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    Rapido 2021 Release Notes

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    Pod Details Now Included on Borrowing and Lending Requests

    June 2021

    Pod details are now viewable on lending and borrowing requests when selecting a request and displaying the right pane or when selecting Edit.


    Right-pane Pod details


    Pod details on Edit window

    Enable Option to Exclude Records from Rapido Holding Index

    June 2021

    You can now exclude records from the Rapido holdings index by using Suppress from External Search option. For more information, see Suppressing Bibliographic Records from External Search. For more information, see Rapido Holdings Index Records.

    Ability to Create Resource Sharing Requests Between Libraries in the Same IZ

    June 2021

    This option enables you to have resource sharing between members in the same Alma institution zone.

    This is not a standard configuration. Contact Ex Libris support prior to using this.

    Improved Label Configuration for Rapido Offers

    June 2021

    Beginning with the June release, you can configure the new Rapido labels (Discovery > Labels > Prima Rapido Labels). Each new tile begins with For more information, see Rapido Labels.

    The tiles can already be customized now, but the effects will only take place after the July 2021 release.


    Title labels

    Add Send Query to Patron Indication to Borrowing Request

    June 2021

    Rapido has added an icon as an indicator to alert the user when a query was sent to a patron. Upon emailing a patron through the Send query to patron action, an icon is displayed indicating that you have sent a correspondence to the patron. 


    Query icon

    Additionally, a Query to patron section display on the right-pane of the request with the details of the query. Upon selecting Information received from patron and refreshing the page, the icon is removed. 


    Query to patron details

    Query activity is also viewable when editing a request and selecting Attachments.



    We have also added a facet to filter by Need Parton Information for requests with active patron notes. Additionally, you can create a set based on requests with active patron notes.

    Partner Card Now Includes RapidILL Requests

    May 2021

    SelectingRapidILLContact.pngdisplays the primary email contact as defined in RapidILL.

    This option is only available for newly created requests.


    Partner card

    Lost Action for Lenders

    May 2021

    The Lost action is now an option for lenders. When the patron reports that a borrowed item is lost, the borrowing library updates the status to Lost. This enables the lending library to collect payment for the lost item according to the TOU.


    Lost action

    Time Added to Requested Creation Date

    May 2021

    Requests now include the time of the creation date so that requests can be sorted and prioritized by the time of day the request was placed.



    Display Number of Requests for Each Set in Quick Links Menu

    May 2021

    The Sets menu now displays a clickable number of requests received for that set to quickly display requests for the selected set. This option enables you to prioritize which sets require attention based on the number of outstanding requests.


    Request numbers

    Resolved Issues

    • May 2021
      Now that users have the option to request an offer in digital format when a physical request is not available, the Primo VE checkbox labeled if a physical copy is unavailable, would you like a digital version is now redundant and has been removed.
    • May 2021
      For clarity, when a digital request is offered, the text Only need a chapter? has been changed to Need a chapter?
    • May 2021
      The rapdioNoOfferMessage is no longer included in the Configuration Fulfillment Bibliographic Mapping Rules.
    • May 2021
      A due date field has been added to borrowing requests brief record views.
    • May 2021
      The Rapido indicator facet in the borrowing task list has been moved to the top of the page.
    • May 2021
      The Rapido Sets tooltip has been changed to Resource Sharing Requests.
    • June 2021
      For clarity, the text for various offers is now more consistent.
    • June 2021
      The need patron information status did not update when send_query_to_patron_use_xsl=false. This was fixed.
    • June 2021
      Detach from MMS and Locate Resource are now also available for Rapido lending requests.
    • June 2021
      The Not Needed After calendar no longer displays dates that have passed.
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