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    Publishing Profiles

    With publishing profiles (Resources > Publishing > Publishing Profiles), you can export (publish) records using several methods.
    You can create your own general or RSS publishing profiles or edit the built-in publishing profiles that are provided with Alma. Alma provides out-of-the-box publishing profiles for OCLC, Primo Central, Google Scholar, and so forth. These are the profiles that appear when you select the Built-in Profiles option from the Publishing Profile Type drop-down list.
    To run publishing profiles, you need to configure them as active and select a scheduling option that identifies when you want the system to run your job. For all publishing jobs, except the following, you may also manually run a job by selecting Run from the list of actions:
    • Publish bibliographic records to Primo
    • Publish electronic records to Central Discovery Index
    • Publish bibliographic records to Summon
    • Publish electronic records to Summon
    • Publish electronic records to Google Scholar
    • Publish bibliographic record (DataSync) to OCLC
    • Publish your Local Holdings Records (LHRs) to OCLC
    • Publish electronic records to Central Discovery Index
    Run a Publishing Job
    Run a Publishing Job
    For more information, see the following sections:
    For information regarding the data that was published using certain publishing profiles, see Publishing Information.
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