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    How to delete bib, item, and HOL records **MASTER RECORD**


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


    What methods can we use to delete bib, item, and HOL records?


    1. If you want to delete the bib, item, and HOL records for a particular bib record in GUI Cataloging, you can highlight the bib record in the tree on the left, right-click, and select "Total Delete". Article "Total bib deletion: which records are deleted? " (KB 8192-4071) describes which (other, associated) records are deleted by "Total Delete". 
    If, instead, you do "Edit Text" --> "Delete record from server" and the ADM and HOL records still exist, they will appear as non-overridable "Doc Validation Errors".

    2. If you delete the item in the GUI, the HOL and bib records will remain unaffected.  

    3. If you delete an HOL record in the GUI, the bib and item records will remain unaffected. 

    4. You can run p_manage_33 to batch delete bib and associated records. Article " Delete BIB Recs Incl. Related ADM/HOL Recs (manage-33): BATCH-DELETE lines " (KB 5726) discusses setup of the check_doc BATCH-DEL fields.

         Article " Restoring records deleted by p_manage_33 " (KB 8192-697) describes backup of the records you will be deleting.

    4. p_manage_33 can *not* be run in an ADM or HOL library.  Article p_manage_33: running in ADM or HOL library  (KB 16384-4982) explains this.

    5. The article How to run p_item_11 item deletion for particular sublibraries *MASTER RECORD* (KB 16384-40657) describes the use of p_item_11 in a multi-ADM setup to batch delete item records and -- if, with this deletion, there are no other item records left -- the (optional) deletion of the bib and HOL records.   See also, the article:  " item-11 incorrectly deletes HOL records for other ADMs ".

    6. The article Batch deleting ADM records (KB 16384-32913) describes the deletion of orphaned ADM records.  And Deleting orphaned HOL records (HOL records whose items have been deleted) (KB 16384-48081), the deletion of orphaned HOL records.



    • Article last edited: 4-Jun-2017
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