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    Rapido 2022 Release Notes

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    Issues to Note

    • We improved performance for Rapido offers.

    Main Features

    Global Title Index (GTI) Updates

    December 2022 Rapido URM-179163 URM-178758 URM-177171 URM-176452 URM-176027

    Rapido enables users to access and discover materials in the CDI from the library user discovery interface. This capacity is now available to staff in the staff interface. Global Title index is now an available search scope.
    The option to search the Global Index.
    Global index
    From those results, you can create a request by directly searching the Global index.
    The option to create a request from the global index.
    Create a request from the GTI
    You can also perform an Advanced search.
    The option to perform an advanced search.
    Global index Advanced search
    You can also create a request from the Borrowing Requests list by selecting Create Request > From Search > Global Index.
    The option to manually create a borrowing request from the Global index will be available in the January release.
    The option to manually create a request from a GTI search.
    Create Request by searching the Global Index

    For more information, see Searching and Creating Request from the Global Title Index.

    Push Borrowing Requests for Further Processing in Relais

    November 2022 Fulfillment - Resource Sharing URM-174636

    Borrowing requests can now be sent to Relais broker systems through Rapido, as they can with ILLiad and Tipasa/WorldShare ILL. This new option enables requests that have not been fulfilled by Rapido to be automatically pushed to the Relais system, where they are further processed as broker-managed requests, eliminating the need to manually transfer such requests.

    For more information, see Integrating Rapido with Relais.

    More Patron Card Download Information

    November 2022 Rapido URM-165549

    The patron library card now includes the maximum number of views allowed for a resource, the number of times the resource has been viewed, and the download expiration date.

    The patron card views details.

    Patron library card with download information

    Integrating with Reprints Desk

    November 2022 Rapido

    When configured, Rapido now uses the Article Galaxy Add-on, a Cloud App, which enables you to check whether an article is available for acquisition, including pricing information, using Reprints Desk. If you are acquiring the article, the whole application workflow is processed automatically, including sending the resource to the user and closing the request.

    Article Galaxy publication details.

    Article Galaxy publications available for purchase

    For more information, see Integrating with Reprints Desk.

    Resupply Requests Alerts

    November 2022 Rapido URM-155263

    Previously, lenders were unaware when a request was re-requested. When configured, Rapido now includes alerts to notify lenders when the borrowing institution uses the Resupply Request action.

    Alerts on a lending request.

    Lending Request Alerts

    For more information, see Resupply Request Workflow.

    Multi-Volume Request Support

    September 2022 Rapido URM-163576

    The Rapido team is initiating a project for improving resource sharing for multi-volume requests. Our first improvement is related to multi-volume matching using mediation rules such as for Fill Locally and the Self Owned and/or Available options. Previously matches were made based on the title. With this release, matches are based on the summary holdings and if empty based on the item information. This new matching mechanism is much more precise.

    For matches based on the summary holdings, Rapido uses a semicolon (;) as the default delimiter. To set the delimiter you want to use, you can use the new rapido_summary_holdings_delimiters (Configuration > Resource Sharing > General > Other Settings) parameter. The parameter value can be any delimiter that you use for your summary holdings.

    The rapido_summary_holding_delimiters parameter.

    Other Settings - rapido_summary_holdings_delimiters parameter

    For more information, see Multi-Volume Settings.

    Ship Directly to Branch

    August 2022 Rapido URM-168833

    You can now select Ship resource sharing resources directly (Configuration > General > Libraries > Add a Library or Edit Library Information) to allow branches to ship resources directly to a borrowing institution instead of sending the request to the associated resource sharing library.

    The ship directly to patron configuration option.

    Ship resources directly configuration

    This development enables institutions to define which library can ship on its own without needing to send the resource to the resource sharing library to ship the resource to the borrowing institution.

    We recommend setting the move to branch to automatic, (see Create Move Digitization Request Configuration). This creates the fulfillment request for the staff at the branch to handle without needing to access the resource sharing requests task list.

    If Ship resource sharing resources directly (Configuration > General > Libraries > Add a Library or Edit Library Information) is checked and the staff has fulfillment privileges in the library defined to allow shipping of resources directly from the branch while at the scope of that library, the Shipping Items menu (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Shipping Items) menu and the Scan In Item page > Shipping Items button are visible, and the user can use either one of them to ship the resource. The resource sharing request is then updated accordingly, for example, Shipped Physically.

    For more information, see Enabling Branches to Ship Directly, Ship Directly to Branch.

    Disable Automatic Creation of Lending Requests When Locate Fails

    July 2022 Rapido URM-155618

    Previously, when a locate process failed for technical reasons such as missing credentials or communication issues, the request was sent to the lender even though the actual resource was not found. You can now disable automatic creation of a lending request when a Locate fails by setting the rapido_do_not_send_request_when_locate_fails (Configuration > Resource Sharing > General > Other Settings) parameter to true. When the parameter is set to true, and a Locate fails, the request is then sent to the next lender in the rota.

    For new customers, the default setting for rapido_do_not_send_request_when_locate_fails is true. For existing customers, the default setting is false.

    For more information, see Locate Failed.

    Add Potential Lenders

    June 2022 Rapido URM-168668 URM-166658

    We added the ability to establish new peer-to-peer partnerships. For circumstances where none of your partners can fill your request, we added a Borrowing Request Find partners action. This action opens the Potential Lenders list of lenders who have the requested resource and can possibly fill the request.

    This action is not available for article requests.

    The find partners action.

    Find partners action

    The Potential Lenders list is a list of partners who set their Data Sharing Profile (Configuration > General > General Configuration > Data Sharing Profile) to Yes to allow shareholding information for resource sharing purposes. This provides an opportunity for your institution to establish new resource sharing partnerships and networks with other institutions that agree to do so. Allowing your institution’s holdings information to be shared for this purpose does not mean that your institution is required to allow resource sharing with any other institutions. None of your users’ personal data is used.

    Select potential lenders to add to your Rota.

    Only Directory members can be added to your Rota.

    The potential lenders list.

    Potential Lenders

    The lenders are added to your Rota with a Pending Status. You can Send Rapido Request Letter (Configuration > General > Letters > Letters Configuration > RapidoRequestNewResourceSharingPartnershipLetter) to email the lender. If the potential lender agrees to lend the resource, the lender remains in your Rota for future requests. Additionally, you can select Activate to permanently add the lender to your Rota.

    The option to send a Rapido request letter.

    Send Rapido Request Letter

    For more information, see Find Partners.

    Search Progress Indication for Parallel Tiles

    June 2022 Rapido URM-168422

    For visibility and performance, while searching for offers, offer details now display as they become available while indicating that the system is still searching for other offer information. For example, if the physical information is already available, the physical tile details are displayed, while indicating that the digital information is still being searched for.

    When the display logic rules restrict placing requests where no offers are available, the tile indicates that No offer available at this time rather than not displaying the tile.

    Still searching for offers indication.

    Searching for offers indication

    Still searching for offers indication.

    Searching for offers indication

    No digital offers indication.

    Searching for offers

    For more information, see Patron Experience.

    Extend Loan Date

    June 2022 Fulfillment - Resource Sharing URM-163089

    Rapido now gives lenders the option to extend a due date for non-expired loans when there is no option to renew the loan.

    The option to change the due date.

    Change Due Date option

    The due date form.

    Change Due Date form

    When the lender changes the due date, the borrowing request status updates to Renewed by partner, and a letter is sent to the patron informing them that the due date is extended.

    The borrowing request renew requested status.

    Renewed by partner

    For more information, see Change Due Date.

    Copyright Rules Labels

    June 2022 Rapido URM-162061

    In order to easily determine which copyright rule was applied to a request, you can now define labels for each copyright rule (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Rapido Rules > Borrowing Copyright Rules). Additionally, you can create a set based on the copyright label.

    The option to add labels to copyright rules.

    Copyright Labels

    For more information, see Creating Labels Automatically and Copyright Rules.

    Create Hold Request for Unavailable Resource

    June 2022 Rapido URM-159426

    For Rapido consortia networks, when determining that a resource exists but is not available, the request is still created under the pod that owns it and will be filled when the selected condition is fulfilled.

    To create a hold request for unavailable resources, select:

    • When Resource is Unavailable in the Current Pod — don't send the request to the next pod, keep the request with the current pod until the resource becomes available
    • When Resource is Unavailable in Any of the Member Pods — check all pods to see if the resource is available at another pod

    If one of the above options is selected, the request will not expire, and the library card Estimated pick up and Estimated due date are updated to: Cannot be determined.

    The default setting is Never. These settings are defined at the pod level. Contact support for more information. Configuration options when a resource is unavailable.

    Create Request for Unavailable Resources options

    For more information, see Consortia Resource Sharing.

    Loan Due Date

    June 2022 Rapido URM-156324

    To make the loan due easier to find, once a patron receives a loan, the Loan due date now appears on both the borrowing task list brief details as well as in the Request information section on the right-side panel.

    The Loan due date field on a request.

    Loan due date

    Data Sharing Profile - Resource Sharing Message

    May 2022 Fulfillment - Resource Sharing URM-168619

    We added a Data Sharing Profile (Configuration > General > General Configuration > Data Sharing Profile) option to enable institutions to shareholding information for resource sharing purposes. When set to Yes, this indicates that the institution has agreed to share its information. The default setting for this option is No. We strongly recommend setting this option to Yes.

    The data resource sharing profile agreement and configuration screen.

    Data Resource Sharing Profile Configuration

    For more information, see Data Sharing Profile and Resource Sharing.

    ILLiad Borrowing Request Notes

    May 2022 Fulfillment - Resource Sharing  idea exchange Idea Exchange URM-121314

    When a request is pushed to ILLiad using the API, borrowing request notes are also pushed to ILLiad. This enables the export to ILLiad to be fully automatic and not require any manual handling of the note.

    For more information, see Integrating Rapido and ILLiad.

    Display Rapido Functionality

    May 2022 Rapido URM-166382

    We added the option for your institution to determine which views and slots should include Rapido functionality such as the Rapido offers, the link to access resources beyond your library collection, etc.

    To enable this option on a global level, select the Display Rapido Functionality (Configuration > Discovery > Display Configuration > Configure Views > General tab and select a view to edit) checkbox. This option is checked by default.

    The display Rapido functionality configuration.

    Discovery Configuration - Display Rapido Functionality

    To hide this option for a specific search profile slot, select the Hide Rapido External Link (Configuration > Discovery > Display Configuration > Configure Views > Search Profile Slots tab and select a profile to edit) checkbox.

    The option to hide the Rapido expand link.

    Discovery Configuration - Edit Profile Slot

    For more information, see Display Rapido Functionality.

    Lending Request Expiration Date

    May 2022 Rapido

    To create a more efficient workflow for librarians, it is now possible to define expiry days so that expired requests are automatically assigned to the next lending partner and the request status updates to Expired.

    The ability to set the expiry days is defined at the pod level.

    The Expiration date appears under the Request information of a request and as a facet and the Expiry Time appears under the Pod information.

    Pod expiry time for a request.

    Expiration date and Expiry Time details for a request

    For more information, see Expired Lending Requests.

    Allow Automatic Renewals

    May 2022 Rapido URM-163242

    To create a more efficient workflow for librarians, it is now possible to allow automatic renewals for expiring requests and define the maximum number of renewals allowed.

    The ability to Allow Automatic Renewals and set the Maximum Renewals Allowed are defined at the pod level.


    The Edit Lending Policies details.

    Allow Automatic Renewals and Maximum Renewals Allowed

    Rapido now also includes an out-of-the-box set for Lender Set for Requests that will expire today and tomorrow to filter by requests that are expiring today and tomorrow.

    For more information, see Rapido Pods and Terms and Automatic Renewal Jobs.

    Automatic Renewal Jobs

    May 2022 Fulfillment - Resource Sharing URM-163245

    When the existing Expired Resource Sharing Requests job (Configuration > Fulfillment > General > Fulfillment Job Configuration) is set to Active, expired requests are now automatically rejected. The default setting for this job is Inactive.

    The expired resource sharing requests job configuration.

    Expired Resource Sharing Requests Job

    For pods that allow automatic renewals, when the Send Courtesy Notices and Handle Loan Renewals Job (Configuration > Fulfillment > General > Fulfillment Job Configuration) is set to Active and Allow Renew for Rapido Pods Requests is checked, expiring requests are automatically renewed. The default setting for this job is Inactive.

    The send courtesy notices and handle loan renewals job configuration.

    Send Courtesy Notices and Handle Loan Renewals Job

    For more information, see Automatic Job Renewals.

    Fill Locally - Support for Multiple Resource Sharing Libraries

    May 2022 Rapido URM-163572

    The Fill Locally option now supports multiple resource sharing libraries. For sites with one resource sharing library, both the borrowing and lending requests are created under the same library. For institutions with more than one resource sharing member, the lending request is created under the resource sharing library associated with the library that owns the material.

    For more information, see Automating the Process.

    Request Type Added to Analytics

    May 2022 Analytics URM-165504

    The Request Type field was added to Borrowing Requests > Borrowing Request Details. It displays the request format and the request type. The possible values of this field are:

    • Physical: when the requested format is physical.
    • Digital – ILL: when the requested format is digital and the request type is ILL
    • Digital – document delivery: when the requested format is digital and the request type is document delivery
    • Other: when none of the above options apply

    Select RS Member Pickup Location

    April 2022 Rapido URM-166378

    This feature enables the borrowing experience for libraries with multiple resource sharing libraries to be more efficient. By selecting Add Definition (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Configuration > Associate Pickup Location with RS Member) and adding a Pickup Location and RS Member, borrowing requests are handled by the closest or most convenient library.

    The associate pickup location with a resource sharing member configuration.

    Associate Pickup Location with RS Member configuration
    • If the pickup location does not belong to a library that serves as the resource sharing library, and the pickup location is not defined, the library is selected randomly.
    • If the pickup location is attached to a member, but the member is not part of the pod or Rota from where the request received the offer, the owning library is not the member defined in the configuration. The owning library is the member that was assigned when getting the Rapido offer.

    For more information, see Associating Pickup Locations with Resource Sharing Members.

    More Flexibility for Matching Alma ILLiad IDs

    April 2022 Fulfillment - Resource Sharing URM-162157

    We added the parameters User identifier regex and User identifier regex (Fulfillment > Partners > Illiad partner) so that when requests are passed to Illiad, Illiad now recognizes the identifier. By default, this field is blank.

    The User identifier regex field in the example below indicates that Alma should use the identifying information until the @ to match the User identifier type Primary Identifier in Illiad.

    The regex identifier field.

    Regex identifier fields

    For more information, see Integrating Rapido and Illiad.

    Testing Workflow for Borrowing/Lending Requests

    April 2022 Rapido URM-161543

    This feature enables libraries to interact locally in order to create borrowing and lending requests at the local institution for both physical and digital requests. This enables libraries to test and train users in Rapido and enables them to test and view the outcome of complete workflows.

    Create a borrowing rule with the parameter Requester (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Rapido Rules > Borrowing Mediation Rules) and the Action Test Locally configured.

    The rule only applies to one Requester. If you want to apply the rule to multiple Requesters, you must add multiple rules.

    The test locally configuration.

    Mediation Setup for testing locally

    For more information, see Testing Your Workflow for Borrowing/Lending Requests.

    Manually Assigning Borrowing Requests to Partners

    April 2022 Rapido URM-159529

    Use the Create Request. to manually create a request and Send Directly to Partner. Check the relevant partner and Select to start the borrowing request flow. You can choose any partner, including Rapido partners

    You can also Edit an existing request, select Add Partners, and select a Rapido partner.

    The option to directly send a request to a partner.

    Send Directly to Partner

    The resource sharing partner list.

    Resource Sharing Partner List

    For more information, see Testing with a Selected Partner.

    Rapido Integration with Tipasa and WorldShare

    April 2022 Fulfillment - Resource Sharing URM-152366

    You can now push borrowing requests from Rapido to Tipasa and WorldShare to further process requests. For Tipasa, NCIP updates are also sent to Alma as required.

    This option enables requests that have not been fulfilled by a local peer-to-peer rota to be automatically pushed into the broker systems, where they are further processed as a broker-managed request. This eliminates the need to manually transfer such requests to the broker systems.

    For more information, see Integrating Rapido with Tipasa and Integrating Rapido with WorldShare.

    Is Filled Field Added to Rapido Analytics

    April 2022 Analytics URM-165507

    The Is Filled field was added to Borrowing Requests > Borrowing Request Details. It indicates if the borrowing request was filled. The following values are possible for this field:

    • Yes – the request was filled.
    • No – the request was not fulfilled, because it was rejected by the partner.
    • Not Applicable – the request was cancelled because, for example, the item is actually available, the institution decided to purchase the requested item, or the patron cancelled the request.
    • In Progress – the request is in the process of being handled.

    More Borrowing and Lending Search Options

    March 2022 Rapido URM-157404

    Rapido now enables you to search borrowing and lending requests by Barcode and Fulfillment Request ID.

    The borrowing requests search options. The lending requests search options.
    Borrowing requests search options
    Lending requests search options

    Cost for Document Delivery

    March 2022 Rapido URM-161310

    You now have the option to add a cost for document delivery (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Members) via Rapid.

    The option to add a cost to a patron.

    Add Cost to Patron option

    When configured, the Cost appears on the offer.

    An example of an offer with a cost.

    An example of an offer with a cost.

    For more information, see Cost to Patron.

    Hide Rapido Offers for Specific Resource Types

    March 2022 Rapido URM-158647

    You now have the option to hide resource sharing services for specific discovery resource types (Configuration > Fulfillment > Discovery Interface Display Logic > Display Logic Rules). This prevents users from placing borrowing requests for resources that you do not offer.

    The option to hide a service for a resource sharing request with a resource type.

    Hide service for Resource Sharing Request with a Resource type

    Resource type terms when hide service for Resource type is configured.

    Resource type terms when hide service for Resource type is configured

    For more information, see Resource Sharing Request.

    Rapido Offers for Fulfillment Network

    March 2022 Rapido

    Rapido now supports fulfillment networks for physical offers. The request form now includes a pickup location.

    Patron request form with pickup location.

    Option to select Pickup location

    The details are also included on the request in the right pane. This information is also on the library card and email sent to the patron.

    The fulfillment network details in the right pane.

    Fulfillment network details in the right pane

    Supplied Format Field Added to Borrowing Requests

    March 2022 Analytics URM-165484

    The Supplied Format field was added to Borrowing requests > Borrowing Request Details. It indicates the format in which the request was supplied to the patron, which may be different than the format in which it was requested.

    Reject Reason Field Added to Lending Requests

    March 2022 Analytics URM-164661

    The Reject Reason field was added to Lensing Requests > Lending Request Details. It displays the reason that the lending request was rejected.

    Digital Offer for Music Scores

    February 2022 Rapido URM-161518

    Previously, there was no way to request a document delivery for music scores, since the whole material was treated as an article and there is no way to specify pages/parts/etc.

    We improved the patron experience so that when a Primo digital request is placed for a music score, a dedicated form is used:

    The music score request form.

    Music score request form

    Additionally, the new fields appear on the library card.

    Music score fields on the patron library card.

    Music score fields on the patron library card

    We added the music score fields in the right pane of the borrowing request. These fields are editable by either selecting the edit icon on the right pane or by opening the full view and editing the fields. These fields are customizable from Configuration > Resource Sharing.

    The new music score fields on the borrowing request.

    Borrowing request music score fields

    The lending request includes the score request details in the Chapter title field.

    The new usic score information on A lending request.

    Lending request music score details added to the Chapter title

    These fields are also available on the Confirmation Letter.

    The music scores fields on the confirmation letter.

    Confirmation Letter with music score fields

    The additions to the confirmation letter are not added for customers who have customized their confirmation letters. Those who have already customized and want to use these fields need to add them.

    Hide Rapido Offers for Link in Resource Records

    February 2022 Rapido URM-158646

    Previously, patrons were viewing and using the Rapido offer instead of accessing the resources directly. You can now set the Display Logic Rule (Configuration > Fulfillment > Discovery Interface Display Logic > Display Logic Rules > New > Add Rule > hide service > Resource Sharing Request) to hide resource sharing requests so that Rapido offers are not shown when the record has a direct link to the resource (the Link in Record method). If the link is available, users can access the resource that your institution has acquired for them rather than placing a resource sharing request.

    The resource sharing restrictions are displayed on the request.
    Resource sharing restrictions

    For more information, see Hiding Rapido Offers for Link in Resource Records.

    Ship Digitally API

    February 2022 Rapido URM-116793

    Rapido includes a new API that enables applications, for example, BSCAN, to upload files and perform the Ship Digitally action after scanning the slip and the relevant resource. When running this API, the lending request is completed by the scanning action.

    BSCAN is still working on this integration.

    For more information see API Docs.

    ReShare Integration

    February 2022 Rapido URM-163568

    Rapido now creates a ReShare ID so that both Rapido and ReShare stay in sync. When configuring the ReShare credentials, the ReShare Updates Job (Admin > Monitor Jobs > Fulfillment > Scheduled tab) runs every four hours.

    The ReShare integration configuration settings pane.

    ReShare configuration

    For more information, see Integrating Rapido and ReShare.

    Rapido Sandbox Testing

    February 2022 Rapido URM-163568

    Begining with the February release, you will be able to use your Sandbox to test some of the Rapido functionality.

    For more information, see Testing Your Sandbox.

    New Assign To Action

    February 2022 Fulfillment - Resource Sharing URM-163977

    When the parameters rs_disable_borrowing_auto_assign and rs_disable_lending_auto_assign (Fulfillment > General > Other Settings) are set false (default true for borrowing, false for lending), selecting the action Assign To enables you to assign unassigned requests to specified users. You can facet by, filter, create sets, etc. for this action.

    The assign to configuration window.

    Assign To window

    An example of an assignee added to a request.

    An assigned request

    To unassign a borrowing request, use the Release assign action.

    For more information, see General Settings and Borrowing Requests and Lending Requests.

    Borrowing Creation Date and Time Field Added

    February 2022 Rapido URM-164128

    The Borrowing Creation Date and Time field was added to Borrowing Requests > Borrowing Request Details. It displays the creation date of the borrowing request with the time in hours and minutes.

    Assign Terms to a Locally Owned Rota

    January 2022 Rapido URM-153017

    Rapido now includes the following fields when selecting Locally Manage Rapido Pod (Configuration > Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Rota Templates) that enable you to add known terms to a rota when available. These terms appear in the Rapido offers just like they do for pods:

    • Delivery Time
    • Loan Period
    • Check availability and only show terms for available resources
    Pod terms

    When these fields are configured, they are included in all offers. 

    You only need to configure the relevant fields. For example, If only one of the terms is known, such as Delivery time, you can configure just that field without adding the other fields.

    If Check availability and only show terms for available resources is selected, the terms only appear if the item is available.

    For more information, see Borrowing Policies and Rapido Offers.

    Hide Rapido Offers for External Resources

    January 2022 Rapido URM-156148

    Previously, external resources loaded to Primo had no way to block the Rapido tile, so patrons were viewing and using the Rapido offer instead of accessing the resources directly.

    From the January release, there will be no Rapido offers for the institutions' External Resource records.


    External Resource sharing message 

    For more information, see Presenting Rapido Tiles.

    Download Electronic Resources

    January 2022 Rapido URM-157482

    Previously, the screen used to fulfill a request from an electronic journal did not include the license information and therefore did not allow staff to know which collection to use in case of multiple options.

    Rapido now includes a new configuration option (Resource Sharing > Configuration > Manage Download Electronic Resource) to enable selecting the license fields to be added to the screen rather than using the Primo screen for this flow.


    Download Electronic Resource

    The following are out-of-the-box and can be deleted if they are not needed:

    • Interlibrary loan print or fax
    • Interlibrary loan secure electronic transmission
    • Interlibrary loan electronic
    • Interlibrary loan record keeping required indicator
    • Interlibrary loan note

    Each enabled license field appears in the right pane.


    License Terms


    Limited License Terms

    For more information, see Downloading Electronic Resources.

    Document Delivery for Institution Owned Materials

    January 2022 Rapido URM-160005

    It is now possible to do document delivery for material owned by the institution via Rapido. To support this, the Fill locally action was added. When a digital request is active, Rapido offers a Fill locally action so that the borrowing institution can locally fill a request without needing to send the request to a lender in cases such as where the resource was found in open access or the library owns it. When using the Fill locally action, the borrower can either Upload file to send the resource and complete the request from the borrower's library. Once the file is sent, the system closes the borrowing request, and the partner is set to the borrowing library name. You can use the Create lending request to supply the file at a later stage. In this case, the lending request will be awaiting your staff to be fulfilled.

    Rapido enables you to automate the lending request if the item is both self-owned and available. When a mediation rule contains the parameter Self Owned And Available, the Action Fill Locally is executed.


    Fill Locally

    Use the Upload file for existing partner action, (previously called Upload file), if you already have a digital version available to send to the user, provided by the partner associated with the request (a different library). The borrowing request status updates to Request Completed and a File available indicator is appended. The lending request status updates to Shipped Digitally.


    Completed request

    For more information, see Mediation RulesFill Locally, and Document Delivery for Owned Resources.

    Identifiers on Right Pane

    January 2022 Rapido

    The following classic Resource Sharing features were migrated to Rapido:

    • Right pane - Request form section
      • OCLC
      • LCCN
      • Series
    • ​Right pane - Request information section
      • File available for delivery indicatorURM-156946

    New Rapido Source of Request Field for Rapido Analytics

    January 2022 RapidoURM-161056

    The new Rapido Source of Request field was added for Rapido Analytics (Borrowing Requests > Rapido Attributes). It indicates the source of the Rapido borrowing request. Possible values are:

    • Other
    • ALMA
    • PRIMO_BLANK (a blank Primo form)
    • API

    New Rapido Analytics Out-of-the-Box Reports

    January 2022 Rapido URM-159039

    There are now out-of-the-box Rapido analytics reports for you to use to report on Rapido usage. These reports display information using lists, graphs, and charts on topics such as Resource Sharing Borrowing Requests Average Time to Material Arrival, Resource Sharing Borrowing Requests Year Over Year, and Resource Sharing Lending Requests List. For more information, see the Resource Sharing reports in Out-of-the-Box Reports.

    Additional Enhancements

    • December 2022 Rapido URM-170426

      Rapido now enables you to hide the Get it from other locations section from specific user groups or when a user is not logged in. Configurations now support the ability to hide offers from specific user groups. Another option is to hide the offer when a user is not logged in. To hide this section, from Configuration > Resource Sharing > Request Forms > Hide Get It From Other Locations select the user group(s) or check Hide section when user is not logged in.

      Show get it from other locations sections. The hidden get it from other locations section.
      Show Get it from other locations
      Hide Get it from other locations

      For more information, see Hiding How to Get it from Other Locations.

    • December 2022 Rapido URM-169415

      To efficiently organize your lending requests, you can now sort lending requests by location. After selecting Sort by: Shelving Location, when printing pickup slips, the pickup slips are printed in order by shelving location.

      This is only relevant for requests that have not yet shipped.

      The option to sort by shelving location.
      Shelving Location

      For more information, see Sorting by Shelving Location Workflow.

    • December 2022 Rapido URM-180573

      The borrowing institution is now available in the following letters:

      • Resource Sharing Return Slip Letter

      • Ful Incoming Slip Letter

      • Ful Resource Request Slip Letter

      These letters are mapped to be able to include the borrowing institution in the letter.

      Note: The Ful Resource Request Slip Letter does not include this field in the out-of-the-box letter. To add this field, enable the supplied_to code (Configuration > General > Letters > Letters Configuration) and add <xsl:value-of select="notification_data/partner_name"/>.

      The borrowing requester on the lending slip letter.
      Borrowing requester on the Lending Slip Letter

      For more information, see Rapido Letters.

    • November 2022 RapidoURM-165549

      When adding labels, you can now select multiple labels.

      The option to select multiple labels.
      Multi-select labels

      For more information, see Labels.

    • November 2022 Rapido URM-176602

      Previously, when the genre was missing from OpenURL and Discovery results, the wrong form was often presented. Rapido now determines the appropriate form to present.

    • November 2022 Fulfillment - Resource Sharing URM-174634

      You can now use Display Logic Rules to hide resources managed at the network zone level.

    • September 2022 Rapido URM-153942

      Previously mediation rules did not account for the borrowing owning library or the pickup location selected by the patron. Now, you can create a mediation rule that checks against either the borrowing owning library or the pickup location. This enables you to mediate a request based on the library to which the borrowing request is associated or by the pickup location selected by the user. Rapido now includes the parameters Borrowing Owning Library and Pickup Location (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Rapido Rules > Borrowing Mediation Rules). 

      Borrowing Owning Library and Pickup Location parameters for mediation.
      Borrowing Owning Library and Pickup Location parameters

      Using these parameters within this mediation rule applies a label based on the patron's original selection at the time of the request. 

      The following Operators are valid for the new parameters:

      • =

      • In List

      • Is empty

      • Is not empty

      • Not Equals

      • Not In List

      The Borrowing Owning Library Value dropdown includes all resource sharing libraries that exist for the institution.

      The Pickup Location Value dropdown includes all pickup locations that exist for the institution.

      Borrowing mediation rules setup.

      Borrowing Mediation rules

      For more information, see Available Mediation Rules.

    • September 2022 Fulfillment - Resource Sharing URM-167639

      Previously, the partners in the Ex Libris resource sharing directory did not present the lending terms available for the institution. From the September release, this information is available for view, enabling you to decide whether to establish a resource sharing relationship with an institution based on their terms. Rapido displays the lending terms on the Resource Sharing Partner List (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Partners > Community tab). This enables you to more easily assess if a directory partner is a good match for your library, as you may or may not like their lending terms.

      The column Pods I'm Part Of is only displayed if you select it in the Manage column display list clipboard_ef5bf08db8ddf94ad5c831253a7881e51.png

      The Resource Sharing Partner List.
      Resource Sharing Partner List
      For more information, see Downloading a Resource Sharing Partner from the Directory.
    • August 2022 Fulfillment - Resource SharingURM-157483

      Updates are now disseminated to partners downloaded from the Ex Libris Resource Sharing Directory. If an institution makes changes that impact the partner information in the Resource Sharing Directory, such as email, address, etc., this information is updated on the partner record downloaded by other institutions.

      The Locate profile is not updated.

      For more information, see Contributing to the Resource Sharing Directory.

    • August 2022 Rapido URM-173902

      The Request form now includes fields for Conference Proceedings that have ISSNs for the digitization requests.

      The conference proceedings form for a journal.

      Conference proceedings journal request form
    • August 2022 Rapido URM-166926

      Lending requests now include facets by Inventory Type (Electronic and Physical) so that you can facet or create sets according to the inventory type you hold.

      If your institution holds both an electronic and physical copy of a resource, when faceting by Inventory Type, both types appear for that resource.

      For more information, see Facets.
    • August 2022 Rapido URM-164864

      When an intended lender cancels a request, the request is no longer considered completed. The request is now sent to the next lender on the list, and the History indicates that the previous lender rejected the request with a note that: The lender shipped the request but then scanned it back to the library. Therefore, the lender was removed from the rota of this request.

    • August 2022 Rapido URM-174607

      To prevent items from sitting on hold shelves for extended periods of time, Rapido now enables you to configure if the Maximum time on hold shelf (Days) (Configuration > Fulfillment > Library Management > Circulation Desk > Hold Shelf Information) for an item to remain on a hold shelf before being returned to the lending library should be based on the request Due Date or the Circulation Desk Hold Shelf Expiration Time. Set the parameter rapido_hold_shelf_expiration (Configuration > Resource Sharing > General > Other Settings) to either due_date (default) or circ_desk.

      If Maximum time on hold shelf (Days) is not defined, Rapido uses the request Due Date.

      From the August release, all resource sharing requests will use the value selected in the rapido_hold_shelf_expiration (Configuration > Resource Sharing > General > Other Settings) parameter.

      For more information, see Shelf Expiration.

    • August 2022 Analytics URM-165903
      The Digital Resource First Access Date and Digital Resource First Access Date (Calendar) fields were added to Borrowing Requests > Borrowing Requests Details. The fields display the date that the digitally received resource was first accessed by the requesting patron.
    • July 2022 Rapido URM-164666

      The conference proceeding Request Form now includes the fields as a book Request Form.

      This update is relevant for conference proceedings that have an ISBN. This update will apply to conference proceedings that have ISSN beginning with the August release.

      The conference proceedings form.

      Conference Proceeding Request Form
    • July 2022 Rapido URM-168928

      You can now fulfill lending requests from resources held at the Network Zone level using the Download Electronic Resource action.
    • July 2022 Rapido URM-166926

      For borrowing requests that did not find a lender via current networks, there are cases in which the library would like to interact with external partners such as CCC or Reprints Desk that may be able to supply the resource. The July release includes a set of APIs that enable these organizations to send updates into Rapido. This development enables an external partner to update the borrowing request.

      For more information, see Integrating Rapido and CCC/Reprints Desk.

    • July 2022 Rapido URM-164595

      For Institutions that use the borrowing request API, a link is now included with the delivered file to provide resources to your users.

    • July 2022 Analytics URM-169303
      The Rapido Fill Locally field was added to Rapido Analytics (Borrowing Requests > Rapido Attributes). It indicates if the borrowing request is filled locally. Possible values are Yes, No, and Test.
    • July 2022 Analytics URM-166392
      The Cancellation Reason field was added to Rapido Analytics (Borrowing Requests > Borrowing Requests Details). It displays the cancellation reason and enables you to follow trends and understand why requests are being cancelled.
    • July 2022 Analytics URM-170761
      The following fields were added to Rapido Analytics (Borrowing Requests and Lending Requests > Rapido Attributes):
      • Rapido Automatic Renewals Allowed – indicates if automatic renewals of the borrowing request are allowed
      • Rapido Number of Renewals – the number of times the borrowing request was renewed (only added in Borrowing Requests) 
      • Rapido Expire Time (in days) – the number of days until the borrowing request expires
    • July 2022 Analytics URM-169301
      For the Rapido Pod fields in the Borrowing Requests subject area, rotas that are defined as locally manage pods are included in the data.
    • June 2022 Rapido URM-171740

      We improved performance for Rapido offers.
    • June 2022 Rapido URM-159355 URM-160986

      Additional HTML tags are now supported in the Copyright Declaration (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Request Forms > Resource Sharing Copyright Declaration) and Note to Patron (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Request Forms > Note to Patron) presented in PrimoVE in the Rapido request form.

      HTML tags in the patron request form.

      Patron request form

      HTML tags in the configuration file.

      HTML tags in the Configuration File

      For information on supported tags, see Copyright Declaration and Note to Patron.

    • June 2022 Rapido URM-164740

      The configuration screen (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Manage Download Electronic Resource) now indicates when license terms are created/modified.

      A column to indicate who created or modified the license.

      Created/Modified by indication
    • June 2022 Rapido

      Manually added license terms appear in the resource sharing download electronic resource screen options.
    • June 2022 Rapido

      License term values that contain HTML appear in the download screen.
    • June 2022 Rapido

      When downloading an electronic resource, the article/page/chapter/volume and external ID are now included.

      The option to download an electronic resource.

      Download Electronic Resource

      Electronic resource metadata.

      Electronic Resource metadata

    Resolved Issues

    • URM-177003 December 2022 SF: 06432752
      In some cases, patrons received a Request Failed message when submitting Rapido requests in Primo. This was fixed.
    • URM-179644 December 2022
      When Rapido requests were sent to ILLIAD, the Rapido Article title was populated in the ILLIAD Journal Title, and the ILLIAD Article Title was blank. This was fixed.
    • URM-149027 December 2022 SF: 06435276
      Previously, when adding information to Rapido partners, the phone number was missing from the partner record. This was fixed.
    • URM-166360 December 2022 SF: 06249616 06465304
      In some cases, the wrong link was generated for digital lending requests created with the Fill locally action.
    • URM-167242 December 2022 SF: 06265096 06284984 06291475
      Previously, Rapido did not reject lending requests for unavailable items. This was fixed.
    • November 2022 URM-157202
      Previously, the Borrowing Requests list did not display more information about the Requester. This was fixed.
    • URM-178078 November 2022
      The right pane edit form for book requests did not allow editing the Publication Date, Start Page, and End Page for both borrowing and lending requests as it does for article requests. This was fixed.
    • URM-178823November 2022 SF: 06278473
      In some cases, the 24-hour Rapido offer did not appear for locally held items. This was fixed.
    • URM-177426November 2022
      Previously, Regex did not work for ILLIAD partners. This was fixed.
    • URM-174673November 2022 SF: 06430417
      In some cases, the Rapido Expand your search link was missing from Primo VE. This was fixed.
    • URM-170248November 2022
      The label nui.ngrs.request.success was added to Discovery > Discovery Configuration > Labels > Rapido Labels) so that users can customize and translate the confirmation message that displays when placing a request.
    • URM-171151November 2022 SF: 06371952
      In some cases, the print slip appeared even when Enable quick printing was not enabled. This was fixed.
    • URM-146736November 2022
      Previously, the Copyright declaration was only displayed in English even when other language tags were included. This was fixed.
    • URM-170907November 2022
      The Publication date now appears in the right pane and is editable.
    • URM-178170November 2022
      The assignee information now appears on borrowing and lending requests, and the Assigned to label now appears in the second column on a request. This was fixed.
    • URM-161278November 2022 SF: 05307905 06275878
      Due to refreshing issues, in some cases, borrowing requests were sent to the same partner twice. This was fixed.
    • URM-174671November 2022 SF: 06281404
      In some cases, internal notes that were added to borrowing requests were not saved to the Notes tab. This was fixed.
    • URM-178112November 2022
      In some cases, Rapido displayed a message that no resource could be found even when the resource existed. This was fixed.
    • URM-178381November 2022
      Previously, ISO message handling was unable to find partners when extra blank spaces were included at the end of the partner name. This was fixed.
    • URM-178169November 2022
      Previously, resource titles in the left pane appeared as links. Now the title only displays as a link in the right pane.
    • URM-178990November 2022
      In the new layout of the borrowing task list, when using the View Network Resources row action, the search used the article title instead of the journal title. This was fixed.
    • URM-177019November 2022 SF: 06442052 06467760 06498776
      In some cases, when searching for resources, the full Rapido form did not display. This was fixed.
    • URM-178050November 2022 SF: 06509709 06517122
      Previously, the Borrowing Requests list did not display more information about the Requester. This was fixed.
    • URM-176618November 2022 SF: 06463177
      The wrong facet name appeared for the Event Name in the new UI. This was fixed.
    • URM-178683November 2022 SF: 06481682 06514259
      In the resource sharing new UI, renewing a borrowing request failed if the item had not yet been loaned. This was fixed.
    • September 2022 CDI-24455
      We have improved SNX-PNX mappings for journal records to fix GTI journal record issues.
    • September 2022 SF: 06408644
      After configuring the setup for customers in Implementation mode, the Union View was duplicated in Primo VE views. This was fixed.
    • URM-143244September 2022
      Previously, when expanding a borrowing request, requests with long titles overran the title boundary. This was fixed.
    • August 2022 Release Update Rapido
      There are no issues for the August Release Update.
    • URM-168013August 2022SF: 06280003
      In some cases, when receiving an item for a Rapido resource sharing request, the operation failed. This was fixed.
    • URM-168181August 2022 SF: 06281464
      When a resource sharing request was created between Primo and Rapido for a conference proceeding, the metadata is not mapped correctly. This was fixed.
    • URM-167942August 2022 SF: 06408644
      Previously, the use rapido functionality parameter was derived from the member institution rather than from the network institution. This was fixed.
    • URM-174669August 2022
      Previously, the Article title/pages/Author fields for article borrowing requests were all filled in the note field rather than in the dedicated fields. This was fixed.
    • URM-171422August 2022 SF: 06340084
      The EISBN was not used to populate a request ISBN. This was fixed.
    • URM-174355August 2022
      When creating a move request automatically when a lending request was created, the move request was not created if the item was not available. This was fixed.
    • URM-172596July 2022
      Fill locally failed when the electronic inventory was not associated with a library. This was fixed.
    • 170824July 2022 SF: 06338451
      When a Rapido institution is configured to automatically create a fulfillment request for a lending request, the option to block the automatic creation when the item was available in more than one library was only used for Rapido physical requests. Now, you can configure this to allow control automatic creation for digital and non-Rapido lending requests. In these cases, the item resource sharing policy is checked and if more than one library allows resource sharing, the request is not created automatically.
    • 160316July 2022 SF: 06305689 06339457
      For customers in Rapido implementation, the classic resource sharing link would appear even if the user was not logged in. This was fixed.
    • 173216July 2022
      Lending requests are now searchable by their internal identifiers in the persistent search and the list's internal search.
    • 143289July 2022
      In some cases, when creating a borrowing request, the Year/Volume/Issue fields populated the Note field rather than in their dedicated fields. This was fixed.
    • 160905July 2022
      Previously, the label for the field Pick Up location on the Rapido form was not using the Rapido labels. This was fixed.
    • 166780July 2022
      Previously, the title and journal title searches were not working correctly in the lending task list. This was fixed.
    • URM-171508June 2022
       To improve the search functionality for ReShare, we removed the slash (\) in titles before sending the search to ReShare.
    • June 2022
      The Distribute job now first selects the preferred email address when selecting the resource sharing level directory email address. 
    • June 2022 URM-155614SF: 00300818 05302078 05775988
       Previously, email notification links did not include the full link. This was fixed.
    • June 2022
      When populating the system control number in the borrowing request, Rapido was taking a random system number from the Discovery record. Rapido now uses the system control number which is an OCLC number.
    • June 2022 SF: 06249616
      Previously, patrons were unable to access digitally scanned documents that were filled locally. This was fixed.URM-166360URM-166332
    • May 2022 Release Update Rapido
      There are no issues for the May Release Update.
    • May 2022
      When editing requests that were similar to other requests with the same requester, an error message displayed. This was fixed.
    • URM-157537May 2022 SF: 05312570
      Previously, when manually creating a borrowing request, you were unable to add partners from the list of partners. You now have the option to send requests directly to a partner.
    • URM-155467May 2022 SF: 05319669
      Previously, some of the metadata from RapidILL was not imported into Rapido. This was fixed.
    • May 2022 URM-159809SF: 05314467
      Requests for self-owned resources that were not available were not sent to RapidIll. This was fixed.
    • May 2022 URM-167560SF: 06269983 06287185
      When a borrowing request was rejected and then resubmitted, the wrong lender appeared in the request attributes. This was fixed.
    • May 2022 URM-139117SF: 06300993 06313740
      Rapido now accounts for the alternative email address when sending the document delivery email. Additionally, we improved the error message for requests without an alternative email address.
    • May 2022 URM-162702
      The loan renewable policy no longer applies to Rapido requests.
    • URM-170477April 2022 Release Update Rapido SF: 06335252 06335361 06335404
      Previously, Fulfillment Network borrowing requests were not located automatically. This was fixed.
    • URM-169705April 2022 Release Update Rapido
      Some of the menus in the new resource sharing task list were empty when loading for the first time. This was fixed.
    • URM-164286April 2022
      Fill locally is now available even when the library is currently closed for lending.
    • URM-164335April 2022 SF: 06214943
      Previously, some cancel requests failed. This was fixed.
    • URM-165139April 2022
      Previously, the Rapido lending library and partner name in Analytics was incorrect. This was fixed.
    • URM-162581April 2022
      Previously, quick print did not work for shipping/receiving/return printing. This was fixed.
    • URM-167718April 2022 SF: 06266355
      Labels added by mediation rules were not picked up by facets. This was fixed.
    • URM-155471April 2022 SF: 05312321 05320563
      Exporting tasks from the Rapido task list did not work as expected. This was fixed.
    • March 2022 Release Update Rapido
      There are no issues for the March Release Update.
    • URM-157117March 2022 SF: 00968508
      Previously, resource sharing borrowing request updated to Returned to Partner immediately after being received instead of being moved to the Hold Shelf. This was fixed.
    • URM-160903March 2022 
      Exporting requests from the new resource sharing borrowing task list used to skip the pickup location fields. This was fixed.
    • February Rapido 2022 Release Update
      There are no issues for the February Release Update.
    • February 2022 SF: 05312298
      Previously, there was a disparity between the number of requests in the sets and/or facets and the actual requests in the task list. This was fixed.URM-158890URM-160026
    • January Rapido 2022 Release Update
      There are no issues for the January Release Update.
    • January 2022
      The total_offer_count attribute is not in use and was therefore removed.URM-161026
    • January 2022
      The right-side labels component now has a saved indication.URM-161040
    • January 2022
      Previously, when canceling a Bulk Remove request, all selected items were deselected. This was fixed.URM-157129
    • January 2022
      The Send Query to Patron text was a bit cluttered in Firefox. This was fixed.URM-156869
    • January 2022
      External ID labels are now consistent.URM-162021
    • January 2022
      The partner card now uses the preferred shipping address for non-Rapido partners.URM-139704
    • January 2022
      Previously, when selecting an item and then selecting Remove Requests, the selected item was deselected. This was fixed.URM-161326
    • January 2022
      The ownership parameters were added to the Rapido Physical/Digital/Journal service in the DLR screen.URM-160643
    • January 2022
      Previously, when check_self_ownership_serial was set to false, the DLR was skipped rather than running without checking the self ownership. This was fixed.URM-159208
    • January 2022 SF: 05324700
      Book requests now use the digital resource title rather than the book chapter.URM-158890
    • January 2022 SF: 05325685
      A fix was implemented that prevents requests from being sent to a partner twice.
    • January 2022
      In some cases, the Source field was not populated in resource sharing requests. This was fixed.URM-147686
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