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    Configuring General Activities

    To configure general activities, you must have the following role:
    • General System Administrator
    You configure the various general activities from the Configuration page (Configuration Menu > General). Note that some configuration changes may impact other functional areas. Consider the impact on other functional areas before making changes to existing configurations.
    On the Configuration page, the following information is displayed:
    • The Configuring drop-down list, which enables you to configure options for the entire institution or libraries within the institution. Although most options are configured for the entire institution, some of the options may permit you to override or add settings per library, and some options may require you to configure them at the library-level only. See Organizational Topologies for additional information regarding Alma organizational levels.
    • The list of the available configuration options, which are detailed in the following table. 

    For a full reference of all the code tables provided with Alma, see Alma Code Table Reference.

    Configuration Options
    Section Configuration Item Configuration Level Refer To:
    Libraries Add a library or edit library information Institution Configuring Institution and Its Libraries
    Relationships Institution/Library Configuring Fulfillment Services Between Libraries Within an Institution
    Define Campuses Institution Managing Campuses
    Locations Physical Locations Library Configuring Physical Locations
    Remote Storage Institution Configuring Remote Storage Facilities
    Work Orders and Departments Work Order Types Institution/Library Configuring Work Order Types
    Work Order Departments Institution/Library Configuring Work Order Departments
    External Systems Integration Profiles Institution Configuring Integration Profiles
    S/FTP Definitions Institution Configuring S/FTP Connections
    Allowed Emails Institution/Library Configuring Allowed Emails
    Allowed S/FTP connections Institution/Library Configuring Allowed S/FTP Connections During Testing
    User Interface Settings Alma Logo and Color Scheme Institution Configuring the Alma Logos and Color Scheme
    Delivery System Skins Institution Configuring Skins
    Policies Institution Not for current use
    Social Login Labels Institution Configuring Social Login Labels
    Identity Service Labels Institution Configuring Identity Service Labels
    General Configuration Other Settings Institution Configuring Other Settings
    Institution Languages Institution Configuring Institution Languages
    Home Page Notifications Institution Configuring the Home Page Notification Widget
    CRM Contacts Institution Configuring CRM Contacts
    Staff Login Report Institution Staff Login Report
    Institution Notifications Institution Configuring Institution Notifications
    Validate ILS Migration Form Institution Validating the ILS Migration Form
    Data Sharing Profile Institution Data Sharing Profile


    Letters Configuration Institution Configuring Alma Letters
    Components Configuration Institution Configuring Components
    Widgets Customized Widgets Institution/Library Configuring Widgets
    Primo Widgets:
    • Primo Widget Search Fields
    • Primo Widget Search Precision
    • Primo Widget Configuration
    Institution/Library Adding Primo’s Search Box to the Alma Home Page
    Network Groups
    Fulfillment Networks Management Groups Institution Configuring Fulfillment Networks Management Groups
    Fulfillment Member Institution Configuring Fulfillment Member
    Institutions Relations Institution Configuring Pick Up Anywhere/Return Anywhere
    Collaborative Networks (Network Zone only) Network Zone Setup Network Zone For future use
    IP Group Configuration
    Login Restriction Configuration
    Institution/Library Restricting Alma Logins by IP Range