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    Rapido 2024 Release Notes

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    Main Features

    Rialto Integration

    July 2024 Rapido URM-181457 URM-176453 URM-176027

    Rapido institutions can now use Rialto from a borrowing request to order highly requested titles and books that are unavailable from lending partners. When selecting the Search in Market action, the Rialto results are displayed in a slider window, enabling you to purchase materials in a streamlined end-to-end workflow.

    The Search in Market action.
    Search in Market
    You can refine your search results by:
    • Keywords
    • Author
    • ISBN
    • Title
    Matching Rialto results.
    Matching Results

    When the resource is located, the View All Offers button displays the available offers.

    The option to link and add to cart.
    Link and Add to Cart

    The Rialto In your cart medallion is added to your item and added to your cart.

    "In your cart" indication.
    In your cart

    The Rapido request indicates that the item was added to the shopping cart.

    In Rialto cart indication.
    In Rialto cart
    For more information, see Searching the Market.

    NERS: Rapido Request Form Mandatory Fields Configuration 

    June 2024 Rapido URM-205198 NERS NERS Enhancement (ID #8484)

    This feature enables library staff to configure which fields are mandatory fields on the Rapido Request form.  Library staff can now configure which fields in the Rapido form (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Request Forms > Rapido Request Forms Customization) are mandatory fields.

    Article Title, Pickup Institution, Pickup Location, and Email remain mandatory fields and cannot be configured.

    The mandatory Rapido form fields.png

    Mandatory fields customization

    For more information, see Customizing the Request Form.

    Harvest External Resources for Resource Sharing

    June 2024 Rapido URM-217407

    When the parameter request_it_enabled (Configuration > Resource Sharing > General > Other Settings) is set to true (default false), the Request It! menu option is available for logged in users who have permission to use the blank form.

    The Request It! menu option.
    Request It!

    When selecting the Request It! menu option, patrons can drag the Request It! bookmarklet to their browser.

    The Request It! bookmarklet.
    Request It! bookmarklet
    When browsing Amazon, patrons can select the Request It! bookmarklet to request a resource. The Request It! form mirrors the blank form and harvest the Title, Author, ISBN, patron Email, and Pickup location in the form.
    Patrons must be logged in to Primo in order to use the Request It! bookmarklet.
    The Request It! form.
    Request It! form
    If a patron selects I only need a specific chapter or pages, the Chapter and Pages fields are displayed, and the Pages field is harvested as well.
    More sites will be supported in addition to Amazon in a future release.
    The requestIt title, requestIt.userBlocked, requestIt.notLoggedIn error messages can be configured from Configuration > Discovery > Labels.

    Article Galaxy Cloud App: Purchases When Price is Unknown

    May 2024 Rapido idea exchange Idea Exchange URM-189681

    When accessing the Article Galaxy cloud app, a green check clipboard_e6f3a6ca9acd8bcfebd4248845541b66c.png indicates that the cloud app has recently been updated. When hovering over the green check, a tooltip explains that the app has been updated.

    Article galaxy app new version indicator.

    New version indicator

    The latest version enables users to request articles whose price is currently unavailable.

    The option to request an article even when the price is unknown.

    Price unavailable - Request anyway

    API Integration Fields

    May 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing URM-184846

    Once supported by OCLC, you can set up a Tipasa or WorldShare partner as an ISO 18626 partner (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Partners) and manage peer-to-peer resource sharing communication with this partner. This enables direct communication with a Tipasa/Worldshare partner from within Alma.

    This feature is not currently supported by OCLC.

    Configuring ISO 18626 for the resource sharing partner profile type.
    ISO 18626 Profile Type
    For more information, see Peer to Peer Partner Parameters.

    Create Invoices for Partners

    April 2024 Rapido URM-194998 URM-213237 URM-213024

    This feature enables lending institutions  to send invoices directly to borrowers for requests that include fees using the Send Invoice to Partner job, (Inactive by default) (Configuration > Resource Sharing > General > Rapido Jobs Configuration). 

    You can specify which partners should be emailed invoices (default All). The partners available in the list are partners with at least one lending request attached to them with a processing fee. The Job processing start date is the last date the job ran. If the job has not run, the Job processing start date defaults to today's date.

    The send invoice to partner job configuration.
    Rapido Jobs Configuration - Send Invoice to Partner job

    The Send Invoice to Partner job report can be accessed from Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Monitor Jobs > History tab with a list of how many invoices were sent successfully and the reason for those that failed, along with the name of the invoices that failed and why.

    When the Send Invoice to Partner job runs successfully, the Partner Invoice Letter (Configuration > General > Letters > Letters Configuration) is emailed to relevant partners detailing the costs for the request.

    The partner invoice letter.

    Partner Invoice Letter

    Invoices are also viewable on the new Resource Sharing Partner Attachments tab (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Partners). Attachments can also be added manually.

    Resource Sharing Partner Attachments tab.
    Attachments tab
    The invoice status is displayed in the right pane Request costs in the following fields:
    • Invoice Sent Date — The date the invoice was sent to the partner.
    • Invoice Number — The invoice number that contains this request charge information.
    • Invoice Printed — An indication if an invoice was already created for this request.
    When the section is open for editing, the library staff can update the invoice number and the invoice printed indicator.
    Invoice details on the Request costs.
    Request costs

    Invoices can also be sent in bulk by selecting multiple requests and selecting the Lending Request Send Invoice action.

    The send invoice action.
    Send Invoices in bulk action
    A message is displayed indicating which invoices were sent. 

    Successful invoices are invoices that were sent successfully. Failed invoices are invoices to partners without an email address. Skipped invoices are for requests that are not relevant because there are no charges for those requests or an invoice was already sent.

    Invoices confirmation message.
    Confirmation message

    Requests can also be faceted by Invoice Printed.

    For more information, see Configuring Rapido Jobs.

    Rapido Lending API Integration

    April 2024 Rapido URM-211383

    Rapido now includes a dedicated Lending Request API for seraching, retrieving and updating invoice fields and cost fields.

    Automatic Borrowing Partner Creation

    April 2024 Rapido URM-210180

    For lenders who receive borrowing requests from partners who do not share the same pod, or the request is not a Rapido request, borrowers can now be created automatically. When the parameter rapido_automatically_create_partner (Configuration > Resource Sharing > General > Other Settings) is true (default false), borrowing partners are automatically created for requests that are not Rapido requests and the partners do not share a pod. These automatically generated partners are only available for ISO 18626 and NCIP P2P.

    An Automatically Generated checkbox is included on these partners to indicate that this partner was generated automatically, and the checkbox is not editable. The automatically generated partners are named with the ISO symbol in parenthesis and the ISO symbol is used for the partner code.

    An auto generated partner.

    Auto-generated partner

    An auto generated partner.

    Automatically Generated indicator

    If any required information is missing from an auto-generated partner, the  auto-generated partner missing mandatory information alert is added to the lending request to indicate that information is missing that will prevent the request from being filled.

    For more information, see Creating Borrowing Partners Automatically.

    New Rapido Borrowing and Lending Requests Analytics Dashboard

    March 2024 Analytics URM-184929 URM-210064

    The new Borrowing and Lending Requests data visualization dashboard is available for Rapido Analytics. It contains several tabs, each of which displays several reports concerning your borrowing and lending requests. Some information that is displayed includes the number of requests per partner, average arrival times, and rejected lending requests:


    Borrowing and Lending Requests Data Visualization Dashboard

    The following tabs are available:

    • Fulfilled Borrowing Requests per Lender
    • Fulfilled Borrowing Requests per Borrower
    • Average Arrival Time for Borrowing Requests per Lender
    • Resource Sharing Borrowing Requests per Requester User Group
    • Cancelled Borrowing Requests per Request Status
    • Rejected Lending Requests per Borrower

    Conditional Terms of Use for Digital Requests

    February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing URM-205914

    Lenders filling digital requests can now indicate whether the supplied document has terms of use.  If shipping terms of use are applied, the request requires manual handling by the borrowing staff. Terms of use can indicate requirements such as supplying the document as a physical non-returnable printout for copyright compliance. This new option enhances copyright control by enabling the lender to specify to the borrower that the document cannot be shared with the patron. As a lender, you can enable the relevant terms from Configuration > Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Shipping Terms of Use. By default, only the NONE term is enabled.

    The shipping terms of use list on the document delivery form.
    Shipping Terms of Use
    When a term of use is selected, an alert is added to the request indicating that The request has a loan condition, and the Shipping Terms Of Use condition appears on the right pane Request information.
    The loan condition alert.
    Loan condition alert
    The loan condition on the request information.
    Request information Shipping Terms Of Use

    Resource Sharing Off Time Updates

    January 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing URM-131586

    Previously, Rapido users needed to update both Alma and RapidILL when setting their library off times. Now, when the parameter rs_update_rapid_with_lending_offtime (Configuration > Fulfillment > General > Other Settings) is set to true (default false), when updating the Organization Unit Details Inactive dates range in Alma (Configuration > General > Libraries > Add a Library or Edit Library Information > Summary tab > check Temporarily inactive for lending), the date range in RapidILL is automatically updated with the data configured in Alma.

    • The start date must be less than one year in the future.
    • The duration cannot be longer than 30 days.
    • Setting this configuration to true means that the configured inactive dates override the dates submitted using RapidILL webpages.
    • The temporarily inactive checkbox remains selected after the date range until it is manually deselected. 
    The inactive dates range settings.
    Inactive dates range

    Self Registered User Partners

    January 2024 Rapido URM-205034

    When configured (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Configuration > Borrower Self Registration), you can now create a corresponding partner for self registered users. When Create Corresponding Partner is checked, when creating a self registered user, the corresponding partner is automatically created and added to the Resource Sharing Partner list (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Partners). The Self Registered checkbox and New Request Alert checkboxes are automatically on the newly created partner indicating that the partner was automatically created when the self registered user was created. This enables institutions such as net lending institutions to manage all resource sharing requests from the partner perspective consolidating all the resource sharing activity.
    Options on the Resource Sharing Partner.
    Resource Sharing Partner - Self Registered and New Request Alert options
    For more information, see Self Registered User Partners.

    Lending Request Price Fields for Net Lenders

    January 2024 Rapido URM-207885

    Lending Requests now include Request costs on the right pane of a request.

    Request costs on the right pane of a lending request.
    Lending Request costs

    Net Lender Copyright Billing Settings

    January 2024 Rapido URM-196895

    To assist with copyright billing, the Resource Sharing Partner (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Partners) now includes an Enable Direct Charge Functionality checkbox (default unchecked). When checked, library staff can set the partner who is responsible for the Copyright Payment when payments apply. The field enables the lender to define if their partner has explicitly requested the lender to pay the copyright fee on their behalf and bill them for it or to choose to handle the fee on their own.

    Additionally, when the Enable Direct Charge Functionality checkbox is checked, library staff can check the Use Consolidated Billing checkbox to consolidate billing for the most active customers so that billing will occur monthly.

    The option to enable copyright payment and use consolidated billing.
    Copyright Payment and Use Consolidated Billing
    For more information, see Configuring Copyright Billing Settings.

    Maximum Request Costs for Net Lenders

    January 2024 Rapido URM-196896

    Due to the wide variance of possible fees (including copyright fees and page overage fees), the Resource Sharing Partner (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Partners) now includes an Enable Direct Charge Functionality checkbox (default unchecked). When checked, library staff can configure a Maximum Request Cost to apply to borrowing requests. This field enables the lender to apply fees up to the maximum cost that the borrowing partner accepts without additional approval. If no value is added to the maximum request cost field, no limit is applied to the requests.

    The option to Enable Direct Charge Functionality.

    Enable Direct Charge Functionality

    The lending rules only apply to Rapido digital requests or non-Rapido physical and digital requests. Physical Rapido requests apply the policy terms. See Adding a Physical Lending Policy.

    When changes are made to a request, the lending rules only apply when the changes are saved.

    If a request is received that exceeds the maximum borrowing cost allowed, an alert is added to the request. An alert on lending request.

    Alert: Request Cost Exceeds Maximum Borrowing Cost Allowed

    If the REQUEST_COST_EXCEEDED alert is manually removed (by selecting Remove Alerts), the Override Max Cost checkbox is automatically checked, and the Override Max Cost Amount is set to 0. A zero amount in the Override Max Cost Amount field indicates that there is no maximum cost.

    The option to override max cost.
    Override Max Cost

    If the lender proceeds to ship the request, and the request exceeds the maximum request cost, a confirmation message is displayed confirming that the request should still be filled. When selecting Confirm, the alert remains on the request.

    A confirmation message to confirm that the lender should proceed with the request.

    Confirmation Message to proceed with a request that exceeds the maximum request cost
    For more information, see Configuring Maximum Request Costs.

    Additional Enhancements

    • July 2024 Rapido
      The API for lending requests now supports the Shipping date.
    • July 2024 RapidoURM-177923
      Lending requests now include the Shipping date in the right pane.
      The shipping date on a lending request.
      Shipping date
    • June 2024 Rapido URM-218144

      Facets now include the option to exclude facet sections or specific options within a facet by selecting the The exclude icon. icon and applying the selection.

      The Date cannot be excluded.


      The option to exclude a facet.

      Exclude facet

      An excluded facet.

      An excluded facet

      For more information, see Facets.

    • June 2024 Analytics and Insights URM-216044
      The Total Borrowing Requests Filled by Partner table was added to the Fulfilled Borrowing Requests by Lender tab of the Rapido Borrowing and Lending Requests data visualization dashboard.

      The total borrowing requests fulfilled by partner data.

      Total Borrowing Requests Filled by Partner

      It displays the the percentage of requests fulfilled for each partner per year for an institution.

    • May 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06753758 URM-170011

      To ease the finding of a particular facet, facets can now be searched by entering your search text in the Find specific facet search box.

      The option to search facets.
      Search facets

      Additionally, the facets can be customized by selecting the settings icon clipboard_efc37af905091e2db44d59332c5e70aaf.png.

      The settings customization option.

      Customization settings

      Select Facets Customization.

      The Facets Customization option.

      Facets Customization

      Check or uncheck the facets to include/exclude from the facets list and select Apply. The selected facets are displayed/hidden from the Facets list.

      Customize the facets list.

      Apply Facets Customization

      For more information, see Facets.

    • April 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing URM-188966 SF: 06664346
      When a Rapido request originates from a Primo VE search, the permalink is now visible in the record Permalink field. 

      The permalink field.

    • April 2024 Rapido URM-207190
      Automatic resend functionality checks for requests that have been updated to filled without an attached file. If a request is updated again to be filled without the file, the request will move to a new lender.
    • April 2024 Analytics and Insights URM-212308
      The following fields were added to Lending Requests (Resource Sharing) > Rapido Attributes to display information concerning the lending requests invoice:
      • Rapido Invoice Creation Date – the date the invoice was created
      • Rapido Invoice ID – the ID of the invoice
      • Rapido Invoice Printed – indicates if the invoice is printed (Yes / No)
    • March 2024 Rapido
      Currently, there are situations in which duplicate partners exist for the same library. Rapido cannot identify which partner record to utilize when creating and updating requests associated with the partners which have duplicate records. This can result in a lack of request updates. In order to eliminate duplicate partners, partners records can now be merged into a combined partner.

      NZ partners and NGRS partners can be merged into but not merged from.

      When a duplicate partner exists, the duplicate partner can be merged into the correct partner and all requests associated with the duplicate partner are transferred to the correct partner.

      Additionally, the Resource Sharing Partner List now includes a Rapido Partner column to indicate if a partner is a Rapido partner in addition to an ISO partner. Additionally, the list now includes a Notes column indicating when a partner has a note. The Notes column is hidden by default and can be enabled from the Settings icon 

      Added columns on the Resource Sharing Partner List.
      Rapido Partner indicator and Notes columns

      To merge the partners (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Partners), select the partner you want to keep and select ... > Merge.

      The merge partner action.
      Merge action

      Select the partners you want to merge into the partner you want to keep and select Merge.

      The merge partners window.
      Merge Partners

      A job is submitted to merge the partners and a notification appears when the job is complete.

      The job submitted successfully message. The job completed message.
      Job submitted successfully message
      Job completed message

      When the job completes, a note is added to the Notes tab indicating that the merge was successful as well as is the Merge Partners Job History (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Monitor Jobs). The borrowing/lending library then updates to the merged into partner.

    • March 2024 Analytics and Insights URM-198123
      The following fields were added to Borrowing Requests (Resource Sharing) > Borrowing Request Details and Lending Requests (Resource Sharing) > Lending Request Details:
      • Base Fee Amount – the baseline fee that the lender charges per request
      • Copyright Fee Amount – the copyright cost assigned to the request
      • Page Overage Fee Amount – the fee that is assigned when the requested page count is greater than the page count included in the base fee
      • Service Level Fee Amount – the fee that the lender charges per the service level assigned to the request. The service level is provided by the borrowing institution in the request information.
    • March 2024 Analytics and Insights URM-208842
      The following fields were added to Borrowing Requests (Resource Sharing) and Lending Requests (Resource Sharing) > Partner:
      • Billing Address Line1
      • Billing Address Line2
      • Billing City
      • Billing Contact Email
      • Billing Contact Name
      • Billing Country
      • Billing Postal Code
      • Billing State Province
      • Copyright Payment Responsibility – whether the borrower or lender is responsible for the copyright payment
      • Direct Charge Indicator – indicates if the Enable Direct Charge Functionality checkbox is selected, which enables you to set whether the borrowing or lending partner is responsible for the Copyright Payment when payments apply. For more information, see Configuring Copyright Billing Settings.
      • Maximum Request Cost – the maximum cost the requesting partner accepts without additional approval
      • Use Consolidated Billing – indicates if consolidate billing is configured with the partner so that all billing is consolidated into one monthly bill

      For more information, see Partner.

    • February 2024 Rapido URM-207190
      Staff can now change the owning library and pickup location after a request is created. When selecting the Convert request type action, the Owner and Requested Pickup Location fields are now editable.

      If the Owner only contains one option, the field is not editable.

      When changing the Owner, the Requested Pickup Location updates accordingly.   If a value is set for the rapido_default_digital_request_owner (Configuration > Resource Sharing > General > Other Settings) parameter (empty by default), that value is added to the Requested Pickup Location. If the value of the Requested Format is changed to Digital, the Owner automatically updates to the default digital owner.
      The option to change the owner and pickup location.
      Editable Owner and Requested Pickup Location fields

      For more information, see Associating Pickup Locations with Resource Sharing Members and Converting a Borrowing Request Type.

    • February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing URM-195923
      Long addresses on the patron Library Card PERSONAL DETAILS tab are now displayed on multiple lines. 
      An example of a long address on the patron personal details tab.
      PERSONAL DETAILS - Long Address
    • February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing URM-181532
      To better manage requests, notes can now be activated or dismissed from the task list right pane.
      Activate/deactivate notes.
      Activate/dismiss notes
    • February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing URM-159646SF: 05319596 06448628 06672584  idea exchange Idea Exchange
      Rapido now handles the check in of items in temporary locations that were shipped when fulfilling a lending resource sharing request. When checked back in, the item is now restored to the temporary location where it was previously shelved. This enables libraries to ship items or fulfill resource sharing requests even if they are shelved at temporary locations.
    • February 2024 Rapido URM-196899
      When enabled, the Level Of Service field can now be displayed on request forms.

      This feature is only relevant for lender-only institutions.

      The level of service options on the request form.
      Level Of Service options
      When LEVEL_OF_SERVICE_PHYSICAL or LEVEL_OF_SERVICE_DIGITAL (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Request Forms > Rapido Request Forms Customization) codes are enabled (disabled by default), the values set in the Level of Service table (Configuration > Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Levels of Service) are displayed on the request form. Additionally, library staff can select a Default Value for the Level of Service.
      Level of service codes.
      Level of Service codes

      The Level of Service information appears on the right pane in the Request information.

      The level of service on the request information.
      Request information Level of service

      For more information, see Defining a Default Level of Service.

    • February 2024 Rapido URM-198725
      Billing fields can be enabled or disabled on the Self Registration Form Customization. The Enable direct charge functionality must be checked on the Borrower Self Registration form (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Configuration > Borrower Self Registration) for the Enable Direct Charge Functionality section to be visible on the corresponding partners created by self registration. Additionally, the field names can modified as necessary.
      Borrower self registration options.
      Self Registration options

      When a Maximum Request Cost is added to the self registration form, these fields are then populated on the user's Resource Sharing Partner (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Partners) details.

      The maximum request cost field on the self registration form.
      Maximum Request Cost field

      When the contact billing address is different than the contact address, users can deselect the Use contact address as billing address on the self registration form and then enter the relevant details for the billing address.

      The contact billing fields on the self registration form.
      Contact billing fields

      For more information, see Enabling Direct Charge Functionality.

    • February 2024 Rapido URM-198746
      When a note is configured on the discoveryOrganizationSelfRegistrationMessage.html or discoveryIndividualSelfRegistrationMessage.html (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Request Forms > Note to Patron) files, you can now include a note to the patron on the Self Registration form for individuals or organizations.

      Multiple languages are supported for the message.

      The note to patron on the self registration form.
      Note to patron

      For more information, see Configuring Messages to Users.

    • February 2024 Rapido URM-198745
      The Rapid partner is now viewable from the task lists. When rapido_show_rapid_partner (Configuration > Resource Sharing > General > Other Settings) parameter is set to true (default), the Rapid Partner field is displayed in the Request information on the right pane. Additionally, requests can be faceted using the Rapid Partner facet.

      This functionality is especially useful if more than one Rapid Partner is defined.

      The rapido partner on the request information.
      Request information Rapid Partner

      For more information, see Rapid Partner Visibility.

    • February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing URM-206639
      To enable third party integrations to better support and manage requests, the Pickup Location, library Name, and library ID are now automatically transferred when sending WorldShare and Tipasa requests. Additionally, when Send requester information (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Partners > Parameters tab) is checked, other patron details such as their email address, username, first name, and last name are also included when sending the request.
      The send requester information on the resource sharing partner.
      EXPORT TO THIRD PARTY Send requester information

      For more information, see Integrating Rapido and Tipasa and Integrating Rapido and WorldShare.

    Resolved Issues

    • URM-178117 July 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06469092 06764919
      Previously, the metadata on the borrower side and lender side did not match for Document Delivery requests. This was fixed.
    • URM-218730 July 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 07169867 07139061 07101569 07088788 07055866
      Previously, expired lending request messages were generating an error and not being sent. This was fixed.
    • URM-98344 July 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 07129399 07078834 07064085 07028082 06521480 05331501 05315114 05312115 05307343 06542131
      In some cases, requests sent tp a last resort supplier did not closed after being exported when they should have been closed. This was fixed.
    • URM-218372 July 2024 Rapido SF: 06683561 06920680 06942791
      In some cases, the locate process did not select the correct holding. This was fixed.
    • URM-219373 July 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 07057906
      When using Shipping Items at the Resource Sharing Library circulation desk, scanning in a barcode for a request sometimes caused an error. This was fixed.
    • URM-180423 July 2024 Rapido SF: 06516979 06737356 07065098
      Previously, the Complete the request checkbox was missing from the Ship Digitally page. The checkbox was added to the page.
    • URM-222797 July 2024 Rapdio SF: 07159366
      When title was one of the fields used for locating resources, the self owned mediation rule did not always work for article requests. This was fixed.
    • URM-199019 July 2024 Rapido SF: 06807825 06866185
      Previously, selecting the Click here to place a request link did not direct the user to the correct part of the screen. This was fixed.
    • URM-213295 July 2024 Rapido SF: 06966653 07054019
      Changes to the Organization unit name (Configuration > General > Libraries > Add a Library or Edit Library > Libraries tab) were not reflected in the Resource Sharing Directory Member. This was fixed.
    • URM-198249 July 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06784660 07030223
      Previously, the right pane Requested Format field value was always presented in English rather than the configured language. This was fixed.
    • URM-212888 June 2024 Rapido SF: 06651295 07098219
      When a CDI records included a linktorsrc in the pnx but there was no full text link, the Rapido tiles would be hidden if there was a display logic rule to hide them when the full text existed. This was fixed.
    • URM-194952 June 2024 Rapido SF: 06724455 06935776
      Previously, bar codes were missing from printouts when printing from the Printouts Queue. This was fixed.
    • URM-187216 June 2024 Rapido SF: 06637030 06734582 07090216 07099144 07127264
      When an institution renewed requests from the same partner, the wrong loan due date was applied. This was fixed.
    • URM-192099 June 2024 Rapido SF: 06708095
      In some cases, no physical Rapido offer were found for items that were available from a partner. This was fixed.
    • URM-216906 June 2024 Rapido SF: 06698805
      Previously, when an AcceptItem NCIP message was received, the outgoing request was not saved with the due date. This was fixed; however, the due date will not update if the item has been received by the library already.
    • URM-213571 June 2024 Rapido SF: 07000098
      Previously, the Borrowing request facet Activity Status Completed was not translated. This was fixed.
    • URM-207674 June 2024 Rapido SF: 06891178
      Previously, borrowing requests created by searching the Global index did not remove partners which failed to locate from the rota. This was fixed.
    • URM-180425 June 2024 Rapido SF: 06517912 07011380
      Previously, when a locally managed pod had the highest priority of the borrowing policy, the API did not respond with accurate data. This was fixed.
    • URM-172667 June 2024 Rapido SF: 06370865
      Previously, when creating a request through the Rapido tile, some of the meta data was missing from the request. This was fixed.
    • URM-196655 June 2024 Rapido SF: 06786131 06812712
      Previously, the Reactivate action was not available on requests with an expired status. The action is now available.
    • URM-206023 June 2024 Rapido SF: 06859391
      Previously, requests were routed to the next Rapido pod after being cancelled by staff. This was fixed.
    • URM-154339 June 2024 Rapido
      Previously, reactivated requests appeared in the patron card as a status. This was fixed and it now appears as Requested.
    • URM-179402 June 2024 Rapido SF: 06493504
      Previously, RapidILL requests were not being included in the Rapido facet. This was fixed.
    • URM-212284 June 2024 Rapido SF: 06995049
      Previously, translations were not displayed as expected on the Rapido tile. This was fixed.
    • May 2024 Release Update Rapido
      There are no issues for the May Release Update.
    • URM-217050 May 2024 Rapido SF: 06948244 06964564 06976372 07005588 07041326
      In some cases, when searching the global index search, the search did not work as expected. This was fixed.
    • URM-158421 May 2024 Rapido SF: 05316811
      Previously, renewing overdue lending requests were rejected, and the status was changed to Received by partner rather than Overdue request. This was fixed.
    • URM-196371 May 2024 Rapido SF: 06755495
      Previously, the Requested Media field was not always displayed in the Request Information section on the Borrowing Requests Resource Sharing task list. This was fixed.
    • URM-201626 May 2024 Rapido SF: 06841346
      Rapido partners are now viewable from the Shipping Cost Borrower Rules Parameter list (Configuration > Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Shipping Cost Borrower Rules > Add Rule).
    • URM-190837 May 2024 Rapido SF: 06690205 06844068
      In some cases, an error was generated when sending borrowing request. This was fixed.
    • URM-184554 May 2024 Rapido SF: 06959278
      When filling digital requests, the digitization file size limit has been increased from 25 MB to 1GB.
    • URM-178945 May 2024 Rapido SF: 06390023
      Previously, when a lending request with an MMS_ID from the Network Zone was sent from RapidILL, Alma rejected the request. This was fixed. Now Alma correctly creates lending requests with Network Zone MMS_IDs.
    • URM-171540 May 2024 Rapido
      The license is now always displayed on the Download Electronic Resource screen regardless of the Enable Display of License Information (Configuration > Fulfillment > Discovery Interface Display Logic > Other Settings) value.
    • URM-217050 May 2024 Rapido SF: 06684433
      Previously, the quick print dialog did not work as expected when shipping multiple items. This was fixed.
    • URM-206042 May 2024 Rapido SF: 06743441
      When adding new rules (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Mediation > Borrowing Mediation Rules), the Rapido partners are now visible.
    • URM-207695 May 2024 Rapido SF: 06918107
      The Agree to copyright terms checkbox was removed from the Lending task list side pane.
    • URM-214036 May 2024 Rapido SF: 07005541
      In some cases, when selecting Enrich from Global Index, the request was not recalculated and routed to the next partner in the rota. This was fixed.
    • URM-185874 May 2024 Rapido SF: 06621092
      In some cases, the Renew Response sent by the lender was not processed on the borrower's side. This was fixed.
    • URM-180783 May 2024 Rapido SF: 06802260
      In some cases, the wrong font was used on the print slips. This was fixed.
    • URM-198722 May 2024 Rapido SF: 06817364 06929735
      In some cases, the RapidR pod did not appear for institutional members. This was fixed.
    • URM-196735 May 2024 Rapido SF: 06783317
      When accessing Rapido from Firefox, the fields in the Request form were not wide enough to display all of the information. This was fixed.
    • URM-218879 May 2024 Rapido
      An error message is now displayed when performing an action that is not supported when excluding facets (for example, borrowing action: export, lending actions: export, print/download report).
    • URM-162056 May 2024 Rapido
      Previously, only outgoing messages were visible from the Attachments tab. Now, the incoming ISO messages is also viewable from the Attachments tab.
    • URM-212936 May 2024 Rapido SF: 06980338 06993356
      When opening the Resource Sharing form for a title that only existed in the NZ, and the General Electronic Services Bib Fields Enrichment mapping in the IZ was customized, the form did not auto-populate. This was fixed.
    • URM-195034 April 2024 Rapido SF: 06528916 06752398 06975787
      In some cases, borrowing requests had Rapido indicator=yes even when the request was attached to a non Rapido partner. This was fixed. The fix will apply to future requests.
    • URM-196214 April 2024 Rapido SF: 06689889 06707950 06735547 06819012 06925717 06965804
      In some cases, lending requests were duplicated. This was fixed.
    • URM-199019 April 2024 Rapido SF: 06807825 06866185
      Selecting the Click here to place a request link did not direct the user to the correct part of the screen. This was fixed.
    • URM-190627 April 2024 Rapido SF: 06697449
      Previously, when sending a digital borrowing request to a Rapido partner, the email address sent belonged to the patron rather than the library, and the attachment was missing. This was fixed.
    • URM-187111 April 2024 Rapido SF: 06638774 06740244
      In some cases, the member borrowing policy did not apply the configured policy. This was fixed.
    • URM-183800 April 2024 Rapido SF: 06572510
      In some cases, the year format for borrowing requests was formatted incorrectly, which caused RapidILL requests to fail. This was fixed.
    • URM-187481 April 2024 Rapido SF: 06653440 06843870
      In some cases, the RapidR partner did not receive updates when items were shipped. This was fixed.
    • URM-189532 April 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06576251
      Previously, the Document Delivery Notification Letter was missing the data contained in the <flat_d> field. This was fixed.
    • URM-211602 March 2024 Rapido
      In some cases, digital requests were not rejected as expected. This was fixed.
    • URM-192832 March 2024 Rapido SF: 06684942 06734611
      In some cases, OpenURL did not transfer all metadata to the request. Now, when a request is created from openURL, a note is added with the URL.
    • URM-176757 March 2024 Rapido SF: 06447675
      In My Library, non-Rapido digital requests were incorrectly marked as Complete rather than In Progress after being shipped. This was fixed.
    • URM-207653 March 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06909105
      In some cases, the Received Items window Item Policy descriptions and Locations were displayed in English rather than in the selected language. This was fixed.
    • URM-199028 March 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06735549
      In some cases, the Ful Lost Email was not sent for lost borrowing requests This was fixed.
    • URM-20348 March 2024 Rapido SF: 06821584
      In some cases, a reactivated borrowing request that was rejected and complete; however,  the linked patron physical item request remained active. This was fixed.
    • URM-199976 March 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06833923 06928456
      Previously, the Blank ILL form opened with default Book and format Physical rather than Article and format Digital. This was fixed.
    • February 2024 Release Update Rapido
      There are no issues for the February Release Update.
    • URM-189608 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06680840 06681627
      When the print slip was sent by email, the print slip did not open even when a success message was displayed. This was fixed.
    • URM-185071 February 2024 Rapido SF: 06606878
      In some cases, the Get It section did not display the pickup list of institutions. This was fixed.
    • URM-208546 February 2024 Rapido SF: 06929751
      In some cases, when a request was assigned to a lender, but the request failed to be received, no error was generated. This was fixed.
    • URM-192103 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06681627 06684433 06708573 06730805 06731941 06762570 06847405 06947566 06956077 06965903
      In some cases, the Quick print window for the Resource Sharing Shipping Slip Letter was not displayed as expected. This was fixed.
    • URM-1796493 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06468567 06493894 06661180 06706084 06723618 06762904 06901719 06942751
      In some cases, selecting Show file on a borrowing request did not open the associated file. This was fixed.
    • URM-199005 February 2024 Rapido SF: 06822506
      In some cases, when calculating items for serial multi volumes, an error occurred when printing all items in the letters. This was fixed.
    • URM-208252 February 2024 Rapido SF: 06879314
      In some cases, when users shared the same pod, a duplicate partner was created. This was fixed.
    • URM-198647 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06696033 06773525 06853099 06869112
      In some cases, when a request was changed from digital to physical, the request status incorrectly changed to Returned item to partner. This was fixed.
    • URM-206799 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06848438
      In some cases, the lending request would display the first value from the Requested Media dropdown list rather than a blank value. This was fixed.
    • URM-206801 February 2024 Rapido SF: 06846337 06862449 06866571 06924769
      In some cases, the Display Logic Rule failed to calculate the Primo request options. This was fixed.
    • URM-193553 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06746793
      In some cases, when an item was received by the Circulation Desk, the wrong Pickup location was displayed in the right pane. This was fixed.
    • URM-190250 February 2024 Rapido SF: 006678683 06745017
      In some cases, loans that should have been blocked were shipped. This was fixed.
    • URM-180783 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06802260
      In some cases, the wrong font was outputted on the print slips. This was fixed.
    • URM-194108 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06587987 06844403
      In some cases, when selecting a location in the Create Move Request dialog box, the loan was not recalled, and the Ship physically was created with a "Pickup From Shelf" status rather than "Place in Queue:1". This was fixed.
    • URM-181216 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06486736 06505299
      In some cases, lending libraries received duplicated requests. This was fixed.
    • URM-198542 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06785824
      The Expiry Time (days) field was missing from the Parameters tab (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Partners) for ISO 18626 partners. This was fixed.
    • URM-213022 January 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06978810
      In some cases, the Rapido Expand search in the Advanced Search did not work. This was fixed.
    • URM-194927 January 2024
      In some cases, selecting the side pane back button returned the user to the old resource sharing UI. This was fixed.
    • URM-196701 January 2024 SF: 06787073
      In some cases, lending requests failed to create an automatic move request. This was fixed.
    • URM-189608 January 2024 SF: 06680840 06681627 06690682 06708573
      When the print slip was sent by email, the print slip did not open even when a success message was displayed. This was fixed.
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