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    User Management Activities

    To configure user management activities, you must have one of the following roles:
    • User Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    This section describes how to configure the various user management functions. See Alma Glossary for definitions of these functions. Note that some configuration changes in User Management impact other functional areas. Consider the impact on other functional areas before making changes to existing configurations.
    The following table lists the configuration options.
    For a full reference of all the code tables provided with Alma, see Alma Code Table Reference.
    Configuration Options
    Section Configuration Item Configuration Level See
    Roles and Registration Profiles Institution/Library Configuring Role Profiles
    Role Assignment Rules Institution/Library Configuring Role Assignment Rules
    User Registration Rules Institution/Library Configuring User Registration Rules
    Roles Report Institution Roles Report
    Privileges Report Institution Privileges Report
    Mandatory Fields Public Institution Configuring Patron Information
    Staff Institution Configuring Patron Information
    External Contacts Institution Configuring Patron Information
    User Details User Groups Institution Configuring User Groups
    User Record Type/User Group Institution Mapping User Groups to User Record Types
    Job Categories Institution Configuring User Job Categories
    User Record Type/Job Category Institution Mapping Job Categories to User Record Types
    User Name Display Institution Configuring the Display of User's Names
    Statistical Categories Institution Configuring Statistical Categories for Analytics
    Category Types Institution Creating Statistical Category Types
    Statistical Categories/Types Institution Mapping Statistical Categories to Category Types
    User Titles Institution Configuring User Titles
    Library Notices Opt-In Institution Configuring Library Notices Opt-In
    Patron Charges Fines/Fees Behavior Institution Configuring Fines/Fees Behavior
    Reasons for Waiving Fine/Fee Institution Configuring Reasons for Waiving Fines/Fees
    Fines/Fees Notification Profiles Institution Configuring Fines/Fees Notifications
    Bursar Transaction IDs Institution Configuring Bursar Transaction IDs
    General Other Settings Institution Configuring Other Settings
    User ID Generation Institution/Library Configuring User ID Generation
    Delete User Policy Institution/Library Configuring User Deletion
    User Notification Types Institution Configuring User Notification Types
    Contact Information Pop-Up Institution Configuring User Information for Pop-ups
    Manage Operator Details Visibility Institution Configuring Users' Ability to View Operators' Details

    Record Last Patron Activity Date

    Institution Configuring Last Patron Activity Date
    Collaborative Networks (Fulfillment Networks) Linked Account Rules Institution/Library Configuring Linked Account Rules
    Restricted Users Institution/Library Configuring Restricted User Groups
    Searchable Identifiers Institution Configuring Searchable Identifiers
    Linked Account Shared Fields Institution Configuring Linked Account Shared Fields
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