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    Rapido 2021 Release Notes

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    Issues to Note

    This release includes the following UI enhancements:

    • When collapsing/expanding the right pane, Rapido remembers your last action. The default is collapsed
    • refresh.png is now at the top left corner of the borrowing/lending requests pages.
    • Icons now include the description text and a counter.
      Icon example


    Confirmation Email When a Request is Placed

    December 2021 Fulfillment - Resource Sharing idea exchange Idea ExchangeURM152745

    When configured (Configuration > General > Letters > Letters Configuration > Resource Sharing Request Confirmation Letter), Rapdio now sends a confirmation email when a request is placed. This letter is disabled by default.


    Confirmation Letter

    For more information, see Rapido Letters.

    Differentiate Between Requests Origin

    December 2021 RapidoURM-155911

    To improve the blank request workflow, Rapido now differentiates between requests that originated from the blank form from those created from the Rapido offers. Users can facet by Request Created From Blank Form and can save these requests as a new set. Additionally, you can use this feature to stop for mediation when configured in Resource Sharing > Rapido Rules > Borrowing Mediation Rules > Request Created From Blank Form.


    Facet origin

    For more information, see Facets and Available Mediation Rules.

    Preview Files Before Supplying

    December 2021 RapidoURM-154562

    When a borrower uploads a file or when a lender ships an item digitally, it is now possible to preview the files prior to uploading/shipping them to ensure the correct file is being sent.

    For this feature, your browser settings must be configured to allow viewing of PDF files.


    Preview file

    Rapido Sets — Force to All Resource Sharing Staff 

    December 2021 RapidoURM-155145

    When creating or managing sets, for public sets, you now have the option to activate a set for all users.

    Only fulfillment administrators and managers can create and delete these sets.


    Permanently Active for All Users

    For more information, see Creating Sets.

    Add Created Date and Staff Information to General Messages and Notes

    December 2021 Rapido

    General messages and Notes now include Created/Modified dates and staff information and indicates if the message was received from or sent to a partner.


    General messages and Notes

    Create Move Digitization Request

    December 2021 RapidoURM-150544

    Rapido now offers digitization automation for requests for journal articles found via Rapid while enabling a manual process for those that were not found in the Rapid Pods.

    You do not need to make any changes to utilize this feature. Your current setup will continue to work as you have it configured.

    Use this setting when pick from shelf and digitization are processed by a library branch rather than a resource sharing library.   This configuration automatically updates the lending request status to being processed and automatically creates a move or digitization request based on the requested format.

    You have the option to exclude automating requests:

    • For serial items
      • Always
      • For non-RapidILL partners
    • For multi-volume items
    • When items are available in multiple branches


    Move to Branch Automation

    For more information, see Branch Automation.

    Reshare Integration — Push Borrowing Request

    December 2021 Fulfillment - Resource SharingURM-155623

    You now have the option to push user borrowing requests to Reshare. Rapido can check whether the resource is found in the ReShare network without your users needing to leave their known discovery system. Additionally, your users do not need to enable Rapido to search for the resource they need via the various resource sharing options that your institution supports.  

    For more information, see Integrating Reshare.

    Default to Always Willing to Pay

    December 2021 Rapido

    Institutions that are always willing to pay for BLDSS partner resources can now default to Always Willing to Pay (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Partners).


    Always Willing to Pay setting

    Assign Associated Rapido Members

    December 2021 RapidoURM-160857

    When configured (Configuration > Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Rota Templates), locally managed pods can now be associated with specified Rapido members. 


    Associated Rapido Members

    For more information, see Borrowing Policies.

    Hide HOW TO GET IT Section

    November 2021 Rapido

    Rapdio now enables you to hide the HOW TO GET IT section so that if this feature is not used by your institution, you can remove it. To hide this section, from Resource Sharing > General > Other Settings set rapido_hide_how_to_get_it_section to false. By default, this setting is set to true.

    Show_How_To_Get_It.png Hide_How_To_Get_It.png
    Hide HOW TO GET IT
    Show HOW TO GET IT

    For more information, see Hiding Sections.

    Configure When to Present Which Rapido Tiles

    November 2021 Rapido

    Rapido now enables you to configure when to present specified Rapido tiles and when to hide them. Select Configuration > Fulfillment > Discovery Interface Display Logic > Display Logic Rules > New > Add Rule to select which services to hide when the Offer has no known terms and set the value to True.


    Show physical and digital services


    Show physical services and hide digital services

    For more information, see Presenting Rapido Tiles.

    Change of Terms Updates

    November 2021 Rapido

    Rapido now offers the option to notify patrons when the cost has changed. Configure the Change Rapido Request Terms Letter from Configuration Menu > General > Letters > Letters Configuration.

    Creating Sets Based on Criteria 

    November 2021

    To enable you to create sets based on criteria for requests that do not yet exist, Rapido includes an Include Zero Values toggle button. When enabled, facets with zero value are displayed. Select the relevant facets with zero values to create sets for future use.

    Include Zero Values does not apply to certain facets such as labels for notes on requests or mediation, borrowing/lending libraries, dates, notes, etc.


    Include Zero Values toggle button

    For more information, see Creating Sets.

    Change Resource Sharing Request Type

    November 2021 Rapido

    Rapido now includes access to the Change RS Request Type cloud app to convert Rapido borrowing requests from books to articles and articles to books without having to cancel a request and create a new one.

    For more information, see Change RS Requests Type.

    Assign POD Priority at the lZ Level

    November 2021 Rapido

    For some institutions, it might be relevant to set the POD priority at the IZ level rather than at the member level. To do so, from Resource Sharing > Configuration > Institutional Borrowing Policy, select Use Institutional Borrowing Policies. Define your Default Borrowing Policies and Save. Using this feature overrides the settings in the individual member's policies (Resource Sharing > Configuration > Members).

    Use Institutional Borrowing Policies

    For more information, see Borrowing Policies.

    Maintain External Id for Cancelled/Rejected Requests

    October 2021 Rapido

    Rapido now enables you to search by External Id for cancelled borrowing requests or rejected lending requests. The External Id is viewable in the request History.


    External Id

    Enable/Disable Rapido Form Fields

    October 2021 Rapido

    Rapido now offers the option to disable fields on the form (Settings > Resource Sharing > Rapido Request Forms Customization). For more information, see Rapido Offer Fields.

    Request_Form.png Customized_Form.png
    Request Form
    Customized Request Form

    New Book/Journal Copyright Rule

    October 2021 Rapido

    The Borrowing Copyright Rules (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Rapido Rules) now includes the following two rules:

    • Number of Requests Per User on Specific Resource — How many requests a user is allowed to make for a resource
    • Time Span (In Months) Since Request Date — The amount of time that needs to pass before a resource can be re-requested
    Copyright_Rule_Parameter1.png Copyright_Rule_Parameter2.png
    Copyright Rules
    For more information, see Copyright Rules.

    Recalculate Partner Action

    October 2021 Rapido

    The Recalculate rota action for non-Rapido requests was renamed Recalculate partner.


    Recalculate partner action

    The Recalculate partner action recalculates the Rapido offers for a request and restarts the Rapido workflows.

    When editing a request, you can use the Recalculate partner action if recalculation is required. A popup prompts you whether a recalculate should be triggered or not.

    The Recalculate partner action behaves as follows:

    • Each time the Recalculate partner action executes, the Rapido flow starts from scratch. This means that even if the request is not a Rapido request, the search looks for the best offer option, and if found, the request is considered a Rapido request.
    • If a new offer is found and the current partner is Rapido partner, Rapido cancels the current active partner (no cancel reply is needed for Rapido requests) and sends the request to the new partner.
    • If a new offer is found and the current partner is a classic Rota partner but its workflow does not require you to cancel the request, Rapido automatically cancels the current active partner and sends the request to the new partner.
    • If a new offer is found and the current partner is a classic Rota partner and its workflow requires you to cancel the request, Rapido cancels the current active partner and waits for a reply from the partner. To calculate a new offer when a cancellation is approved, Rapido uses the new RECALCULATE_RAPIDO_OFFER in the OUTֹ_RES_SHR_REQUEST_NGRS table and sets it to TRUE. Each time a Rapido request is rejected, before contacting the next partner, Rapdio checks if the RECALCULATE_RAPIDO_OFFER is set to TRUE and if so, calculates the offer from the start and sets the field to be empty.
    • Rapido does not remember previous calls to different partners in pods. This means that Rapido partners that already received the request and rejected it, will receive it again.
    • If no offer is found or if no record is found in the GTI, the Rota assignment rules will engage. In a case where the request is assigned to a Rota, the classic behavior also occurs in Rapido.
    • If a user changes the metadata of the request, the user needs to activate the recalculate offer manually if the changes require a recalculate

    Rapido Attributes Added to Borrowing Requests and Lending Requests Subject Areas

    October 2021 Rapido

    The Rapido Attributes dimension was added to the Borrowing Requests and Lending Requests subject areas. It contains the Rapido Pod ID (formerly called Rapido Pod) and Rapido Indicator fields that were formerly located in the Borrowing Request Details dimension as well as additional fields relating to Rapido. See Rapido Attributes for more information.

    Resource Sharing Directory

    August 2021 Rapido

    The resource sharing directory is a list of Alma institutions that use resource sharing. It is available to all Alma institutions to copy and use to more easily expand their resource sharing network.

    Non-Rapido members can join the resource sharing directory. See Contributing to the Resource Sharing Directory. Once the non-Rapido member's details are in the resource sharing directory you can download the member's record, and they can download your record. Any institution joining the directory can join relevant pods in their area based on previously agreed-upon terms. ​

    From the Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Partners page, you can add the partner information and parameters.


    Resource Sharing Partner List

    Pod Terms Added to Pod Information

    August 2021 Rapido

    The Pod information now includes the Delivery time, Loan period, Cost, and Allow renewal.


    Pod information

    Document Delivery — Resupply Request

    August 2021 Rapido

    For Rapid document deliveries, after a request is completed, Rapido enables you to refill the request in case the original request was not properly received by using the Resupply Request action. This action reopens the request on the borrower's side for RapidILL requests if the request is complete.



    Resupply Request action

    This action can only be used once.

    Due Dates Adjusted Based on Rapido Offer

    August 2021 Rapido

    The lending due date calculation includes the delivery shipping time to the borrower, the loan period, and the return shipping time to the lender.

    For example, if the shipping time is five days and the loan period is 14 days, and the current date is May 1, 2021, then the Lending Due Date = May 25, 2021 (May 1st + 5 (shipping to the borrower) + 14 (loan period) + 5 (shipping to the lender)).

    Once the resource is shipped and the shipping message is sent to the borrower, the borrowing due date will also be May 25, 2021.​

    The loan period is the Borrowing Due Date minus the return shipping period. In our example, May 25th - five shipping days = May 20, 2021.​

    For more information, see Patron Experience, Borrowing Requests, and Lending Requests.

    Rapido and RapidR (Lending) Integration​

    August 2021 Rapido

    Rapido now includes an option to Enable Rapid Returnables Integration For Rapido.


    RapidR Integration

    Full integration with Rapid is now available.

    Rapido Pod Field Added to Analytics

    August 2021 Rapido

    The Rapido Pod field was added to Borrowing Requests > Borrowing Request Details and Lending Requests > Lending Request Details. It contains the Rapido Pod to which the request is linked.

    Cost Per User Group

    July 2021 Rapido

    You now have the option to charge a patron based on their user group. The cost is only effective once the borrowing library receives the item. For more information, see Cost to Patron.


    Patron Cost


    Patron Receive Cost

    Manage Sets with Created by and Creation Date Columns

    July 2021 Rapido

    The Manage Sets screen now includes Created by and Creation Date columns.


    Manage Sets columns

    View Digitized Content in My Account

    July 2021 Rapido

    In addition to requests sent via email, you can now access your digitized content through your library card. Access to your requests is based on the library's settings. For example, the number of times a resource can be downloaded, or the expiry date after which the resource can no longer be downloaded. Contact support for assistance enabling Document delivery files cleanup. For more information, see the Primo VE 2021 Release Notes.

    When a resource is no longer available for download, the job that removes files clears the request from the resource list.


    Digitized content in My Account

    Default Digitization Department by Library

    July 2021 Rapido

    When a request is received, Rapido establishes which library is best for fulfilling the request and defaults to that library. If you select a different holding, the default digitization is rechecked and might change according to the library setup.

    Default Digitization Department

    Display Alerts in Lending Requests

    July 2021 Rapido

    Alerts can be attached to a lending request during the main steps of a request's workflow.


    Lending Requests Alerts

    The alerts show the progress of the request (In Process, Canceled, or Completed). The following alerts are currently supported and can be configured in Configuration > Resource Sharing > Manage Rapido Alerts:

    • Move Request in Process
    • Move Request Cancelled
    • Move Request Completed
    • Digitization Request in Process
    • Digitization Request Cancelled
    • Digitization Request Completed

    Digitization Request Cancelled and Move Request Cancelled are enabled by default.

    Managing Rapido Alerts also affects all Alma alerts, including alerts related to, for example, course reserves.  Verify that all required alerts are activate.

    Additionally, Rapido now includes an Alerts facet to better manage requests.


    Alerts facet

    Dismiss General Messages

    July 2021 Rapido

    You can now dismiss general messages from a borrowing request.

    Dismiss General messages

    Lending Request Fulfillment Information

    July 2021 Rapido

    Lending requests now include the Fulfillment request information. Additionally, you can select the Request ID link to open and process the request.


    Fulfillment request information

    Improved Label Configuration for Rapido Offers

    July 2021 Rapido

    While configuration of the new Rapido labels was already available in the June release, application of those labels is now live in the July release. For more information, see Rapido Labels.

    Rapido Integration with RapidR

    July 2021 Rapido

    Customers can work in Rapido and push borrowing requests to RapidR by selecting Enable Rapid Returnables Integration For Rapido (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Parameters). Additionally, any further action is now visible in both Rapido and RapidR. If you want to integrate with RapidR, select Enable Rapid Returnables Integration For Rapido. For more information, see Configuring RapidILL as a Resource Sharing Partner.

    This feature will be available for lending requests from the August release.


    Rapid Integration

    Rapido and ILLiad Integration

    July 2021 Rapido

    Alma institutions who are “Lenders Only” can now specify whether they are managing resource sharing from Alma or ILLiad. If ILLiad is selected (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Members) the lending request for this institution is created and can be managed from ILLiad.


    Member Attributes - ILLiad

    When a request status changes from being calculated to presenting the Lending library details, the Lending library information and contact details are also available in the right pane.

    Push User Records to ILLiad

    July 2021 Fulfillment - Resource Sharing URM-148064

    Alma can now use ILLiad APIs to push user records to ILLiad (a resource sharing management system). The push only occurs if this is configured by the library and the user does not already exist in ILLiad. Before pushing a request to ILLiad, Alma verifies that the account exists and creates a user account if not.

    The resource sharing partner record for ILLiad API was enhanced to enable configuration of the following API values:

    • Search user in ILLiad using – the value which Alma will use to locate / create a user in ILLiad (user identifier or preferred email)
    • NVTGC -free string
    • Status - free string
    • NotificationPreferences - repeatable free text field with two comma-separated values. The first is sent as ActivityType and the second as NotificationType. For example,{RequestPickup,Email},{RequestOverdue,Email}.
    • Notification method - 'Electronic', 'Phone' or 'Mail'
    • Delivery Method - 'Hold for Pickup' or 'Mail to Address'
    • Loan Delivery Method - 'Hold for Pickup' or 'Mail to Address'
    • Electronic Delivery
    • Authtype - 'Default','ILLiad'


    Create user in ILLiad

    Alma looks up the user in ILLiad. The value that is used for the match is taken from Search user in ILLiad using mapping.

    The ILLIAD response either provides details of their user record or indicates that the user cannot be found, in which case, Alma attempts to automatically create a user record in ILLiad.

    Pod Details Now Included on Borrowing and Lending Requests

    June 2021 Rapido

    Pod details are now viewable on lending and borrowing requests when selecting a request and displaying the right pane or when selecting Edit.


    Right-pane Pod details


    Pod details on Edit window

    Enable Option to Exclude Records from Rapido Holding Index

    June 2021 Rapido

    You can now exclude records from the Rapido holdings index by using Suppress from External Search option. For more information, see Suppressing Bibliographic Records from External Search. For more information, see Rapido Holdings Index Records.

    Ability to Create Resource Sharing Requests Between Libraries in the Same IZ

    June 2021 Rapido

    This option enables you to have resource sharing between members in the same Alma institution zone.

    This is not a standard configuration. Contact Ex Libris support prior to using this.

    Improved Label Configuration for Rapido Offers

    June 2021 Rapido

    Beginning with the June release, you can configure the new Rapido labels (Discovery > Labels > Prima Rapido Labels). Each new tile begins with For more information, see Rapido Labels.

    The tiles can already be customized now, but the effects will only take place after the July 2021 Rapido release.


    Title labels

    Add Send Query to Patron Indication to Borrowing Request

    June 2021 Rapido

    Rapido has added an icon as an indicator to alert the user when a query was sent to a patron. Upon emailing a patron through the Send query to patron action, an icon is displayed indicating that you have sent a correspondence to the patron. 


    Query icon

    Additionally, a Query to patron section display on the right-pane of the request with the details of the query. Upon selecting Information received from patron and refreshing the page, the icon is removed. 


    Query to patron details

    Query activity is also viewable when editing a request and selecting Attachments.



    We have also added a facet to filter by Need Parton Information for requests with active patron notes. Additionally, you can create a set based on requests with active patron notes.

    Partner Card Now Includes RapidILL Requests

    May 2021 Rapido

    SelectingRapidILLContact.pngdisplays the primary email contact as defined in RapidILL.

    This option is only available for newly created requests.


    Partner card

    Lost Action for Lenders

    May 2021 Rapido

    The Lost action is now an option for lenders. When the patron reports that a borrowed item is lost, the borrowing library updates the status to Lost. This enables the lending library to collect payment for the lost item according to the TOU.


    Lost action

    Time Added to Requested Creation Date

    May 2021 Rapido

    Requests now include the time of the creation date so that requests can be sorted and prioritized by the time of day the request was placed.



    Display Number of Requests for Each Set in Quick Links Menu

    May 2021 Rapido

    The Sets menu now displays a clickable number of requests received for that set to quickly display requests for the selected set. This option enables you to prioritize which sets require attention based on the number of outstanding requests.


    Request numbers

    Resolved Issues

    • December Rapido 2021 Release Update
      There are no issues for the December Release Update.
    • December 2021 SF: 05316654
      The CDI matching via OpenURL requests was incorrect. This was fixed.URM-161213
    • December 2021 SF: 05312430
      Previously, patron renewal requests were not associated with resource sharing requests. This was fixed.URM-157696
    • December 2021
      The Other settings no longer appear in the Rapido configuration menu for lender only institutions. They are now in Fulfillment > Resource Sharing.
    • December 2021
      The OpenURL resource sharing request source field now populates.URM-147686
    • November Rapido 2021 Release Update
      There are no issues for the November Release Update.
    • November Fulfillment - Resource Sharing 2021
      When copying a partner from the community tab into your institution, the server and port partner parameters did not populate correctly. This has been fixed. In order to fix any local partners that you have already copied, remove them and copy them again.
    • November Rapido 2021 SF: 00977366
      Previously, there was an error when changing the lending requests shipped format. This was fixed.
    • November Rapido 2021
      Previously, the Due Date did not appear on the lending main task list. This was fixed.
    • October Rapido 2021 Release Update
      There are no issues for the October Release Update.
    • October Rapido 2021 SF: 00962402 00973324
      When the Locate only if all fields match radio button was set to No, the self ownership logic and view local resources link became corrupted. This was fixed.
    • October Rapido 2021
      The Locate in process status is now mapped to the Rapido Requested status instead of the In process by lender status.
    • October Rapido 2021 SF: 00966015
      The Mediated patron Renewal status is now indexed and visible in the facet.
    • September Rapido 2021 Release Update
      Searching by barcode in the Lending Requests did not work. This was fixed.
    • August Rapido 2021 Release Update
      There are no issues for the August Release Update.
    • August Rapido 2021 SF: 00965610
      Previously, the volume metadata for book chapter requests did not transfer from RaidILL to Alma. This was fixed.
    • August Rapido 2021
      Lending Lost action no longer includes the General message checkbox, and the message received by the borrower now includes the currency.
    • August Rapido 2021
      Previously, when a resource had multiple authors, the author list took up too much of the screen. The Author fields are now truncated. You can hover over the author text and select ... to view a tooltip with the truncated information.
    • August Rapido 2021
      Previously, when removing a system note from a request, the facet and icon were not updated accordingly. This was fixed.
    • August Rapido 2021
      Previously, when adding an internal note, the note was included with the request. This was fixed.
    • August Rapido 2021
      Previously, the pickup location was included in the Request Information section rather than the Request form. This was fixed.
    • July Rapido 2021 Release Update
      When check_self_ownership_serrial is set to true and one of the following DLRs are enabled, the journal offer is not presented. For more information, see Self Owned Resources.
      • Hide service Resource Sharing Request with Ownership by the institution = true
      • Hide service Resource Sharing Request with Availability by the institution = true
    • July Rapido 2021
      Previously, you were unable to search by item barcode from the lending task list. This was fixed.
    • July Rapido 2021
      When saving changes to a public set from the task list, the set was changed to private. This was fixed.
    • July Rapido 2021
      The move request popup was missing a checkbox in Firefox. This was fixed.
    • July Rapido 2021
      Previously, name and shipping address (contact info) were not included on the pick from shelf slips. These fields were added.
    • July Rapido 2021
      Quick printing is now supported in Rapido.
    • July Rapido 2021
      The renew option was visible for items that are not available for renewal. The option was removed.
    • July Rapido 2021
      The article form from a journal resource did not have a not needed after field. The field is now available.
    • June Rapido 2021 Release Update
      There are no issues for the June Release Update.
    • June Rapido 2021
      For clarity, the text for various offers is now more consistent.
    • June Rapido 2021
      The need patron information status did not update when send_query_to_patron_use_xsl=false. This was fixed.
    • June Rapido 2021
      Detach from MMS and Locate Resource are now also available for Rapido lending requests.
    • June Rapido 2021
      The Not Needed After calendar no longer displays dates that have passed.
    • May Rapido 2021 Release Update
      There are no issues for the May Release Update.
    • May Rapido 2021
      Now that users have the option to request an offer in digital format when a physical request is not available, the Primo VE checkbox labeled if a physical copy is unavailable, would you like a digital version is now redundant and was removed.
    • May Rapido 2021
      For clarity, when a digital request is offered, the text Only need a chapter? was changed to Need a chapter?
    • May Rapido 2021
      The rapdioNoOfferMessage is no longer included in the Configuration Fulfillment Bibliographic Mapping Rules.
    • May Rapido 2021
      A due date field was added to borrowing requests brief record views.
    • May Rapido 2021
      The Rapido indicator facet in the borrowing task list was moved to the top of the page.
    • May Rapido 2021
      The Rapido Sets tooltip was changed to Resource Sharing Requests.
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