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    Content Roadmap Plans

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    As part of a new initiative in Content Operations, below is a list of collections that are planned to be released as part of the coming quarter.

    Our goal is to provide such a list at the start of each quarter to allow better transparency of our plans and what is scoped for the coming quarter.

    This list is dynamic and subject to possible changes, depending on the availability of the records and questions that may arise as we work through the ingestion process. Currently, while we work to learn and adjust to the community needs for such a list, the table below is only a partial representation of the new content that has been scoped for ingestion into the Ex Libris products. 
    A "V" mark indicates that this content is planned to be ingested to these products in the coming quarter. 

    We have also added a status update for the past quarter to inform the community of our progress. 

    The full lists of ingested content continue to be available weekly as part of the relevant Release Notes.


    2020 Q1 New Content Roadmap

    2020 Q2 New Content Roadmap

    2020 Q3 New Content Roadmap with Progress Status

    2020 Q4 New Content Roadmap


    Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are dedicating resources to ensure that we have sufficient bandwidth to support any incoming requests for either new COVID-19 collections or content that will be temporarily freely available to the community. We are including these collections in our plan.


    For the list of content that is currently freely available and of COVID-19 resources, as well as resources being made available on Ex Libris products - see shared article for AlmaSFX360KB, Primo (CDI/PCI) and Summon.


    If any questions arise, please contact us via a Support Case and reference the attached list.


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