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    Configuring Institution Settings

    To configure Esploro, you must have the Configuration Manager role.

    Configuring Default Researcher Settings

    You can configure the default values for researcher notifications for all new researchers. In addition, you can configure the default language for all new researchers. See Default Publication Language and Researcher Notifications in Managing Researchers to modify the values for an individual researcher.

    You configure both of these on the Default Researcher Settings page (Configuration Menu > Research > Institution Settings > Default Research Settings).


    Default Researcher Settings
    • For each notification type, select True or False to set the default value for the notification for all new researchers.
    • Select the default language for all new researchers.

    When you are done, select Save.

    Research Jobs Configuration

    New for December!

    You can activate and deactivate Esploro scheduled jobs. You do this from the Research Jobs Configuration page (Configuration > Research > Institution Settings > Research Jobs Configuration):


    Research Jobs Configuration

    To activate or deactivate a job, select the appropriate radio button for a job and select Save. To run the job immediately, select Run Now.

    Configuring Citation Sources

    New for December!

    Esploro supports recording citation counts for research outputs from several sources. Before you can import citation counts for research outputs, you must verify that you have a license for the data for each source. This is configured on the Citations Sources page (Configuration > Research > Institution Settings > Citation Sources):


    Citation Sources

    To configure a source, select the More Actions button, select Customize, and change the parameter to true. Select Save.

    The source you set to true is now available to be selected from the Load Citation Metrics page (Research > Advanced Tools > Load Citation Metrics). For more information, see Loading Citation Metrics.

    Configuring Other Settings

    The following figure shows the Esploro customer parameters that you can configure in Alma (Configuration Menu > Research > Institution Settings > Other Settings).

    Institution Settings_Other Settings.png

    Configuring Other Settings Customer Parameters

    The following list describes the Esploro settings that you can configure in Alma:

    • esploro_add_asset_affiliation:
      • true/false – controls whether the affiliations of affiliated researchers matched with a creator/contributor on an asset are automatically added to the asset's affiliations when importing assets using the CDI Import Profile or Smart or Smart Harvesting.
    • esploro_date_format – sets the date format displayed on the research portal.
    • esploro_enable_researcher_deposits - controls whether researchers can make their own deposits:
      • true - researchers can make their own deposits
      • false - researchers cannot make their own deposits
    • esploro_ETDadmin_date – controls the population of dates when receiving a deposit from ETD Administrator. The following options are available:
      • No date – no date is added by Esploro
      • Publication Date –  if the Publication Date of the deposit is empty, Esploro adds the Deposit Date as the Publication Date
      • Date Available –  if the Date Available of the deposit is empty, Esploro adds the Deposit Date as the Date Available
    • esploro_ETDadmin_records – controls the status assigned to deposits when receiving a deposit from ETD Administrator:
      • Approved Asset – the deposit is assigned Approved status
      • Deposit – the deposit is assigned Submitted status
    • esploro_ip_list_to_exclude_usage – stores IPs to exclude from being recorded in usage.
    • esploro_suppress_display_if_no_assets - controls the default display of the researcher profiles when they have no assets to show:
      • true - A researcher with an active profile set will have the profile shown only if the researcher has approved assets to show. An option to dispaly even without assets will be added to the active profile flag on the researcher to allow overriding this behavior for individual researchers as needed.
      • false -  A researcher with an active profile set will have the profile shown regardless of whether the researcher has approved assets to show.
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