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    Configuring Deposits

    To configure Esploro, you must have the Configuration Manager role.

    This page describes how to configure deposits in Esploro. For information on  working with deposits see here. For information on configuring research assets (once the deposit has been approved it becomes an asset) see Configuring Asset Details. For information on configuring the various parts of the research information hub see here.

    Configuring Opening Message for Researcher Deposits 

    You can customize the introductory text at the top of The Essentials tab for asset deposits. Some HTML tags such as links are supported.

    Introductory text in deposit.

    Introductory Text for Deposit

    This is done by updating the Researcher Deposit General Framework label (see here).

    Configuring Research Deposit Return Reasons

    You can configure the options available when returning a research deposit on the Research Deposit Return Reason (Configuration Menu > Repository > Deposits > Deposit Return Reasons) code table. For more information on code tables, see Code Tables.


    Research Deposit Return Reasons

    You can add, edit, or delete reasons on this page.

    Configuring Esploro Deposit Policies

    You can configure policies that researchers must accept before depositing specific asset categories on the Deposit Policy Configuration mapping table (Configuration Menu > Repository > Deposits > Deposit Policy Configuration) and Deposit Policy Text page (Configuration Menu > Repository > Deposits > Deposit Policy Text). For more information about mapping tables, see Mapping Tables.

    Configuring Esploro Deposit Policies.png

    Deposit Policy Configuration Mapping Table

    Configuring Esploro Deposit Policies_2.png

    Deposit Policy Text Page

    Currently, you can configure policies for the following deposit categories:

    • Datasets
    • Default ETD (used for all ETD categories)
    • Default (used for all other non-ETD categories)
    • ETD doctoral
    • ETD graduate
    • ETD default (used for undergraduate)
    • Publications
    To configure the policy for a category:
    1. On the Deposit Policy Configuration mapping table, for each category:
      • Enable or disable the policy. This enables or disables whether researchers are required to accept this policy before submitting a deposit in the specified categories. When disabled, the default policy appears, instead.
      • In Policy Type, select whether the policy is a link (defined in the URL field on this page) or text (defined in the Deposit Policy Text page).
      • If you select Link for Policy Type, enter the URL in URL and select the most recent update date in URL Update Date.
      • If you select Text for Policy Type, then in Store Policy on Each Asset, select Yes to store the entire text of the policy with each asset for which the policy is accepted. This is useful so that, when the policy text changes, there is a record of exactly which text was accepted. If you select No, only the name of the policy is stored.
    2. When you are done, select Save.
    3. If you selected Text for any policy type on the Deposit Policy Configuration mapping table, configure the text on the Deposit Policy Text page.
    4. For each relevant policy category, select the Customize row action. A page similar to the following appears.


      Customize Deposit Policy Text Page
    5. Edit the text (the field supports HTML tags) as required.
    6. When you are done, select Customize.

    After you customize a text on the Deposit Policy Text page, additional row actions enable you to restore or view the original default text for the policy.

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