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    Configuring Local Display and Search Fields for Primo VE

    The use of local fields allows you map information (such as notes) from MARC fields (009, 09x, 490, 5xx, 69x, and 9xx) in the source records to Primo VE, where these fields can then be used to extend search queries and to display additional information in the record's brief and full displays. Primo VE allows you to configure up to 50 local fields.
    To add a local field:
    1. On the Local Fields page (Configuration Menu > Discovery > Display Configuration > Manage Local Fields), click Add new local field to open the Define a Local Field page.
      Define a Local Field Page
    2. Specify the following fields:
      • Field to edit – Select the local field that you want to use.
      • Display label – Specify a display label for the information that you are mapping from the source records.
        Click the Globe button GlobeButton.png if you want to create translations for the label in the Advanced Search Index Fields Labels and Local Fields Labels code tables. For more information, see Configuring Display Labels.
      • Index fields for search – Select this field if you want the information in this local field to be searchable by users. If you do not select this check box, the search engine will not index the information in this local field, but you can still display the information in Primo VE. For more details on search indexes, see Adding a Search Index.
      • Use the parallel Local Field 01/50 from the Dublin Core record – For use with Dublin Core records only, select this field if you have defined DC normalization rules that map information to the associated local discovery fields (discovery.local01 - discovery.local50) in the Primo VE DC expanded schema. For more information, see Using the DC Expanded Schema.
    3. For use with MARC records only, click Add MARC field to open the Add a MARC field dialog box:
      1. Select a MARC field from the MARC fields drop-down list.
        Add a MARC Field Dialog Box
      2. Click Add MARC Field to save the assignment.
    4. Repeat step 4 if you want to map multiple MARC fields to a single local field.
      Multiple MARC Fields Mapped to a Local Field
    5. Click Save to create the local field and to return to the Local Fields page.
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