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    Fiscal Period Close Resources and FAQs in Alma

    • Product: Alma


    Where is there information on Fiscal Period Close and rolling over ledgers & POLs?


    To close a fiscal period and move to the next fiscal period, you must run the following jobs: 

    1. Ledger rollover – Copies the ledgers from the closing fiscal period to the next fiscal period 
    2. PO line rollover – Copies PO lines from the closing fiscal period to the next fiscal period 

    For a list of resources to help in the process, see the links in the Additional Info / Related Articles section.

    Additional Information

    For detailed explanations, see the following Online Help pages:

    Fiscal Period Closure
    Rolling Over Ledgers
    Rolling Over PO Lines
    Configuring Fund and Ledger Fiscal Periods
    Editing Fund and Ledger Fiscal Period Definitions


    Other helpful resources:

    Lesson on Alma fiscal period closure (YouTube)
    Ask the Expert on fiscal period closure

    Relevant support articles:

    Rollover FAQ

    1. Is Rollover required to run on the day the ledger expires? 
    2. How to extend Fiscal Period for a ledger in Alma?
    3. Open Fiscal Period (What does the open fiscal period refer to?)
    4. What type of orders do percentage based increases apply to in roll over?
    5. Will changing a holding record during fiscal rollover affect the associated POL? 
    6. If no invoice for one-time POL, how to mark as fully invoiced? 
    7. How are encumbrances set during roll over? 
    8. Fiscal Period Rollover - will Standing Order, Waiting for Invoice, be part of its population?
    9. Does the POLine Receive or Activation Status impact inclusion in Rollover?
    10. Does everything in the “waiting for payment” list have to be cleared/closed before fiscal close is done? 
    11. PO Line Rollover job : When, on what stage of the rollover the exchange rate is applied?


    Adding a new fiscal period

    1. Adding fiscal period gives: "Unable to update mapping table. Adding or deleting rows is not permitted."
    2. Create new fiscal year - without rolling funds over


    Handling previous fiscal periods

    1. Previous Fiscal Period still appearing as active despite first being deactivated and then closed 
    2. Why are credits and invoices posted in a new fiscal year not associated with that year?


    Possible post rollover errors messages

    1. Delete Ledger and override: "Funds associated with this Leger have transactions, you must delete them before proceeding" 
    2. Error in the rollover “PO line is linked to more than one transaction”


    • Article last edited: 10-May-2016
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