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    March 2020


    Product Integrations (Web App, iOS, Android)

    We are excited to release our first batch of Product Integrations (PIs). Product Integrations allow you to configure integrations with key university system using campusM App Manager, with no extra cost or need to involve the campusM development team. Product Integrations are part of the monthly release and therefore will be continually maintained and improved with the product, including enhancements, bug fixes, and quality assurance checks. Additionally, Product Integrations offer specific flexible configurations for each product integration that allows you to decide on a specific look and feel and integration behaviors.

    New Product Integrations will continue to be delivered, including integrations around student ID and resource booking over the coming release.

    The following Product Integrations are available for you to configure as part of the March 2020 release:

    Product Integrations
    Product Integration Type Category Description
    Events Planner Events This product integration is intended to be used as an event planner, where the user can see the schedule of multiple events on different dates at different campuses and create a personalized list of events to attend. A common use would be for a university open-house for prospective students, for example.
    Outlook 365 Email This product integration integrates campusM with Microsoft Outlook 365 and allows users to manage their email accounts directly from campusM.
    Moodle VLE/LMS This product integration integrates with the university Moodle system and displays student course and related information.
    Primo VE Library This product integration integrates with the Primo VE discovery tool, which provides access to all of the resources in your fulfillment network.


    Laundry This product integration integrates with the campus laundry service and allows users to monitor laundry service availability.
    Roles Roles campusM Roles integration allows the customer to have RoleSync functionality without needing a connect layer.
    Timetable Timetable campusM Timetable allows students, lecturers, and other users of the app to view their schedule or list of calendar events for the day, week, month, and year through the app using their mobile devices or PCs.
    Grades Grades The Grades Product Integration allows campusM to list a user's grades per course and per term.
    Print Credits Print Credits Print credits allows users to manage their printing activities.
    Retrieve Attendees Attendees Retrieve Attendees allows lecturers to get a list of students who attend a specific event.

    See the dedicated Product Integrations page for further information on Product integrations including prerequisites and detailed instructions on how they are configured and deployed.

    Biometric Identification – Activation and Timeout Configuration (iOS, Android)

    You can now configure campusM to allow users to sign in with biometric identification, such as a fingerprint or facial recognition. You can also set a timeout period (in seconds) for which an identification remains valid. After this time, the user is required to be identified again.

    This is configured from the General Settings pane in App Manager > App Settings > Biometric Identification.

    Biometric Identification - Documentation_RNs.png

    Biometric Identification

    Attendance – Enhanced Feedback for Crowdsource Validation (API)

    March 2020

    We added additional validation feedback in the validationText field in the checkInReport API when attempting to capture a visible Bluetooth beacon. For example: Location permissions or Bluetooth not granted to enable beacon capture and No iBeacons captured by the user’s device.

    xCode 11 Upgrade (iOS)

    We continue to update the build process to accommodate the latest Software Development Kit (SDK) available from Apple to improve app stability and enable the latest feature sets within our apps. All apps will now be built with Xcode 11.

    Resolved Issues

    • March 2020 iOS App SF: 00800050
      Resolved a number of threading issues within the iOS iOS App that caused the app to crash during user authentication in certain circumstances / environments.
    • March 2020 Web App SF: 00799336
      Resolved an issue with the Primo VE Product Integration that resulted in the Library Live tile not working in Internet Explorer 11. HOTFIXED FOR FEBRUARY 2020
    • March 2020 Web App
      Resolved an issue that caused the page to refresh slowly when the Portal sidebar was collapsed.
    • March 2020 iOS App / Android App / Web App
      Resolved a limitation that prevented the batch processes for crowd-source validation in campusM Attendance from working within customers Sandbox apps.
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