specify which user posted the annotation. When Public Annotations are enabled, private annotations can be Set as Public, which moves the annotation from the My notes tab to the Class discussion tab.

      Private annotations on the My notes tab.
      Private annotations options

      Users can view and add public annotations using the Class discussion tab, and the annotations specify which user posted the annotation. Public annotations can be Set as Private which moves the annotation from the Class discussion tab to the My notes tab. When Public Annotations are disabled, the Class discussion tab is disabled.

      Disabled public annotations.

      Disabled public annotations

      Highlighting is disabled on the Class discussion tab.

      Additionally, the Show/Hide annotations icon clipboard_e1d0a044bbc5aea59868f7c518a93c631.png is now inline with the other menu items rather than right-aligned.

      The show/hide annotations icon.

      The Show/Hide annotations icon

      For more information, see Configuring Leganto UI Elements.

    • November 2022 Leganto URM-159339

      It is now possible to copy citations from a locked list by selecting the action Copy citation from a citation.

    • November 2022 Leganto URM-176563

      The default label for code user.settings.citation.mngmt.refworks.remove (Configuration Menu > Leganto > General > Labels) was changed from Delete Refworks key to LOGOUT.

      The RefWorks logout option.

      The RefWorks LOGOUT option
    • September 2022 Leganto URM-167652
      Previously, when all citations on a reading list were marked as complete and the reading list status is set to Complete, the Current Request for Review date did not update when the reading list was published, even when the parameter send_list_on_published (Configuration > Leganto > List Management > Settings) is set to true. Now, when a reading list is published, and the parameter send_list_on_published (Configuration > Leganto > List Management > Settings) is set to true, the Current Request for Review date updates to the current date regardless of the reading list citation status.

      The citation status only updates to Ready for Processing when the current status is set to Being Prepared. Reading lists that are already marked as Complete remain with a Complete status.

      The current request for review date column on a reading list.

      Current Request for Review date

      For more information, see Configuring Reading List Publication Options.

    • August 2022 Leganto URM-174214
      You now have the option to hide Zotero from the User Menu > User settings > Citation Managers section. To hide Zotero, set the parameter zotero_enabled (Configuration > Leganto > General > External Integrations) to false. The default setting for the zotero_enabled parameter is true. When set to true, instructors can integrate Leganto with Zotero from the User Menu > User settings.

      For more information, see Zotero.

    • August 2022 Analytics URM-172674
      The Students that Added Private Annotations and Students that Added Public Annotations fields were added to Leganto Student Usage > Student Usage, indicating the number of students that added private and public annotations to a reading list, respectively.
    • July 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-162287
      To enable the library to communicate with course instructors and reading list owners, the following preferred email fields were added to the Course Reserves, Leganto Student Usage, and Leganto Instructor Usage Events subject areas:
      • Review Requester Preferred Email > Reading Lists 
      • Reading List Owner Preferred Email > Reading Lists 
      • Course Instructor Preferred Email > Courses 
    • June 2022 LegantoURM-163935

      Cite It! now supports CiNii.

      For more information, see Adding a Citation from a Website (Using_Cite It!).

    • May 2022 LegantoURM-165495

      Previously, when creating a new assignment by uploading a file, instructors had to send the reading list for library review so the library could process the citation, including the copyright approval which is required for students to view the assignment. To perform this action the instructor had to leave the assignments page and open the reading list. Now, when an instructor creates an assignment by uploading a file that requires copyright approval, the citation status updates to Ready for processing, sending the citation to the library for review.

      For citations that do not need a copyright review, when the copyright status is approved, the status updates to the value configured for the parameter citation_copyright_approved (Configuration > Leganto > Course Reserves Automatic Statuses). 

      For more information, see Uploading a New File and Creating an Assignment.

    • May 2022 LegantoURM-163935

      Cite It! now supports the following sites:

      • Web of Science

      • Aurora

      • Bibliocommons — This only works when adding the site from the Full Details. 

      For more information, see Adding a Citation from a Website (Using_Cite It!).

    • April 2022 LegantoURM-166394

      For Norwegian customers, the list menu now includes the option to Lock Bolk Requests. When selected, and when there are no active Bolk requests, the list is locked. As a result, no further Bolk requests can be submitted. Enable this option by setting the instuctor_bolk_request parameter (Configuration > Leganto > List Management > Bolk Settings) to true.

      The Lock Bolk Requests action.

      Lock Bolk Requests action

      For courses with open requests, instructors receive the following message:

      Alert that course cannot be locked. There are citations with Bolk requests in process.

      Alert - Course cannot be locked. There are citations with Bolk requests in process.

      For more information, see Locking Bolk Requests.

    • April 2022 LegantoURM-166394


      For Norwegian customers, when submitting a copyright request to Bolk from Leganto, the number of students is now included in the Bolk request. By default, the No. of participants field is automatically populated from the course record in Alma. The number can be edited, but it cannot be zero. Editing the number of participants in the Bolk request changes the number of participants on the course record in Alma.

      A Bolk validation message for creating Bolk requests.

      Bolk requests with the No. of participants

      For more information, see Integrating with Bolk.

    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 05312000URM-139930

      It is now possible to customize the Active and Inactive labels for Course Status in the Find Lists search in Leganto separately from the Alma status. The new Find Lists Course Status labels find_list.course_status.Yes and find_list.course_status.No can be found in the Labels table (Configuration > Leganto > General > Labels).

      The Find Lists Course Statuses.

      Customizable Course Status labels
    • April 2022 LegantoURM-163259

      The Public Annotations comments section now includes a refresh icon refresh icon.png that can be used to refresh the document's annotations and highlights when many users are adding annotations at the same time.

      A refresh button on the Public Annotations.
      Refresh icon for Public Annotations
    • April 2022 LegantoURM-165707

      When creating an assignment by uploading a new file, a citation is created on the Leganto reading list. These citations are now added to a new section in the reading list called Assignments. The label assignment.default.section (Configuration > Leganto > General > Labels) for the section name is customizable.

    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 06211071URM-169542

      This feature is only relevant for institutions using Canvas. Previously, for institutions that use the Course Management System Roles Mapping table (Leganto Configuration > LTI > Course Management System Roles Mapping) to add instructors to Leganto course records based on the data in Canvas, users were added as instructors in Leganto if they were listed as instructors on any course in Canvas. As a result, students may have been incorrectly added to the Leganto course as instructors. Now, Leganto can be configured to add the instructor to the Leganto course only when he or she is the instructor for the same course in Canvas. To enable, you must first update the custom fields on the External Tool (for LTI 1.1) or the Developer Key (for LTI 1.3) in Canvas to include lms_user_roles=$Canvas.membership.roles. See the Developer Network Instructions for LTI 1.1 and Instructions for LTI 1.3 for details. Once the LTI tool has been updated, update the Course Management System Roles Mapping table to use the CMS role TeacherEnrollment.

    • April 2022 Analytics URM-166668

      The Num of Assignments field was added to the Citations dimension in the Course Reserves, Leganto Student Usage, and Leganto Instructor Usage Events subject areas. It displays the number of assignments that are linked to a citation.

    • April 2022 Analytics URM-166667

      The Num of Private Annotations and Num of Public Annotations fields were added to the Citations dimension in the Course Reserves, Leganto Student Usage, and Leganto Instructor Usage Events subject areas. They display the number of private and public annotations of the citation.

    • March 2022 Leganto URM-159501

      Leganto now supports RefWorks SSO authentication. When the parameters refworks_client_id and refworks_client_secret (Configuration > Leganto > General > External Integrations) are both are configured by the library, end users can use the SSO authentication method. If either field is empty, end users see the regular RefWorks authentication.

      The client ID and client secret are provided by RefWorks support.

      SSO configured for RefWorks.

      Lenganto end user settings when the library has configured RefWorks for SSO

      Once the end user selects LOGIN, the authentication window appears.

      SSO authentication form for RefWorks.

      RefWorks SSO authentication form

      After authenticating, end users are redirected to the Leganto window where they can select SAVE to finish connecting their Leganto account to their RefWorks account. 

    • March 2022 LegantoURM-165120

      When the file linked to an assignment requires copyright approval, students cannot view the file until the copyright has been approved. Now, the instructor receives an alert on the assignment dashboard to let them know that students cannot access the assignment. The alert also suggests that the instructor contacts the library for assistance. This text is configurable.

      Dashboard message alerting instructor that students can't submit assignments because of copyright restrictions.

      Alert to instructors that students cannot view file due to copyright processing
    • March 2022 LegantoURM-166725

      The label guest_search_page_message Description (Configuration > Leganto > List Management > Declaration Texts) now supports html.

    • February 2022 LegantoURM-154913

      For institutions that have not changed the default guided videos, the videos for Adding_resources_from_the_library_video and Adding_your_own_resources_to_a_list_video (Configuration > Leganto > Features > Guided Videos) were updated.

    • February 2022 LegantoURM-162577

      For customers in Norway: Social reading on Bolk files and Bolk file downloads are now supported in Leganto. When a Bolk request is approved and the response contains a file, users can download the file, or view it in Leganto. As a result, the Social Reading features are now supported for Bolk files when users view them in Leganto.

      For more information, see Integrating with Bolk.

    • January 2022 Leganto URM-155287SF: 05314867

      If an instructor is not assigned to any courses, when selecting Manage course association or Roll Over list, a message now explains why the instructor cannot perform the action. The messages can be customized (Configuration > Leganto > General > Labels > list.addCourse.course.noAssociatedCourse and list.rollover.noCourses).


      Unable to associate course


      Unable to perform rollover
    • January 2022 LegantoURM-155292

      For clarity, the Edit item and Cite It! labels Source and Add Source were changed to URL (citation.field.source) and Add URL (citation.add.src.btn). You can customize both labels in Configuration > Leganto > General > Labels.

      This change only applies to customers who have not previously customized the labels.


      URL label
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05308576URM-162638

      CiteIt! now also supports the following sites:

      • LexisNexis store
      • Cambridge
    • January 2022 LegantoURM-154075

      Previously, the full citation view included an indication that an item is also on another reading list. To streamline the instructor and student experience and reduce confusion we are removing this indication.
      The section was misleading to instructors and students because it only displays other reading lists on the user’s “Lists” page and only citations which were linked to items in the Alma repository. As a result, it often displayed only the current reading list. Hence, it is not helpful to know that the item was on the reading list you are currently viewing, and the lack of other lists indicates that the item was not used on any other reading lists at your institution, which may not be true.

      Appears in on other lists indication.png
      Removed in January: Appears in on other lists indication
    • January 2022 LegantoURM-139907

      The flag disable_resolving_for_no_fulltext_citations (Configuration Menu > Leganto > List Management > Settings) was removed because it is no longer in use.

    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05320505

      It is now possible to drag items to sections that are collapsed.

      Drag Item.png

      Dragging an item
    • November 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-175030
      When new items are manually added to reading lists in Alma, Alma attempts to link them to library resources using the resource locate functionality. In cases where there is more than one bibliographic record, Alma can be configured to link citations to bibliographic records according to preferred inventory type (electronic, then print, then digital, for example) When resource_locate_multiple_matches (Configuration > Fulfillment > General > Other Settings) is set to first_by_inventory_type and resource_locate_multiple_matches_priority (Configuration > Fulfillment > General > Other Settings) is configured, multiple matches are now auto-located according to priority. Previously, the option to have items with multiple matches located by inventory type was only used when items were added in Leganto and in the Process and Enrich citations job.
    • November 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-175341
      The Course Visibility field was added to the Courses dimension in the Course Reserves, Leganto Student Usage, and Leganto Instructor Usage subject areas and the Request for Course dimension of the Requests subject areas. It indicates if the course is archived or unarchived.
    • March 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 05300463 URM-155065

      Leganto now offers the option to present the reading list name in Primo search results. The reading list name is now added to the CNO $$w. Multiple lists are divided by a semicolon (;).

      For more information, see The Format of Published Data.

    • February 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-163142

      The Citation Alma Digital Views field was added to Course Reserves > Reading List Citations and Leganto Student Usage > Citations. It indicates the number of digital citation views during an active course.

    • January 2022 Fulfillment - Course ReservesURM-158484

      On the Edit Citations screen, the facet labels under File were changed from Exists and Not Exist to File Attached and No File Attached.


      File facet
    • January 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 05848830 05715135 05416589 05361476 05328522 05320310 05319647

      Itemized sets now support course sets that are larger than 1000 courses.

    • January 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-160095, URM-161083, URM-161184

      The following fields were added to the Reading List Citations dimension of the Course Reserves, Leganto Student Usage, and Leganto Instructor Usage Events subject areas:

      • Citation Resolving Disabled – indicates if the resolving feature is disabled
      • Is Digital Citation – indicates if the citation is a digital resource
      • Citation AlmaD Downloads – the number of digital citation downloads during an active course
      • Citation Library External Tags – the library external tags of the citation
      • Section Library External Tags (added to the Leganto Reading List Sections dimension) – the library external tags of the section

    Resolved Issues

    • December 2022 Leganto SF: 06514039
      In some cases, the Primo Sign in link appeared when it shouldn't have. This was fixed.
    • December 2022 Leganto SF: 06531138
      In some cases, items could be added to locked lists. This was fixed.
    • December 2022 Leganto SF: 06505007
      Previously, Private notes were viewable when viewing Leganto in Student Mode. This was fixed.
    • December 2022 Leganto SF: 06486072
      Previously, the Reading List Sort by: label Last created incorrectly displayed as createdate (not listed). This was fixed.
    • December 2022 Leganto SF: 06503951
      When selecting annotations in Canvas on small screens, the screen focus did not jump to the section to which the annotation applied. This was fixed.URM-180098
    • December 2022 Leganto SF: 06493418
      For type Streamed Video, the Alma Pages field now translates to Duration.URM-179759
    • December 2022 Leganto SF: 06465690
      Previously, when changing the language setting, the Leganto UI did not update the language for Leganto labels until the page was refreshed. This was fixed.URM-177939
    • December 2022 Leganto SF: 06405797
      In some cases, the Alma API ran very slowly, causing a timeout error when running jobs. This was fixed.
    • December 2022 Leganto SF: 06298387
      When a rollover was linked to more than one course, the multiple rollover prevention did not work correctly. This was fixed.URM-169455
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06493053
      When Rialto returned many search results, the scrolling option stopped working. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06480200
      Multiple Collaborator Email Notifications generated without triggering an action to cause the emails to be sent. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06488500
      The Resize divider bar did not work when viewing citations in full view or when editing a citation. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06476610
      In some cases, when uploading a PDF, the citation Type was changed to Article. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06471878
      Since it was not possible to see the right pane on mobile devices, we added an arrow button to open the right pane.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06403866
      Previously, when the screen size was very small, the error message on the Blank Form/Upload a File window did not fit the window. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06467390
      In some instances, the bottom of the brief citation menu was inaccessible. This was fixed.URM-178135
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06464405
      An error was displayed when trying to view the members of an itemized set of reading lists. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06465750
      When pushing items from Primo using the Reading List action, in some cases, not all the Leganto lists were displayed in Primo. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06463291
      Previously, Notifications were marked as new even after opening the notification. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06461772
      The List Advisor score appeared on the right pane even when the parameter list_advisor_score (Configuration Menu > Leganto > List Advisor > Settings) was set to false. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06439258
      The option to open Refworks in a new tab did not always display. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06444414
      Cite It! did not work with WILEY. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06432535
      When mapping Book Chapters from Summon, the Book Title field was populated with the chapter title rather than the Chapter Title field. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06419633
      The CLA Scanning line appeared twice. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06398665
      The Leganto Library Discussion and Citation dates did not match the Alma date format. This was fixed.URM-174917
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06353681
      Previously, the Citation Alternate Suggestions job did not find any electronic suggestions. This was fixed.URM-171551
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06252489
      When changing a private annotation to public, the annotation still behaved as a private annotation. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 06263162
      Previously, the citation Created by field showed the username rather than the user's name. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 Leganto SF: 05331127
      Leganto sources were previously excluded from the Alma Link Resolver Usage report. This was fixed.
    • September 2022 Leganto SF: 06456134
      Previously, the Reading List Bulk Update job did not reset the Reset number of citation views when run. This was fixed.URM-177524
    • September 2022 Leganto SF: 06442849
      BibTex imports did not map correctly for Book and Book Chapter Titles. This was fixed.URM-176503
    • September 2022 Leganto SF: 06411238
      The label for reporting broken links extended out of the message box. This was fixed.URM-174830
    • September 2022 Leganto SF: 05306851
      Previously, Springer Cite It! did not retrieve all authors. This was fixed.URM-174710
    • September 2022 Leganto SF: 06389570 06378000 06375162 06371580 06370399 06368065
      Previously, when an item was in a temporary location and then returned to the library, Alma assigned the item a transit status for the Default Circulation Desk rather than directing the item to the correct location. This was fixed.URM-173309
    • September 2022 Leganto SF: 05317315 05717745
      Updating a citation using the citation API caused the citation to move to a different section. This was fixed.URM-151807
    • September 2022 Leganto
      Due to redundancy, the Full Mode icon full mode icon was removed from the PDF view.URM-176040
    • August 2022 Release Update Leganto 
      There are no issues for the August Release Update.
    • August 2022 Leganto SF: 06380050
      When copying citations in Leganto, the citation received an incorrect creation date. This was fixed.
    • August 2022 Leganto SF: 06398665
      The Library Discussion date format did not match the system date format. This was fixed.
    • August 2022 Leganto SF: 06388582
      Previously, users without user records in Alma still appeared on the Reassign list for Reading Lists. This was fixed. 
    • August 2022 Leganto SF: 06382119
      Modifying the Add Tag label for a reading list overrode the Add Tag label for a citation. This was fixed.URM-173922
    • August 2022 Leganto SF: 06378119
      Ebooks were listed in the Rialto search scope in Leganto when searching for printed books. This was fixed.
    • August 2022 Leganto SF: 06214754
      Adding a section note incorrectly created a Copyright waiting for approval task. This was fixed.
    • August 2022 Leganto SF: 06254067
      In Alma, the print slip for a citation failed. This was fixed.
    • August 2022 Leganto SF: 06232213
      Previously, the course loader job for updating courses did not indicate when some of the fields (name, number of participants) were changed. This was fixed.
    • August 2022 Leganto SF: 06266551
       Previously, copyright rules incorrectly checked against deleted reading lists. This was fixed.
    • August 2022 Leganto 
      Previously, Cite It! did not import metadata correctly from Scopus. This was fixed.
    • July 2022 Leganto
      The integration profile for Desire2Learn was missing the editor button links. This was fixed.
    • July 2022 Leganto SF: 06369060
       The Broken Link Report Details link did not appear as a hyperlink. This was fixed. 
    • July 2022 Leganto SF: 06381511
      Previously, the menu items were not displayed properly when resizing the screen. This was fixed.URM-173512
    • July 2022 Leganto SF: 06339111 06383677
      Assignments with a Self Declared copyright status did not change the Request Status to Complete. Therefore, assignments were not available for students. This was fixed.URM-173332
    • July 2022 Leganto SF: 06380050
       When duplicating a list, the Created Date used the original list's date rather than the date the list was duplicated. This was fixed.
    • July 2022 Leganto SF: 06347593
       The time stamp was missing from Reading List fields that contained a date. This was fixed.
    • July 2022 Leganto SF: 06369090
       Previously, when adding a file to the Mark as broken form, the file type defaulted to PDF rather than not defaulting to a file type. This was fixed.
    • July 2022 Leganto SF: 06369071
      Previously, it was not clear that the View in Leganto link on the right side of the Edit Reading List was clickable. This was fixed.
    • July 2022 Leganto SF: 06346892
       Search results from Summon did not output the correct metadata when displaying the data in Leganto. This was fixed.
    • July 2022 Leganto SF: 06260570
       Previously, there was no way to filter deleted citations when generating an Analytics report for Course Reserves citations. This was fixed.
    • July 2022 Leganto SF: 06318941
      When creating purchase requests, e-book citations were mistakenly created as journals rather than as books. This was fixed.
    • July 2022 Leganto SF: 06246728
       When editing a book chapter item, if the Chapter Title was missing, the form mistakenly indicated that the Title was missing rather than the Chapter Title. This was fixed.
    • July 2022 Leganto SF: 06291797
       The Primo action Add to list did not display all lists. This was fixed. 
    • July 2022 Leganto SF: 06045777
      Previously, replying to a Public Annotation comment did not jump the PDF view to the expected text. This was fixed.
    • July 2022 Leganto SF: 05300318 06234578
       Previously, the citation source details were missing from Analytics. This was fixed.
    • July 2022 Leganto SF: 05300318
      In some cases, Leganto Analytics didn't include the citation URL. This was fixed.
    • June 2022 Leganto SF: 06361335
      Previously, the Reading List Citation Task job did not add tags to citations. This was fixed.
    • June 2022 Leganto SF: 06352129
      Previously, one of the guided tour instructions for using the library discussion was hidden from view. This was fixed.
    • June 2022 Leganto SF: 06346277
      The Bibliographic Style table default style did not use the correct style. This was fixed. 
    • June 2022 Leganto SF: 06046216
      When importing an RIS file, some fields did not import correctly. This was fixed.URM-170951
    • June 2022 Leganto SF: 06329584
      The material type for items of type "incollection" when importing citations in Bibtext was changed from Book to Book Chapter.
    • June 2022 Leganto SF: 06223558
      In some cases, when using the Editor button in the LMS, the wrong metadata was imported. This was fixed.
    • June 2022 Leganto SF: 06282232
      Previously, it was difficult to decipher if the Public Annotations toggle was enabled or disabled when viewed in Black and White mode. This was fixed.
    • June 2022 Leganto SF: 06256433
      Previously, when opening a course in Leganto through Canvas, and then opening a different course permalink in a new tab, the wrong course opened in the new tab. This was fixed.
    • June 2022 Leganto SF: 05308576
      Previously, CiteIt! did not include all ISBNs from LexisNexis. This was fixed.
    • June 2022 Leganto SF: 05330603 06057247
      When importing an RIS file, resource locate did not work as expected. This was fixed.
    • May 2022 Release Update Leganto SF: 06361975
      When dragging a citation to a new section, the citation appeared to be duplicated until the page was refreshed. This was fixed.URM-171954
    • May 2022 Release Update Leganto SF: 06320099
      In some cases, when updating a course using the API, instructors were removed from a response. This was fixed.URM-171788
    • May 2022 Leganto
      Previously, grades could not be edited or deleted from the assignment's grade book in Leganto with the keyboard keys. This was fixed.
    • May 2022 Leganto SF: 06028337 06209954
      Instructors no longer receive notifications when a list does not have any collaborators.URM-168039URM-169095
    • May 2022 Leganto SF: 05326233
      Previously, courses with long names only showed part of the course name. This was fixed.URM-162640
    • May 2022 Leganto SF: 05307415
      Leganto did not work when using the Canvas app. This was fixed.
    • April 2022 Release Update Leganto 
      Previously, the Course enrollment job would fail when run. This was fixed.URM-170827
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 06051070
      Students with the instructor role could see other students' comments on assignments. This was fixed.URM-158979
    • April 2022 Leganto
      When adding a comment to an uploaded file, comments are ordered according to the position on the file. Previously, new comments appeared at the top of the list until they were saved. This applies to private, public, and assignment comments.URM-148013
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 06283033
      Previously, Cite It! did not pull the Author and Title metadata from This was fixed.
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 06212167
      In some cases, deleting citations with due dates did not work properly. This was fixed. URM-168039URM-163698
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 06265130
      In some cases, email jobs were skipped instead of running. This was fixed.URM-167920
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 06241159
      Previously, users with instructor roles were able to view Instructors/External Library tags for lists that they did not own. This was fixed.
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 06266570 06269914
      Citation dates were off by one day. This was fixed.URM-167692URM-167689
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 06045460
      The list analysis load time was improved.URM-167517
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 06232192
      The visibility of the Back (<) symbol, depending on the background color, was improved.URM-167337
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 06250742
      Previously, updating a citation DCS Status caused an error. This was fixed.
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 05303592
      Previously, the BIB sync job updated the citation modification date even when no updates occurred to a citation. This was fixed.URM-166735
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 06242402
      When instructors rolled over lists, the LTI links did not automatically point to the rolled over list for the instructor. This was fixed.URM-166237
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 06215722 06240613
      Previously, the Search bar blocked the filter list. This was fixed.URM-165639
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 06040109
      Previously, public annotations and embedded files were missing tooltips. This was fixed.URM-165022
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 05303291
      Self-registered users with missing mandatory fields were created even if fields were empty. This was fixed.URM-163868
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 05320648
      Previously, adding multiple citations from the clipboard to a collapsed empty section did not work. This was fixed.URM-159335
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 05313088
      Previously, the Approval Request List (Fulfillment > Approval Request List) did not sort correctly. This was fixed.URM-162901URM-143291
    • April 2022 Leganto
      Browzine thumbnails did not appear when importing to Canvas using LTI 1.3. This was fixed.URM-159700
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 06311741
      Embedding citations into Canvas did not always embed the correct thumbnail. This was fixed.URM-169583
    • April 2022 Leganto SF: 06242980
      In some cases, the PDF viewer did not open in a new tab. This was fixed.
    • March 2022 Release Update Leganto 
      There are no issues for the March Release Update.
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 06207343
      Previously, when removing the mendeley_client_id (Configuration Menu > Leganto > General > External Integrations), Mendeley still appeared in the User Settings. This was fixed.URM-168052
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05314438
      Archived lists did not appear for owners. This was fixed.URM-167982
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05321324
      After configuring mandatory fields for More Details fields, the red asterisk did not appear for most mandatory fields. This was fixed.URM-166431
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 06046369
      Previously, reading list names were encoded incorrectly. This was fixed.URM-166074
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 06231037
      The COURSE_USER_ASSOCIATION job did not distinguish between IMPORT and REMOVE types. Consequently, the required files were processed incorrectly. This was fixed.
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05307225 05328932
      Previously, the Start page and End page fields appeared when the fields were empty. These fields are now hidden when empty.URM-165791URM-163698
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 06215010
      The top panel did not always appear when scrolling to the top of a reading list. This was fixed.URM-165736
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 06217544
      The link from CANVAS to here option was hidden in the citation menu for locked lists. This was fixed.
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05326642 06034311
      Opening a Hebrew citation in Leganto changed parts of the Alma UI to Hebrew. This was fixed.URM-165429URM-156806
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 06047167 05303318 05312482 05323768 05325037 06225331
      When creating a new course and trying to associate the new course with a new list, the Start date was incorrect. This was fixed.URM-165257URM-156806
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05317049
      When selecting the Copyright Status link on a citation in Alma, the wrong ISBN appeared. This was fixed.URM-164913
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05306729
      If the Total Required Pages fields were populated with Roman Numerals, the Citation Copyright Total Required Pages outputted 0 pages. This was fixed.
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05320993
      Changes to Leganto metadata caused the resource locate to work incorrectly. This was fixed.URM-164691
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 06036792
      In some instances, duplicate purchase requests were generated on a citation. This was fixed.URM-164686
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05321411
      Librarians are now able to remove locked lists from My Lists.
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05321604
      When no branding is configured, the top panel in Leganto is now the same color for logged in users and non-logged in users.URM-163389
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05305125
      Previously, the wrong title appeared in the warning message when deleting a citation of Type Book chapter. This was fixed.URM-163384
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05306557
      Completed citations were included in the Ready for Processing facet. This was fixed.URM-163299
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05308343
      The wrong message appeared for logged in users when a resource was not available. This was fixed.
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05325314
      When the parameter add_auth_to_url (Leganto > General > Settings) was set to true, some search links did not return the expected results. This was fixed.URM-162901URM-156806
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05324026
      Previously, the publication date did not appear for electronic articles. This was fixed.URM-156069URM-143357
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05331127
      Leganto sources were excluded from the Link Resolver Usage report. This was fixed.
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 06053426
      Exporting lists with special characters in their names resulted in an error. This was fixed.
    • March 2022 Leganto SF: 05729522
      Mendeley searching returned an error. This was fixed.
    • February 2022 Release Update Leganto 
      There are no issues for the February Release Update.
    • February 2022 Leganto SF: 05323215
      In some cases, an unneeded electronic link was displayed. This was fixed.
    • February 2022 Leganto SF: 06221147
      Links did not display correctly according to the on-campus configuration. This was fixed.
    • February 2022 Leganto SF: 06208962
      When creating items from the clipboard, the public note was not saved. This was fixed.
    • February 2022 Leganto SF: 05300473
      When adding items from Primo to a collection, the material type was wrong. This was fixed.
    • February 2022 Leganto SF: 05321885
      Previously, long annotations did not display properly. This was fixed. URM-163388
    • February 2022 Leganto SF: 06041923
      Highlighted text in annotations now has a blue background color.URM-63375
    • February 2022 Leganto SF: 05306533
      When using the reading list API to update a list with notes of type Instructor (library discussion), the note created was of type Library. This was fixed.
    • February 2022 Leganto SF: 06048753
      Previously, the Copyright Declaration did not appear in the sandbox environment. This was fixed.URM-165095
    • February 2022 Leganto SF: 06234136
      Previously, files Read & Respond Assignments were not uploaded or created via LTI 1.3 in Canvas. This was fixed.URM-165761
    • February 2022 Leganto SF: 06053426
      Previously, exporting a list with a special character in the file name caused the list to become corrupt. This was fixed.URM-165985
    • February 2022 Leganto
      Previously, the course instructor appeared in the Student's tab. This was fixed.URM-164853
    • February 2022 Leganto
      Previously, when creating a new section, the new section did not work according to the section configuration. This was fixed.URM-161086
    • January 2022 Release Update Leganto SF: 06231070 06231898
      Previously, the API did not successfully pull licenses from the CCC. This was fixed.URM-166039
    • January 2022 Release Update Leganto SF: 06049345
      When cookies are blocked and Leganto is presented in an iFrame the error message did not appear correctly. This was fixed.URM-165650
    • January 2022 Release Update Leganto SF: 06238278 06242397
      Previously, tags were cut off at the right side of the screen. This was fixed.URM-166039
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05301190
      The parameter leganto_locate_by_single_field (default false) was added to General > Settings. When set to true, and if resource_locate_mode = OR, Leganto will try locating according to a single field.
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05325083
      Adding articles from Summon did not change the citation status to Complete as per the configuration. This was fixed. URM-163628
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05321898
      Summon author names were displayed incorrectly. This was fixed.
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05304858
      When creating a course with a name longer than 254 characters, an incorrect validation message appeared. This was fixed.
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05302488
      Previously, the Resource Locate job did not include a requester when creating purchase requests. This was fixed.
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05324751
      In some cases, changes to citations were not saved. This was fixed.
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05308756
      Requests were not sent to the DCS as expected. This was fixed.URM-161608
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05308332
      The sections reordering problem was fixed.URM-161602
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05305462
      Previously, the source field was not displayed for EOFFPRINT. This was fixed.
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05321324 05322843
      In some cases, configuring mandatory fields did not work as expected. This was fixed. URM-161133
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05305053
      Previously, adding/removing a section tag did not generate notifications. This was fixed.
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05325482
      In Analytics, in the Course Reserves subject area, under the Reading List Citations folder, the field CLA/DCS Link was empty and did not calculate correctly. This was fixed.
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05306721
      The error messages on the Citation fields mapping configuration page were fixed.
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05314403 05324170 05324818 05325659 05325737 
      Previously, recalculating copyrights when associating new courses was not working. This was fixed.
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05302380
      Previously, the student due date notification was not created. This was fixed.
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05317228
      Summon subtitles were not presented as part of the title. This was fixed.
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05316739
      Previously, filter labels were not translated. This was fixed.URM-157382
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05302215
      In some cases opening the Alma digital viewer from Leganto would sign you out. This was fixed.URM-156687URM-156337
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05750288
      In some cases, duplicate rows existed in the guided videos mapping table. This was fixed. URM-156336
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05326831
      Previously, Modified by owner was not supported. This was fixed. URM-155657
    • January 2022 Leganto SF: 05322998 05305880 05303110 06028335 06028412 06028474 06028207 06028240 05308465 05304109 05306851 05320745 
      CiteIt! maintenance: item details harvesting was refined for the following sites:
      • Westlaw UK
      • Wiley
      • Springer
      • ScienceDirect
      • Taylor & Francis
      • PsycNet
      • Sage
      • LexisNexis
      • Oxford Handbooks
      • JSTOR
    • January 2022 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 05326122
      When running a rollover in Report mode, the following events no longer appear on the report:
      • Not Rolled Over
      • New Courses Roll Over
      • Roll Over deleted Reading Lis
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