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    Leganto 2021 Release Notes

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    The Leganto What's New videos highlight some of the main features of the Leganto releases.

    These videos enable you to view more details about the features that are most relevant to you.

    Download December Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download December Full Release Notes as a PDF

    January 2022 Sneak Preview

    • NERS: Set section view for reading list
    • NERS: Alert of associated reading list when withdrawing an item
    • New onboarding for instructors

    December 2021 Sneak Preview

    • NERS: Automatically create first section when creating a list
    • NERS: Allow multiple rollovers

    November 2021 Sneak Preview

    • NERS: Select between Alphabetical or List order when exporting lists
    • Export a single citation in a specific reference format
    • Embedded PDFs will open in a new tab instead

    October 2021 Sneak Peek

    • Read and Respond Assignments on Leganto Resources
    • Trigger Leganto Question when the library does not have the item in a specific format in the inventory
    • Streamlined digitization workflow for course materials

    Download August Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download August Full Release Notes as a PDF

    October 2021 Sneak Peek

    • Read and Respond Assignments on Leganto Resources
    • Trigger Leganto Question when the library does not have the item in a specific format in the inventory
    • Streamlined digitization workflow for course materials

    Download July Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download July Full Release Notes as a PDF

    August 2021 Sneak Peek

    • Alert for duplicate purchase orders
    • Resource locate citations for known items
    • Display original date of list submission in Alma

    July 2021 Sneak Peek

    • Run the Course Loader in report mode
    • Add reading lists owners in bulk
    • Set different useful links for instructors and students
    • Automatically set reading lists to Complete if library review is not required

    Download June Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download June Full Release Notes as a PDF

    Issues to Note

    This release includes some UI changes. For more information, refer to the videos below:

    Video for Librarians — This video details all the UI changes in the May and June releases, including configuration options where relevant.

    Video for instructors — This video details the UI changes using language relevant for instructors. Share this video with your instructors if it will be beneficial.

    June 2021 Sneak Peek

    Download May Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download May Full Release Notes as a PDF

    May 2021 Sneak Peek

    • Redesign of the Add Item Menu for highlighting important options in the menu.
    • Add Esploro to CiteIt!
    • Enable adding a course to a list with an approved copyright in Leganto.

    Issues to Note

    Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) Pricing Change

    As of February 1, 2021, Leganto will use the Copyright Clearance Center’s standard fee of $3.50 per order line item (citation), instead of the $0.45 discounted fee which was charged up to now. In the transition period, the calculation will be as follows: Any citation where the first download occurs before February 1st will retain the current $0.45 fee for the duration of the course. Citations that are not downloaded until after February 1st will include a fee of $3.50.
    For more information about the integration between Leganto and the CCC, see Clearing Copyrights Through the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC).

    May 2021 Sneak Peek

    • Redesign of the Add Item Menu for highlighting important options in the menu.
    • Add Esploro to CiteIt!
    • Enable adding a course to a list with an approved copyright in Leganto.

    March 2021 Sneak Peek

    • Adding annotations to the Leganto PDF viewer will enable students and instructors to add comments on top of the text.
    • Allow adding a course to a reading list with calculated copyrights.
    • A new admin role will enable the user to customize the Leganto interface and activate UI functionality without affecting the library configuration.
    • This admin user will also be able to activate features in Leganto without accessing Alma.
    • This role can also be given to a non-librarian either a consultant or someone from teaching and learning.

    Issues to Note

    Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) Pricing Change

    As of February 1, 2021, Leganto will use the Copyright Clearance Center’s standard fee of $3.50 per order line item (citation), instead of the $0.45 discounted fee which is charged today. In the transition period, the calculation will be as follows: Any citation where the first download occurs before February 1st will retain the current $0.45 fee for the duration of the course. Citation that are not downloaded until after February 1st will include a fee of $3.50.
    For more information about the integration between Leganto and the CCC, see Clearing Copyrights Through the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC).

    February 2021 Sneak Peek

    • Students and instructors will be able to add annotations on embedded PDFs.
    • Replace the Leganto help page with a link of your choice.
    • Use multiple digital file viewers in Leganto.
    • Calculate copyrights on a set of citations using a job.

    Main Features

    Automatically Create First Section When Creating a List in LegantoURM-154449

    December 2021 LegantoNERS NERS Enhancement (ID #7235)
    When creating a new list in Leganto, the user is prompted to choose a template for the list structure. The blank template, which comes out of the box with Leganto, has been renamed "Default", and it now includes one section. The section name will be "Resources" unless otherwise configured. Users will be able to start adding resources to the list immediately, bypassing the need to create the first section.
    The following labels can be customized using Leganto > General > Labels:
    Text Default Label
    Template name Default list.templates.title.custom
    Template description Blank list with one default section list.templates.desc.custom
    Section Resources defaultSection.title
    The tooltip You must have at least one section now only appears if the instructor deletes the section.
    Default template example

    For more information, see Saving a Reading List Structure as Template.

    Quick Cite: Export a Single Citation in a Specific Reference FormatURM-148214

    December 2021 Leganto idea exchange Idea Exchange

    Quick Cite enables users to generate a citation for a single resource, and specify the bibliography style for the citation. The default style is set in Leganto > Features > Bibliographic Styles. If no default style is set, the first style in the Bibliographic Styles table appears. The Quick Cite feature is enabled by default but can be disabled in Leganto > UI > Citation Menu.

    After selecting Copy to clipboard a disclaimer appears: Remember to check citations for accuracy before including them in your work.


    Quick Cite option


    Generate Citation  

    For more information, see Exporting a Citation.

    Reply to an Annotation-146055

    December 2021 Leganto

    Leganto now enables you to reply to public annotations.


    Reply option

    The dotted line indicates which reply relates to which comment.


    Reply to a comment

    When a second reply is added, the dotted line extends to indicate multiple replies to the same comment.


    Multiple replies

    When switching focus from an annotation, the comments are collapsed with an indication of the number of replies.


    Collapsed comments

    When deleting an annotation with replies, the replies are also deleted.

    When there are replies to an annotation, the annotation cannot be changed to Private.

    For more information, see Working with Assignments.

    PDFs Open in a New TabURM-155052

    December 2021 Leganto
    PDFs now open in a new tab, leveraging the full screen size. Previously, Leganto supported the option to embed PDFs on the Leganto page, but embedded PDFs are especially problematic when Leganto itself is embedded in the learning management system, limiting the space on the page. The new tab uses a view that condenses the citation information to focus on the reader, giving students and instructors maximum space on the page to view the resource and add annotations (when enabled).
    Previous Display:

    Current Display:

    PDFs_After.pngBoth the brief and full view of the citation display the option to open the resource in a new tab.November_Brief.png

    Brief View


    Full View

    When a new tab is opened, the breadcrumbs are still viewable but they are not links.

    Leganto still includes the option to render PDFs read-only (not downloadable).

    The parameter embed_pdf_by_default was replaced by pdf_use_leganto_viewer (Leganto > Leganto Features) parameter. The default setting is true.

    For more information, see Configuring Whether Instructors can Embed Citations Directly in Leganto.

    Choose Sort Method When Exporting a List

    November 2021 LegantoNERS NERS Enhancement (ID #7396)
    Leganto now enables you to choose a sort method when exporting a list.
    When exporting to Microsoft Word, users now have the option to Sort by: Bibliography style or List order.
    The sorting order by bibliography style is alphabetical, according to the style selected. This option is available for all bibliography styles, except for the Expanded Reading List Style, which is an Ex Libris style.

    When exporting to PDF, or when exporting to Word and selecting the Expanded Reading List Style, users have the option to Sort by: Title or List order

    The default sort method is defined in the citation_export_style_order (Leganto Configuration > General > Settings) parameter.

    Export To Word - Sort by Bibliography style/List order
    Expanded Reading List Style - Sort by Title/List order
    Export To PDF - Sort by Title/List order

    View Student Usage by Academic Year

    November 2021 Analytics
    You can now filter the Date Field (Leganto Student Usage and Leganto Instructor Usage Events > Event Date) by Current Academic Year:


    Current Academic Year

    The current academic year of your institution is determined by your country, according to the following table:

    Current Academic Year
    Country Code Start Month End Month
    Argentina 54 March February
    Australia 61 January December
    Austria 43 September August
    Belgium 32 August July
    Botswana 267 August July
    Brazil 55 January December
    Canada 01 August July
    Chile 56 January December
    China 86 September July
    Colombia 57 January December
    Czech Republic 420 September August
    Denmark 45 August July
    Ecuador 593 September August
    Finland 358 August July
    France 33 September August
    Germany 49 September August
    Hong Kong 852 August July
    Ireland 353 September July
    Israel 972 October September
    Italy 39 September August
    Japan 81 April March
    Luxembourg 352 September August
    Macau 853 August July
    Malta 356 September August
    Mexico 52 January December
    Netherlands 31 August July
    New Zealand 64 January December
    Norway 47 July June
    Peru 51 January December
    Philippines 63 September August
    Poland 48 October September
    Portugal 351 September August
    Qatar 974 September August
    Singapore 65 August July
    South Africa 27 January December
    South Korea 82 March February
    Spain 34 September August
    Sweden 46 August July
    Switzerland 41 September August
    Taiwan 886 September August
    United Arab Emirates 971 September August
    UK 44 September August
    USA 01 August July
    Vietnam 84 January December

    Create Read and Respond Assignments on Leganto Course Materials

    October 2021 Leganto

    Instructors can now create Read and Respond assignments on course materials, requiring students to read and annotate PDF files as directed by the instructor. Read and Respond assignments are seamlessly integrated into the course page in the learning management system (LMS), and the easy-to-use Leganto grading dashboard synchronizes the students’ grades with the LMS grade book.

    To start using Read and Respond assignments, you must first configure an LTI 1.3 integration with your LMS and add the assignments selection option. See the Developer Network for details.

    Once configured, instructors can start adding Read and Respond assignments to their course page.


    Instructor View of a Read and Respond Assignment

    Students can access the assignment through the LMS, add annotations to the file, and submit their assignments.

    As students submit their assignments, the grading dashboard updates, showing an overview of the assignment status for each of the students in the course.


    Leganto Grading Dashboard

    Instructors can select START GRADING to begin grading all assignments which have been submitted but not yet graded. Instructors can enter a score for the assignment, and optionally add a comment for the student, then select SAVE & NEXT to move to the next student in the list to be graded.


    Leganto Grading Tool Displays Each Student’s Assignment.

    Select POST SCORES to update the LMS with the students' scores.

    For more information, see Working with Assignments.

    Alma Displays Same Citation Metadata as Leganto

    October 2021 Leganto
    The Alma citation form (Fulfillment > Citations) now displays the same fields as Leganto, as configured for the selected Material Type. The citation fields per material type are configured in the Leganto Citation Field Mapping (Configuration > Leganto > UI) for the Type. Additionally, it is now possible to configure which fields will be mandatory for each citation material type.
    citation metadata.PNG
    Citation Metadata

    Updated Tagging Workflow

    October 2021 Leganto

    Previously, when adding or removing tags from a citation, a user selected the Add tag option, then selected or removed the tags, then selected SAVE. Now, users can select Add Tag and select the relevant tags, which are saved automatically. To remove tags, one only needs to select the X next to the tag. This updated tagging workflow is in line with other systems which support tagging, resulting in less confusion and fewer errors.


    Previous Tagging Workflow


    Updated Tagging Workflow

    Leganto Student Usage Includes Guest Usage

    October 2021 Analytics SF: 00919191 00949528
    Leganto Analytics now includes guest usage, including historical guest usage. By default, any report your institution created or creates in the future includes guest usage. To filter reports to display just student usage, use the User Role field (Leganto Student Usage > Student Usage) and filter for student. The reports that appear in the List Analysis in Leganto do not include guest usage.

    Social Reading: Public Annotations on Course Materials

    August 2021 Leganto

    Students and instructors can now share their annotations with each other. When allow_citation_public_annotation (Configuration > Leganto > Features > Leganto Features) is set to true (default), a toggle appears on citations with embedded PDFs, giving instructors the option to enable or disable Public Annotations on a per PDF/Citation basis.

    If allow_citation_public_annotation is set to false, the Public/Private toggle is hidden on the PDF header.


    Public Annotations Enabled

    If Public Annotations is enabled on the PDF header, the user can select whether their annotation should be public or private. The default is Private, in which case the annotation is only visible to the user who added the annotation.


    Annotations - Private

    If an annotation is set to Public, the name of the person who wrote the comment, and the date and time of the comment are visible in the annotation menu. Public comments are searchable in the annotations menu. Each student's name appears in a different color above their comment, and instructor comments appear with an instructor icon next to their name. Instructors can delete public annotations or change them to Private.


    Public Annotations

    Users can also change their own comments from Public to Private, or from Private to Public.public_annotations_settings.png

    Annotation Settings - Set as Private

    Additionally, Instructors can use the Edit Multiple Items tool in Leganto to enable or disable public annotations.


    Edit multiple items

    Annotations are stored as a separate layer on the file, visible only in Leganto and within the context of the reading list. They will not be added to printed or downloaded versions of the file, and private/public annotations are only copied when selecting Move item to the same list. 

    Below are the rules for when private/public annotations are not copied:

    • Duplicating a list
    • Selecting Copy to my collection
    • Selecting rollover
    • Copying a section/citation to another list
    • Copying a section/citation to the current list
    • Selecting Move item to a different list

    For more information, see Creating Private Annotations.

    Easily Link to a Section or Citation from the LMS

    August 2021 Leganto
    By default, when creating an LTI link in the Learning Management System (LMS), the link points to the list associated with the course. Link Selection enables you to specify what item your link should point to (either to a list, a section, or a citation). You must be using LTI 1.3 to take advantage of this feature. For more information, see Link Selection.
    Link Selection in the LMS

    Set Visibility for Useful Links

    July 2021 Leganto
    Leganto now provides the option to select which users can view each of your useful links by selecting All, Instructor, or Student from the Visibility dropdown list (Configuration > Leganto > Features > Links).
    Link Visibility

    Add/Remove Owner using Reading List Bulk Update

    July 2021 Leganto URM-144524
    You can now add or remove a specific reading list owner or collaborator using the Reading List Bulk Update job (Admin > Run a Job). The job parameters now include new options to:
    • Add owner — specify a specific owner, and choose if they are an owner or a collaborator
    • Remove owner  — remove all owners or specify an owner to remove


    Add/Remove owner

    Auto-set Lists to Complete

    July 2021 Leganto SF: 00685375
    Previously, if all citations on a reading list were automatically set to complete, the list was still sent to the library with a Ready for Processing status. Now, the library can configure reading lists to automatically be set to Complete when they are sent to the library if all of the citations on the reading list are complete.
    When an instructor selects Library Review or Publish on a reading list and all citation statuses are set to Complete, the list status updates according to the status set in reading_list_citations_complete. If the parameter reading_list_citations_complete (Configuration > Leganto > List Management > Course Reserves Automatic Statuses) was previously empty, the value is now set to Complete. Other values remain unchanged. For more information, see Sending a Reading List to the Library for Fulfillment.
    Reading list citation parameter
    The parameter value will only be set to Complete if it was previously set to Complete, or if it was not set. If the parameter was set to another value, such as ReadyForProcessing, the value remains unchanged.

    Bolk Copyright Service: Automated Status Updates

    July 2021 Leganto
    For Norwegian customers, Bolk synchronize was added as a daily job in Admin > Monitor Jobs. This job can be enabled to check Bolk's status and update the status in Leganto accordingly. The default setting for this job is disabled. For more information, see Integrating with Bolk.
    Bolk synchronize

    New File Upload Form

    June 2021 Leganto
    The process of uploading a file to a citation is now more intuitive and user-friendly. To streamline the process of creating a new citation that is based on a file, the File option directs the user to first load the file. In many cases, Leganto extracts the metadata from the files and saves manual entry of the citation details. Also see Adding a Citation Manually.
    The File option does not display if the institution has eliminated the option to upload files by limiting the file size to zero. For more information, see Configuring File Uploads
    To create a citation by uploading a file:

    Select File.

    Select File from Add Item Menu

    Browse or drag and drop a file to upload.

    Upload a File form


    Upload a File progress bar

    If your institution has configured File Upload Copyright Options, instructors are prompted to select from the configured options.


    The uploaded file displays the copyright clearance details.


    Upload a File

    When editing an item with a file, you can toggle to view the copyright declaration.

    Selecting View copyright declaration displays the copyright declaration.


    Edit Item

    To add a file to an existing citation, select the option to drag or upload a file at the top of the Edit item screen.

    upload file.PNG

    List Header Redesign

    June 2021 Leganto URM-71044
    Leganto now displays a streamlined view of the reading list header, showing only the first line of the list description and fewer details about the list. Select Read more to view the full list description, and select More info to see more information about the list. When expanded, you can select Read less or Less info to collapse the view. See Working with Reading Lists.
    Read more/More info

    Left Navigation Pane Removed

    June 2021 Leganto URM-144524
    The left pane was replaced with a hamburger icon, which can be expanded to view the options. Additionally, a Back icon was added to return to the previous page.
    Hamburger icon and Back icon.

    List Status Automatically Updates when Citation Status Updates

    June 2021 Leganto NERS NERS Enhancement (ID #6444)
    When a previously completed list has a citation status change due to one of the following parameters set in Configuration > Leganto > List Management > Course Reserves Automatic Statuses:
    • revert_citation_status_by_removing_tags
    • revert_citation_status_by_adding_tags
    • revert_completed_citation_status_by_metadata_change — the following metadata triggers a change in status:
      • Additional Person Name
      • Author
      • Book Chapter
      • Chapter Author
      • Chapter Title
      • Chapter Number
      • DOI
      • Edition
      • Editor
      • End Page
      • ISBN
      • ISSN
      • Issue
      • Journal Title
      • LCCN Number
      • Note
      • OCLC Number
      • Pages
      • Place of Publication
      • Publication Date
      • Publisher
      • Start Page
      • Title
      • Volume
      • Year

    The List status changes if revert_list_status_to is set. For example, you can choose to have the list status change to Ready for Processing if the citation status changes when the instructor adds a tag.

    Integration with LTI 1.3

    June 2021 Leganto URM-148681
    Institutions can now integrate with the Learning Management System via LTI 1.3. This newer LTI protocol enables new features, compared to the LTI 1.1 protocol that was used previously. LTI 1.1 continues to be supported and all integrations with the LMS using LTI 1.1 will continue to work as they have up to now; however, we recommend upgrading to LTI 1.3 to benefit from the new features available, as well as new features which will be developed moving forward. For more information, see LTI 1.3.

    LTI 1.3 Import Citations in Canvas

    June 2021 Leganto URM-150153
    Canvas LMS supports the ability to add a new button to the LMS text editor. Using this button in Canvas, you can now embed citations from your Leganto lists directly into the Canvas editor. For more information, see Editor Button.
    This feature is available only to Canvas users using LTI 1.3.
    Import Citations
    Once the Canvas user selects Import Citations, the resource list associated with the course is displayed and the user can select one or more citations to embed in the Canvas page. The user can also select the desired bibliographic style of the citations' display.


    Import citations window
    Canvas-Leganto integration

    Add Item Menu

    May 2021 Leganto URM-144418
    The new Add Items menu highlights the multiple options for adding citations, such as uploading a file and adding a citation from a reference manager, if configured. The Add Items menu will only display options that have been enabled for your institution. The available options are:
    • Library Search - Search and add resources from your discovery system.
    • Blank Form - Manually enter metadata to create a citation.

    The sandbox release label is Manual Form, but the production release label is Blank Form. If you need to change it in your sandbox (for example, to create screenshots) you can change the label: addItem.tabs.manualForm (Configuration > Leganto > General > Labels).

    • File - Select a file from your computer to upload. The drop-down list includes a section at the top of the list for the most commonly used file types. This option is hidden if the max_file_size_allowed_faculty_MB parameter is set to 0. For more information, see Configuring Whether Instructors Can Upload Files that Contain Reading Lists.
    • Collection - Add a resource from your Leganto collection.
    • RefWorks - Add a resource from your RefWorks account. This option is hidden if RefWorks is not enabled. To enable RefWorks, the refworks_group_code parameter (Configuration menu > General > External Integrations) must contain a value and the user must have a username and password in their settings.
    • Mendeley - Add a resource from your Mendeley account. The option is hidden if Mendeley is not enabled. To enable Mendeley, the mendeley_client_id and mendeley_secret parameters (Leganto Configurations > General > External Integrations) must contain a value.
    • Zotero - Add a resource from your Zotero account. This option is hidden if Zotero is disabled. To enable Zotero, the Zotero User ID and Zotero API key (in User Settings in the Leganto interface) must contain a value.

    Add Items.PNG

    Add Items menu

    Unsupported Browser Message

    May 2021 Leganto URM-142771
    Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser for Leganto. Now, when attempting to access Leganto while using Internet Explorer, a warning message displays advising the user to select a different browser.
    Unsupported browser message.png
    Internet Explorer message

    New Bolk Copyright Request API

    May 2021 LegantoURM-146580

    Leganto integrates with Bolk to support Norwegian copyright requests, and a new API is available for Bolk imports. There are three possible return responses, Using HE license, Using mandate, and Rights clearance required. A new status field on the citation, Bolk Status, reflects the status of the Bolk request as follows:
    • Using HE license - Bolk Status is Approved.
    • Using mandate - Bolk Status is Approved, with the Price per page appended to the field.
    • Rights Clearance Required - Copyright Status is Rejected with the Bolk rejection message immediately following. Bolk Status is Rejected and the message received from Bolk will be displayed to the user as is. 
    The API will include additional functionality in a coming release.

    Leganto Course Copyrights

    May 2021 Leganto URM-146348
    The instructor can now associate or remove course associations from a list in Leganto even if there are approved copyright requests. An overnight job will run to recalculate the copyright on any lists in which the course association was changed. To enable this feature, the associate_course_approved_copyright parameter must be set to true (Configuration Menu > Fulfillment > Copyright Management > Leganto Copyright Settings). The parameter defaults to false. See Configuring Leganto Copyright-Related Procedures.

    Hide Page Annotations

    May 2021 Leganto URM-146589
    You can now hide annotations on PDF files. When annotations are on the page, click the eye icon to hide the annotations. Click the icon again to display the annotations. 
    Hide annotations.png
    Hide Annotations Icon

    See Creating Private Annotations.

    Annotating PDFs

    March 2021 Leganto URM-144259
    Users can now highlight important text and add annotations in the Leganto PDF viewer, enabling students and instructors to take notes and add comments directly within their course materials. All annotations are private and visible only to the individual, and annotations are not stored on the original file, but rather, as a separate layer. This new development is available for any embedded PDF file.
    File with Annotation.png
    PDF File with Private Annotation
    User can highlight text, add annotations, such as circling text. The shapes can be drawn on a scanned PDF, a picture, or a diagram and can also be linked to a comment.
    Annotation options.png
    Annotations Toolbars
    Users can select from one of the following icons to apply an action to the PDF. This includes actions on the toolbar as well as the floating menu. Selecting an icon a second time deactivates the function.



    Highlight text.png

    Highlight the marked text in yellow.

    Add a comment.png

    Add a comment.

    Add shape around marked text.png

    Add shape around a marked text with the selected color, and add a comment to the shape.

    Open full screen.png

    Open the side panel. The panel can also be opened by selecting text that includes a comment.

    Open full screen.png

    Open the PDF in full screen (or a new tab).

    Open floating menu.png

    A floating menu that includes highlighting and commenting. This option also allows selecting text in the PDF without using the selection icon in the menu.

    The side panel includes an option to search existing comments. Comments can be edited or deleted.
    Side panel after comment and highlight.png
    Text with Comment and Highlighting

    New Administrator Role for Activating Leganto Features

    March 2021 Leganto URM-140870
    A new Leganto Interface Administrator role will enable the user to customize the Leganto interface without affecting the core library workflows.
    This role has permission to make configuration changes related to the Leganto UI, Leganto features, Leganto labels, and tags as listed below. Additionally, the role has access to the Leganto UI with edit privileges in order to see the result of the configurations. It is applicable only for the institution level.
    • Leganto Configuration Menu
      • UI
        • Settings
        • Branding
        • Customization
        • Brief Citation Format
        • Citation Field Mapping
        • Embedded File Type Handling
        • List Menu
        • Section Menu
        • Citation Menu
        • Citation Default Thumbnails
      • List Management
        • Publishing
      • Features
        • Leganto Features
        • Guided Tours
        • Guided Videos
        • Notifications - Instructors
        • Notifications - Students
        • Bibliographic Styles
        • Links
        • Find List Settings
        • Help Pages
      • List Advisor
        • Settings
        • List Advisor Types
        • List Advisor Tips
        • Reading List Advisor Agenda Items
      • General
        • Labels
        • Customer Labels
        • Recommended Feature Names - one of the new tables added as part of the Feature Recommendations and Activation story below
        • Recommended Features Descriptions - one of the new tables added as part of the Feature Recommendations and Activation story below
    • Fulfillment Configuration Menu
      • Courses
        • Tags
        • Tag Mapping
    As part of the feature recommendation in Leganto (described below), the new admin role will also be able to activate some Leganto patron facing functionality (for instructors or students) from Leganto, without accessing Alma. Hence, this role can also be given to staff outside the library, such as a consultant or someone from Teaching and Learning, or library staff that does not use Alma.

    Feature Recommendations and Activation

    March 2021 Leganto URM-140871
    Leganto now includes a new menu to highlight new Leganto features in order to keep improving the overall Leganto experience.
    This menu provides feature recommendations based on your institution's configuration. The Recommended Features menu is accessible from the persistent menu. It is visible to librarians with Course Reserves Manager, Course Reserves Operator, Fulfillment Services Manager, or Fulfillment Services Operator roles and users with the Fulfillment Administrator or Leganto Interface Administrator roles.
    Feature Recommendations menu.png
    Persistent Menu - Recommended Features Icon
    When selecting the icon, the Recommended Features menu appears:
    Feature Recommendations full menu.png
    Recommended Features Menu
    If you have the Ful Config Utility or Leganto Config Utility privileges, you can enable any of the recommended features directly from this menu. When no recommendations are available for your institution, no items will appear.
    To translate the labels to other languages, use the Recommended Feature Names and Recommended Features Descriptions tables.

    To enable this feature, set the recommended_features parameter to true (Leganto Configuration menu> Features > Leganto Features). When set to false, the Recommended Features menu will be hidden.

    Import Labels to Leganto

    March 2021 Leganto URM-144537
    Labels can now be imported into Leganto. For more information, see Importing Code Table UI Leganto Labels in the Alma release notes.

    Add Citation Number of Loans Field to Citations Dimension

    March 2021 Analytics URM-71044
    The Citation Number of Loans field was added to the Citations dimension in the Leganto Student Usage and Leganto Instructor Usage Events subject areas. It indicates the number of times the citation was loaned during the course dates.

    Help Page Customization

    February 2021 Leganto URM-120871
    You can now define customized help pages for Leganto. To configure this, access the Help Pages mapping table at Configuration Menu > Leganto > Features > Help Pages. You can specify the customized URL by role and language. You can only assign one language per role.
    Help Pages Configuration Page
    Once configured, the Help menu in the Leganto interface will bring the user to the defined URL according to the interface language.
    Help menu.png
    Leganto Help Menu
    Librarians and course operators will see the instructor's help page. If the Help Pages table is empty, the default Leganto help pages will be displayed as usual. When help pages are defined in the table and the help menu is clicked for a language that is not configured, the page for the first configured language will be displayed.
    Help Page
    • Not all websites can be embedded in a second website.
    • The URL must begin with https:.

    Citation Actions are Now Available from the Citation Full View

    February 2021 Leganto idea exchange Idea Exchange URM-127802
    Citation actions are now available from the full view of a citation, allowing users to take action on citations without having to return to the list view. The action menu options are similar to those available from the reading list view.
    The menu options are:
    • Copy to my collection
    • Send to library
    • Mark as done
    • Link from the course to here
    • Re-link from the course to here.
    • Create a shareable Link
    • Export to RefWorks
    • Set complete
    Citation Full Display

    Update Text Labels for Links

    February 2021 Leganto URM-137025
    The out-of-the-box terms LTI and Permalink were replaced in Leganto since instructors are often unfamiliar with these terms.
    The following link texts have changed:
    Prior Label New Label
    LTI Direct Access

    Link from <LMS name> to here

    If there is not a known LMS, the text is Link from the course to here.

    Relink LTI link here

    Re-link from <LMS name> to here

    If there is not a known LMS, the text is Re-link from the course to here.

    Unlink LTI link

    Unlink from <LMS name> to here

    If there is not a known LMS, the text is Unlink from the course to here.

    Are you sure you want to relink LTI link to point directly to here?

    Re-link from <LMS name> to here

    If there is not a known LMS, the text is Re-link from the course to here.

    Are you sure you want to unlink LTI link?

    Unlink from <LMS name> to here

    If there is not a known LMS, the text is Unlink from the course to here.

    Create a permalink to the following Create a shareable link to the following
    Relink your course to link to

    Re-link from <LMS name> to here

    If there is not a known LMS, the text is Re-link from the course to here.

    Using Multiple Digital Viewer Services in Leganto

    February 2021 Leganto URM-138624
    You can now use multiple digital viewer services in Leganto.
    Viewer links.png
    Viewer Links
    The viewers are configured in Fulfillment > Viewer Services.
    viewer services.png
    Viewer Services
    For each service, you can define availability rules by selecting Edit > Service Availability Rules from the row action menu.

    New Filter Menu in Leganto

    February 2021 Leganto URM-138715
    The Leganto filters have changed from tabbed filters to a drop-down list.
    Drop-down Filters
    Drop-down Filters with Values Selected

    Find Lists by Course Year and Term

    February 2021 Leganto idea exchange Idea Exchange SF: 00792693 URM-120615
    Course year and course term are now available by default in the advanced search of Find list. You can define defaults in the Course Term drop-down list and in the Year field. You can edit these options in the Find List Settings table.
    Find Lists
    If the course term is populated, it now appears in the List brief display.
    List Brief Display

    Enter Public Notes and Dates from the Add/Edit Form

    January 2021 Leganto SF: 00896024 URM-139796
    On the Edit Item and Create Item forms, you can now add or edit Public Notes, Due Dates, and the Citation Visibility Dates (Display Citation and Display Materials dates).
    Add Edit Form Public note.png
    Add/Edit Form
    On the Citation Full View page, the same fields were moved to a display section at the top of the page. The fields can be edited from the edit menu.
    URM-139796 Jan 2021 Leganto.png
    Citation Full Display Form

    Send Create List Reminder Emails

    January 2021 Leganto URM-137534
    You can now create an email to remind instructors to create lists for courses. The email can be launched from the Courses list via the new row action, Leganto create list - reminder email.
    Leganto Create List - Reminder Email.png
    Courses List
    The due date used for the letter is the value saved in the Submit List By field in the course. If the field is empty, when running the letter, a pop-up window will prompt you to enter a Due Date.
    Leganto Create List - Reminder Email Pop-up.png
    Email Pop-up Windows
    There is also a Leganto create list - reminder email option on the Course Bulk Update job. When choosing the option, you can determine the conditions for when to send a reminder, and define a default date. The date chosen will appear on the letter if the Submit List By field does not have a value. The drop-down list for the conditions includes the following options:
    • Unconditionally - Send the reminder for all courses in the set.
    • If course is not associated with a list - Send the reminder if the course does not have an associated list.
    • If associated list has no request for review - Send the reminder if the associated reading list does not have a value in the Request for Review field.  
    Course Bulk Update job options.png
    Course Bulk Update Job Options
    Create Resource List.png
    Create Resource List Letter

    Students Can Now Use RefWorks

    January 2021 Leganto SF: 00892562 00898462 URM-140613
    Students can now sign in to RefWorks with their user name and password in order to export citations to RefWorks.

    Leganto Detailed Notification Letter

    January 2021 Leganto SF: 00818289 00871110 URM-126387
    The new Leganto Detailed Notifications Letter replaces the previous Leganto Notifications Letter. Both the old and new letters email instructors with an informative document that includes a link to Leganto when there are notifications waiting for them, and a list of the notifications. The new letter aggregates the notifications per list into a single letter and can be configured. Additionally, the new letter adds the course code and searchable ID to the XML of the letter. The new letter is disabled by default. The Leganto Notifications Letter is deprecated and will be removed for the May 2021 release. At that point, if you had the old letter enabled, the new letter will be automatically enabled. During this transition period, we recommend that you customize the new notifications letter.
    Leganto Detailed Notification Letter.png
    Leganto Detailed Notifications Letter

    Change Completed Citations' Status Upon Metadata Change

    January 2021 Leganto NERS NERS Enhancement (ID #6444) URM-136747
    You can now configure Leganto to change the status of a completed citation when the citation metadata is edited by an instructor in Leganto. To enable this feature set the customer parameter, revert_completed_citation_status_by_metadata_change, (Leganto > List Management > Course Reserves Automatic Statuses),  to the desired status. Optional statuses can be BeingPrepared, Complete, Declined, Inactive, InProcess, ReadyForProcessing, or a code from the Additional Reading List Citation Status table. The parameter is blank and disabled by default.

    Allow Multiple RolloversURM-154445

    December 2021 Fulfillment - Course ReservesNERS NERS Enhancement (ID #7334)

    Alma now enables the institution to run the rollover job multiple times without fear of unintentionally duplicating reading lists that have already been rolled over. The Course Loader integration profile (Configuration Menu > General > External Systems > Integration Profiles) now includes an On rollover copy only lists created before field. By default, the calendar field is empty. Institutions that run the rollover job more than once per term can enter the date of the previous rollover to ensure that reading lists that were previously rolled over will not be rolled over again. 


    Course Loader - Allow Multiple Rollovers

    The job checks if the reading list associated with the COURSE_CODE was created before the date defined in the field. If the reading list was created prior to the defined date, the reading list associated with the OLD_COURSE_CODE is rolled over to the course defined in COURSE_CODE. Otherwise, the reading list is not rolled over.

    For more information, see Configuring Course Loading.

    November 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 00939891
    Previously, the journal/article Issue field (Fulfillment > Course Reserves > Citations > Edit) only supported numbers. Leganto now also supports alpha characters for the journal/article Issue field.
    The field is not case sensitive, but the characters need to match exactly for the copyright engine to identify a match against previous records. For example:
    • March-April is the same as March-april
    • March April is not the same as March-April
    • March is not the same as Mar 
    Journal/Article Issue

    For more information, see Copyright Management.

    Streamlined Digitization Workflow for Course Materials

    October 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves
    For Libraries using Alma's digitization workflow for course materials, it is now possible to complete the digitization request from the citation. Alma now includes a Deliver Digital Document task to easily finalize the digitization workflow for the item. 


    Deliver Digital Documents Action

    If the copyright status of a citation is approved, or the copyright workflow is configured to happen in parallel to the digitization workflow, upon selecting Deliver Digital Documents, you are prompted to upload the digital file. After uploading and selecting Done, the attachment is added to the citation and the request is marked as complete.


    Upload Document
    For more information, see Delivering Digitized Items.

    Attach Citations Manually to a Specific Bibliographic Record

    August 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-149886

    You can now manually attach a citation to a specific bibliographic record. Use the Manual Locate action to manually select or change which record the citation is attached to.


    Manual Locate

    The Manual Locate action is always available, regardless of if a citation is located.

    Search for the bibliographic record you want to attach the citation to, then select the relevant bibliographic record from the search results.

    If the citation selected is already associated with an MMS ID, the following confirmation message appears:


    Manual Locate — Confirmation Message

    If you select Confirm, the citation is detached from its current MMS ID and attached to the new MMS ID.

    Alert for Duplicate Purchase Orders

    August 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-149887

    You now see an alert before submitting a duplicate purchase request from a citation. When selecting Citation > Purchase Request, if an unapproved purchase request already exists with the same MMS ID, the following message appears:


    Duplicate Purchase Request — Confirmation Message

    Upon selecting Confirm, the purchase request form opens.

    Upon selecting Cancel, you are returned to the previous screen.

    Run Course Loader in Report Mode

    July 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-107170
    You can now run the Course Loader (Configuration > General > External Systems > Integration Profiles) in Report Mode by selecting Run in Report Mode from the Actions tab. The report mode creates a report as if the Course Loader had run, detailing the records that would have been processed and a list of anticipated issues, warnings, or errors. This report enables the library to clean up the file as needed before running the job, to ensure the Course Loader runs successfully.
    Leganto Course Loader Actions

    Update Citation Type in Bulk

    July 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-139271

    Alma now includes the option to update the citation type using the Reading List Citation Update task (Admin > Run a Job). Note the following exceptions
    • book chapter, article, and electronic article cannot be updated in bulk as they require an additional title 
    • citations associated with a copyright request or license type-CLA cannot be updated in bulk

    Updating the type using the Reading List Citation Update task will not trigger a resource locate or change in the citation status.

    For more information, see Running Manual Jobs on Defined Sets.

    Citation type
    June 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-146581 URM-146582 URM-147839
    For Norwegian customers, Leganto now supports the ability to request Extended Right Clearance from Bolk. When an Extended Right Clearance is required, the Copyright Status updates to Declined and the Bolk Status updates to Rejected.
    Extend Right Clearance status
    Use the Extend Right Clearance action to submit your request to Bolk. The Copyright Status updates to Waiting for Approval and the Bolk Status updates to Ordered.
    Bolk status
    Use the Update Bolk Status action from the citation menu to track your Bolk status. Currently, tracking your status is a manual process, but this will be replaced in the next release with an automatic daily job to update the status.
    Update Bolk Status

    When the Bolk status changes to Approved, the user sees a price per page and required fee in order to make the material available to students. The Copyright Status at this stage maintains the status of Waiting for Approval.

    Two new actions display in the citation menu:

    • Accept Bolk Right Clearance — you agree to the terms of use. The material will be available for students. The Copyright Status updates to Approved.
    • Reject Bolk Right Clearance — you do not agree to terms of use. The Copyright Status updates to Declined and the material will not be available for students. You can then update the Bolk request.


    Bolk Right Clearance
    In order to better follow Bolk Right Clearance requests, two new alerts were added to the citation:
    • Bolk Right Clearance Approved
    • Bolk Right Clearance Rejected

    These alerts were also added to the user task list:

    User tasks
    You now have the option to update excerpt requests, respond to limitations on additional requests, and lock curriculums. See Integrating with Bolk for more information.
    After a request is submitted, you now have the option to update a Bolk request as long as the course is not locked.
    Update Bolk Request
    When selecting Update Bolk Request, a dialog box displays to enter the required page range.
    Bolk request
    Selecting this action opens a window to enter your required page range. The default page ranges are pre-populated according to the page ranges required by the instructor.

    When a second request is submitted containing the same ISBN as a previous request, the initial request is resubmitted to Bolk as well. Upon submitting a second request, a dialog box displays informing you that an approved request already exists:


    Confirmation Message

    Upon selecting Confirm, you are prompted to enter the pages you are requesting and reconfirm that all requests related to this ISBN are resubmitted.

    Upon selecting Lock Bolk request from a course, Leganto checks whether there are any outstanding requests still awaiting processing. If there are any outstanding requests, the following message is displayed:


    Locked message
    March 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 00895060 00895525 URM-141486
    You can now add or remove courses from reading lists with citations that have an approved copyright. The recalculation will be done overnight.
    The process of adding or removing courses from reading lists can be done individually or in bulk from the Reading Lists Task List. (See Adding and Removing Courses from a Reading List). When doing so, if a copyright on the list is already approved, it will be recalculated.
    • You cannot remove an association in bulk if a copyright on the list is approved.
    • To remove a course from the list, there must be another course already attached to the list.
    An overnight job will run to recalculate the copyright on any lists in which the course association was changed during that day. The job report can be seen via the scheduled job.
    If a copyright's start date is in the past when the recalculation is done, the Date Available To of the existing copyright will be changed to the date of the course association, and a new copyright request created. If the end date on the request has already been reached, no additional action is taken. If the start date has not yet arrived, the date of the course is added to the copyright. If there are two or more courses, the earliest start date and the latest end date of all the courses will be used.
    If the recalculation causes the copyright status to change to Not Approved, the citation status will change to Ready for Processing. If the copyright is approved, the citation status is taken from the citation_copyright_approved parameter.
    If the copyright status was previously approved and it changes to Not Approved, an Approved copyright changed alert is added to the citation.
    Copyright alert.png
    Copyright Alert

    This does not apply to lists with a License Type of Bolk, CLA, or CCC.

    Option to Attach Files to Citations Automatically as Part of the Digitization Workflow

    March 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-130011
    Alma will now attempt to automatically add the file to the citation at the completion of the digitization workflow, in addition to the existing notification email that is sent to the library staff that manages the list.
    The handling of the file(s) is as follows:

    If the citation has no file and only one file was digitized:

    • The digitized file is added to the citation associated with the request.
    • The existing email is sent with a notification that the digitized file was added to the citation.

    If citation has no file and multiple files were digitized:

    • The digitized files are not attached to the citation.
    • The existing email is sent with a notification that the digitized files were not added to the citation because the digitization request contains multiple files.

    If citation has already a file:

    • The digitized file is not attached to the citation.
    • The existing email is sent with a notification that the digitized file was not added to the citation because the citation has an existing file.

    If file could not be uploaded (in instances such as a communications error):

    • An email is sent with a notification that the file was not added to the citation due to a general error.

    The citations can be tracked using the following facets:

    • Citation Digitization Request Completed
    • Citation has a new file
    Notification Item Letter.png
    Notification Item Letter
    The Ful Digitization Notification Item Letter contains the following new fields:


    The digitized file was not uploaded because another file is already attached to the citation.


    The digitized file was uploaded to the citation.


    Because the digitization request contains multiple files, they could not be automatically uploaded to the citation.


    Due to a general error, the file could not be uploaded to the citation.

    For more information about the letter, see Configuring Alma Letters.

    Recalculate Copyrights of Multiple Citations (Job)

    February 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 00889528 URM-139484
    You can now recalculate the copyright rules in bulk for a set of citations. To do so, select the Bulk Citation Copyright Recalculate job from Fulfillment > Advanced Tools. The job will not recalculate the following types of citations:
    • Citations that are not associated with a copyright request.
    • Citations that have a copyright request in the past (the copyright has ended).
    • Citations that have a License Type of Bolk, CLA or CCC.
    Bulk Citation Copyright Recalculate Job

    Automatically Calculate Total Chapter Count

    January 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-139606
    In the Copyright Attributes tab of a Reading List Citation, the Total Chapters Count is now automatically calculated from the Required Chapters field. The calculation is performed only if Required Chapters contains numbers, Roman numerals, '-' or ','. You can override the automatically calculated value by typing over the number.

    DCS Create Courses

    January 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 00842179 URM-112062
    The UK CLA Digital Content Store (DCS) now includes support for adding courses. If a copyright request is created in Alma/Leganto and the course does not exist in DCS, then the course is automatically created in DCS using the Submit Course API.

    Additional Enhancements

    • December 2021 Leganto SF: 05307530URM-148294

      To improve the usability of the Questions and Answers feature, when adding an answer to a free text option, the free text radio button is now automatically selected so that the user no longer has to remember to manually select that answer option.


      Selected answer
    • December 2021 Leganto idea exchange Idea Exchange

      Leganto can be configured to create course records in situations where the instructor selects the LTI link to Leganto and the course does not already exist in Alma. See Configuring Whether Instructors Can Create or Modify Courses for more information. Now, you also have the option to include the course start and end dates in the course record that is created, based on data from the learning management system (LMS). To configure, you must update the custom parameters on the external tool in your LMS. For more information, see the instructions for setting up the LTI integration for your LMS on the Developer Network. Both LTI 1.1 and 1.3 support this new feature.

    • December 2021 Leganto SF: 00895759 00959927URM-140439

      For all roles, when a user selects LIBRARY REVIEW to send a reading list to the library, the text of the button changes to LIST SENT.  The LIST SENT button is now disabled until there is a change to the list. When there is a change to the list, the button changes to LIBRARY REVIEW and becomes active. Previously, librarians experienced different behavior from instructors.


      Disabled LIST SENT

      For more information, see Sending a Reading List to the Library for Fulfillment.

    • December 2021 Leganto  URM-139629idea exchange Idea Exchange

      When rolling over a course, Leganto now enables you to Copy or Reset (Configuration Menu > Leganto > List Management > Instructor Rollover Operations) an:

      • internal library note

      • instructor note

      The default for the options is Reset and they are both disabled.

      For more information, see Configuring Course Loading.

    • December 2021 Analytics URM-158226
      The LTI Version field was added to Leganto Student Usage > Student Usage.
    • November 2021 Leganto

      The Alma Customer Parameters > system_date_format is now used to format all dates that appear in Leganto, such as Due Date and Display Citation Date. For example, if the parameter value of system_date_format is set to dd/MM/yyyy, all Leganto dates appear according to this formatting (29/09/2021).

      This parameter is configured during implementation. If you need to change it, please open a support ticket.
    • November 2021 Leganto

      When An annotation was added to an item (Configuration > Leganto > Features > Notifications - instructors/students) is enabled, if an annotation is added to a citation, all users associated with a list receive notification that an annotation was added to an item.


      Annotation Notification in Leganto
    • November 2021 Leganto

      Following the addition of the Library-External tag type in the October release, Instructors can now receive notifications when Library-External tags are added or removed if

      • The library added a tag to an item
      • The library removed a tag from an item
      • The library added a tag to a section
      • The library removed a tag from a section

      are enabled in Configuration > Leganto > Features > Notifications - instructors. These notification types are disabled by default. Notifications are also be sent via email when the Leganto Detailed Notifications Email Letter  General > Letter > Letters Configuration (default disabled) is configured.

      Notification in Leganto

      For more information, see Configuring Notifications.

    • November 2021 Leganto

      Following the addition of Additional Title and Additional Author to the Citation Field Mapping table (Configuration > Leganto > Citation Field Mapping) in the October release, additional_title and additional_author are now supported in the API and Drools.

      For more information, see Mapping Bibliographic Record Fields to Citation Fields.

    • November 2021 Leganto

      Leganto now enables you to customize the label for the Rialto search scope, which is relevant for institutions that have enabled the Rialto scope in Leganto. Customize the label in Leganto > General > Labels >

      For more information, see Enabling the Rialto Search Scope.

    • November 2021 Leganto

      Leganto no longer includes the option to upload a file from the CiteIt! window. Users can still upload a file when editing a citation.


      CiteIt! Upload file option, removed in the November release
    • November 2021 Leganto

      For Norwegian customers, instructors can now make Bolk requests in Leganto when the parameter instructor_bolk_request (Bolk Settings) is set to true (default is false). When set to true, a Create Bolk request link appears in the Requests section.


      Bolk request
      Bolk requests are not available in the following scenarios, and a message appears in the Requests section explaining why Create Bolk request is not available:
      • When there is no course — A Bolk request cannot be created because the list has not been associated with a course.
      • When there are multiple courses — A Bolk request cannot be created because the list is associated with more than one course.
      • When there is no ISBN — A Bolk request cannot be created because the citation doesn’t have an ISBN. Please edit the citation and add an ISBN in the ISBN field.
      • When there is no feide_id for the user — A Bolk request cannot be created because there is no Feide ID registered in Bolk for your user. Please contact your administrator.
      • When the course is locked — A Bolk request cannot be created because the course is locked in Bolk.
      Bolk request not available

      Upon selecting Create Bolk request form displays. If specified in the citation, the fields auto-populate with the page range from the citation.

      Pages From/To are mandatory fields.


      Bolk request form

      After submitting the request, one of the following statuses appear:

      • Approved
      • Rejected
      • Ordered
      • In Progress

      You always have the option to Edit a request. Once edited, a new request is created.

      If a request is rejected, an Extend Rights Clearance button appears with the price per page information. When selected, the request is submitted to Bolk for processing.

      Extend Rights Clearance

      When approved by Bolk, instructors can:

      • Accept Rights Clearance
      • Reject Rights Clearance


      Bolk request approved

      If the instructor approves the extend rights clearance conditions, the file will be available to students. If the instructor rejects the extend rights clearance conditions, the file will not be available for students.

      If a request already exists for an ISBN, the following message appears:

      An approved Bolk copyright already exists for this publication in this course. On confirm, all existing requests will be submitted to Bolk for recalculation.


      Instructors receive notifications when Bolk Right Clearance Approved/Bolk Right Clearance Rejected are enabled in Leganto > Features > Notifications – Instructor (default disabled).


      Example notification
      To receive letter notifications, configure the Leganto Detailed Notifications Email Letter in General > Letter > Letters Configuration (default is disabled).
      For more information, see Integrating with Bolk.
    • November 2021 Leganto

      The LTI relink toast text for a citation was changed to Item re-linking was completed successfully.

      The LTI relink toast text for a section was changed to Section re-linking was completed successfully

      The LTI relink toast text for a list was changed to List re-linking was completed successfully

    • November 2021 Leganto

      Ex Libris Primo and Ex Libris Esploro were added to the supported sites in the CiteIt! configuration screen. While other websites are linkable from the list of supported sites, Ex Libris Primo and Ex Libris Esploro are not linkable.

    • November 2021 Analytics URM-156650
      Irregularities across several subject areas, including typographical errors, inconsistencies between common fields, and missing fields were corrected.
    • October 2021 Leganto
      Leganto now enables you to configure that a question appears when there is an exact match on the inventory type criteria. Previously, the questions appeared if any of the inventory criteria were met.

      To configure that an exact match on the inventory type is required, place the criteria in quotation marks (Configuration > Leganto > List Management > Item Request Question).


      If you enter P,D,E in the Availability field, the question appears if the inventory type is any of the three types.

      If you enter "P,E", in the Availability field, the question only appears if the inventory is both print and electronic.

      If you enter P in the Availability field, the question appears if the citation has print inventory, regardless of any other inventory types (could also include electronic or digital).

      If you enter "P", in the Availability field, the question appears if the inventory is only print (no electronic or digital).


      Questions Mapping Table

      For more information, see Configuring Leganto Questions.

    • October 2021 Leganto
      Leganto now includes a new tag called Library-External (Fulfillment > Citations > Edit > Tags). When configured, instructors can view these tags, but they cannot add or remove them.

      The option to send notifications when these tags are added or removed will be added in a future release.

    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00980463
      Leganto now includes a flag to enable digitization requests for electronic resources. The flag is in Fulfillment Configuration > Copyright Management > Leganto Copyright Settings. Change the parameter instructor_digitization_electronic to true to enable the option for instructors to request digitization when there is electronic inventory available. The default is false.
    • October 2021 Leganto
      Previously, the main Title field was not included in the Configuration > Leganto > Citation Field Mapping list since it is a mandatory field and cannot be deleted. This field is now available in the field mapping table so that you can change the order in which the field appears. If you try to delete the Title, an error message appears. Additional Title and Additional Author were also added as options in the Citation Field Mapping. By default, these options are not selected for any type. This addition also applies to Primo Mapping and Brief Citation Format.

      For more information about Primo Mapping, see Field Mapping from Primo PNX to Leganto Citations.

      For more information about Brief Citation Format, see Configuring Citation Information Appearing in Citation Lists.

      Additionally, the labels are translatable. 
      The ability to add Alma citations via an API and to define fields using Drools will be included in the November release.

      For more information, see Editing Citation Field Mapping.

    • October 2021 Leganto
      Leganto now includes an Initial Request for Review field which tracks the first time a list was sent to a library for review. Additionally, the Request for Review Date field was renamed Current Request for Review, and it displays the most recent date a list was sent for review. Both dates are reset when the list is copied, duplicated, or rolled over.
    • October 2021 Leganto
      When a user scrolls down in Leganto, the top panel is now hidden, providing more space on the screen for the reading list. The top panel reappears when scrolling back to the top.




      No Header
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00949489
      Leganto now offers a configuration option to hide the collaborator's user group in the Invite new collaborators dropdown list. By default, the parameter suppress_user_group in Configuration > Leganto> General > Settings is set to false. When set to true, the user group does not display.


      Collaborator User Group
    • October 2021 Leganto
      When an Alma Digital item is not available because the number of concurrent users has reached the limit, the brief view of the citation now displays Join the waitlist instead of View online. When selecting Join the waitlist for the resource, users can join the queue for the resource and will receive a notification when the item becomes viewable.


      No Waitlist




      Waitlist Full Display

      This feature is only relevant for libraries using Alma Digital. To configure this feature select Configuration > Fulfillment > Access Rights. For more information, see Configuring a Patron Waitlist.

    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00905804
      Users with the Course Reserves Viewer role can now view restricted lists in Leganto, specifically, lists with the publication status Course Students. Additionally, Course Reserves Viewers can now use the action View in Leganto in the citation menu in Alma. 
    • October 2021 Leganto
      Previously, when using Cite It! if the type was not recognized, the type Other was assigned. Now instead of Other, the type Website is assigned.
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00931322
      Cite It! now supports the following sites:
      • Filmdiy
      • Westlaw UK
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00867046 00873213 00954226
      The Course enrollment job now includes more information. For each event, the report now specifies which line a request is added to and specifies which line contains an error using the following details for additions:
      • File Name
      • Row Number
      • Course Code
      • Course Name
      • Student (username is included in Student)

      And the following details for errors:

      • File Name
      • Row Number
      • ERROR
    • October 2021 Leganto
      LTI normalization now supports replace all. From Configuration > Leganto > LTI > Field Normalization, in the Normalization Method field, select Replace all.

      For example, you can replace any digit with the string NUM:

      Input Value = CC_1_AA_2

      Normalized = CC_NUM_AA_NUM


      Field Normalization

      For more information, see Configuring LTI Profile Normalization Rules.

    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00856419
      Previously, instructors only received the Owner Subscription Letter when they were manually added to a course. Now, when adding an instructor to a course via the API, if auto_set_instructors_as_owners (Configuration > Leganto > List Management > Settings) is set to true and Owner Subscription Letter is enabled, instructors automatically receive the Owner Subscription Letter.
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00908594
      Previously, Leganto recorded when a list status changed from draft to published. In this release, a new event was added to the Recent Changes tab (Fulfillment > Reading List) that also records when a list status changes from published back to draft.

      When enabled (Configuration > Leganto > Notifications - instructors > List status changed to draft), all those set to receive notifications will also receive a notification that a list was changed from published to draft. The default for this notification is disabled.

      For more information, see Configuring Notifications.

    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00808972idea exchange Idea Exchange
      When copying a citation with a public note, the note is now copied in the following scenarios:
      • Duplicating a list in Alma/Leganto
      • Copying a section to a different/same list
      • Copying a citation in Alma/Leganto to a different/same list
      • Moving a citation to a different/same list
      • Using clipboard to copy/move
      For rollover, a public note is only copied when the rollover settings are set to do so.
      For more information, see Copying a Citation.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00727946
      Leganto now offers out-of-the-box messages to let users know why a list is not accessible. You can configure these messages from Configuration > Leganto > General > Labels.
      Scenario Message
      If the Reading list visibility dates are set, when accessing a list before the From date This list will be available on < VISIBLE_FROM date>.
      If the Reading list visibility dates are set, when accessing a list after the To date This list is now closed for access.
      Accessing a list that is Archived / Deleted This list is now closed for access.
      Accessing a list that a user is not subscribed to (list is published to course students only) This list is only available to course participants.
      Accessing a list when not logged in Please login to view this list.
      Accessing a list that is a draft This list is not available for students.
    • August 2021 Leganto
      Cite It! now supports the following sites:
      • ODESI
      • Sabinet
      • Jove
      • Open Library
    • August 2021 Leganto

      The Reading List task list now includes an Initial Request for Review column. This column indicates the first time an instructor selects Library Review. You can set the order by for this column. The column is hidden by default.

      The Alma field Requested for Review On was changed to Current Request for Review – this date is updated any time an instructor sends a list for review.

    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00907468
      Previously, the marc_incomplete_field_indicator (Configuration > Leganto > General > Settings) parameter value was only added to bibliographic records when using automated purchase requests. The marc_incomplete_field_indicator parameter value is now also added to bibliographic records created from manual purchase requests. 
    • August 2021 Leganto (URM-149979)
      For clarity, the Select Subject filter label was changed to Other.
      Other option
    • August 2021 Analytics URM-149888
      (URM-149888) The Citation Number of Loans field (Leganto Student Usage > Citations) was added to the following reports:
      • Leganto Instructors Usage - Citation Usage
      • Leganto Instructors Usage - List KPIs
      • Leganto Instructors Usage - Weekly Citations Active Students
      • Leganto Instructors Usage - Weekly List Active Students
    • July 2021 Leganto
      Leganto now includes the parameter concat_mapping_fields (Configuration Menu > Leganto > Discovery > Primo Settings).  When set to true, all values mapped to the same field are concatenated.  For more information, see Field Mapping from Primo PNX to Leganto Citations.
    • July 2021 Leganto 
      Cite It! now extracts Book Title, Start page and End page, and Volume fields from Esploro.
    • July 2021 Leganto
      When selecting the Usage per Student report, a message now informs users when they do not have permission to view the usage per student for a course. For more information, see Viewing Student Usage Per Citation (List Analysis Student Usage).
      Usage per Student message
    • July 2021 Leganto
      The parameter display_digital_in_collection was added to the Leganto Customer Settings mapping table (Configuration Menu > Leganto > General > Settings). When set to true (default), copying a citation with a digital representation to your collection also copies the digital representations. When set to false, Leganto only the metadata is copied.
    • July 2021 Leganto SF: 00907161
      The Leganto Questions Citation Material Type dropdown list (Leganto > List Management > Item Request Questions) was changed to a text field where you can enter multiple codes separated by a comma. For the list of codes, see Fulfillment > Courses > Citation Material Type.
      Questions and Answers fields
    • July 2021 Analytics URM-148827 URM-148409
      The following note fields were added to Course Reserves > Reading List Citation:
      • Leganto Citation Workflow Note
      • Leganto Citation Library Notes
      • Leganto Citation Library Note Last Update
    • June 2021 Leganto
      The Reports tab was removed from Leganto due to technical issues. In the interim, you can use the List Analysis report. For more information, see Reading List Analytics.
    • June 2021 Leganto
      A new parameter was added to Leganto Features: display_file_option (true/false, default true). When set to false, Add file (in the add item menu) does not display.
    • June 2021 Leganto 
      For instructor rollover, we updated the Rollover Look up course text to Select the course to which to roll over this list.
        Roll Over text
    • June 2021 Leganto
      The Library can now decide how to display the login screen to a user who selects CiteIt! before logging in to Leganto. You can now configure Leganto to display a small login window and then redirect the user back to CiteIt. To enable this feature, set the parameter citeit_login_new_tab (Configuration Menu > Leganto > Leganto Features) to false. This feature was initially released in February 2021 but was rolled back because it did not work for some institutions. It is now available for institutions that want to opt-in, but the login process might not work properly for all institutions.
      CiteIt login window parameter
    • June 2021 Leganto
      When the request status of an item changes to In Process, an automatic resource locate is no longer performed since Leganto performs the resource locate automatically when the resource is added to the list. This previously resulted in an error message.
    • June 2021 Leganto
      The left panel is now hidden in the LTI integration profile. If your previous settings were set to enable the Top panel or Both panels, the Top panel will still be enabled.
    • June 2021 Leganto
      Upon selecting some actions, the citation menu in Leganto did not automatically close until the user manually selected elsewhere on the screen. Now, the citation menu automatically closes after selecting any option.
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00924567
      We added the option to exclude permalinks from list exports. Set the parameter export_permalinks (Configuration > Leganto> Leganto Features) to false to hide the permalinks option for exports.
      Export Permalinks configuration
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00880062, 00933405
      Representation links are now hidden when the copyright status is set to Declined or Waiting for Approval.
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00865377
      Section notes no longer have a full display. Only relevant note information such as the title and description displays.
      Add Section Note
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00907161
      We added the option for librarians to include a Description for item request questions (Configuration > Leganto > Item Request Questions). The Description is defined in the customer labels table and supports HTML tags.
      Item Request Questions
      Description example
    • June 2021 Leganto
      If a citation includes an online link, the link displays for students even if the item's copyright status is Waiting for Approval.
    • June 2021 Analytics URM-148403
      The Number of Annotations field was added to Leganto Student Usage > Student Usage. It can be used to display, for example, the number of annotations per student per reading list and the number of unique students that annotated a citation per reading list.
    • May 2021 Leganto URM-147321
      You can now create an annotation shape without adding a comment. See Creating Private Annotations.
    • May 2021 Leganto URM-126181
      You can now use CiteIt! from Esploro to create a citation in Leganto. See Configuring Recommendation Services.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00924102 URM-146912
      If a Leganto permalink is used in an iFrame and 3rd party cookies are blocked by the browser, a message will be displayed requesting to open the link in a new tab. This is the same message that is displayed for embedded LTI links when 3rd party cookies are blocked. Append &iframe=true to the end of the permalink to enable it to work. 
    • May 2021 Leganto URM-146088
      The display_sticker_price parameter (Configuration Menu > Leganto > Features > Leganto Features), which determines who can see the sticker price, now supports the following values: all, librarians, instructors, and students, in addition to true and false. The true value is equivalent to librarians. Multiple values can be entered, separated by commas.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00843808 URM-134560
      Section notes now automatically receive a status of Complete. See Adding a Note to a Reading List.
    • March 2021 Leganto URM-115574
      You can now configure URLs for the default thumbnails which are used when there is not a cover image. This is configured in Citation Default Thumbnails (Configuration Menu > Leganto > UI > Citation Default Thumbnails). The supported size is 100 width * 160 height.
      Citation Default Thumbnails.png
      Citation Default Thumbnails Configuration
      Citation Default Thumbnails.png
      Configured Thumbnail in a Citation for a CD Format
    • March 2021 Leganto SF: 00887467 00919734 URM-139110
      The Guest user label that displays when the user is not logged into Leganto, can now be translated. To do this, you must add a label in Configuration Menu > Leganto > General > Labels. The value can be changed in the leganto.guest code. See Pre-Administration Tasks.
    • March 2021 Leganto SF: 00894596 URM-140079
      The following changes have been made to the process of editing citations in bulk in Leganto:
      • When selecting all sections, the sections automatically open to show all of the citations.
      • When you delete citations, a warning displays the number of citations you are going to delete.
      • The Add Items button is now disabled when the Edit Bulk Citations pane is open. A tooltip indicates that the Edit Items pane must be closed to add citations.
    • March 2021 Leganto URM-144773
      You can now specify a default copyright status for Central Discovery Index (CDI) citations. See Configuring the Citation Default Copyright Status.
    • February 2021 Leganto idea exchange Idea Exchange
      Two new parameters allow you to define when and to whom the value in the general_message parameter will display. he new general_message_dates parameter allows you to specify a date range when the value in the general_message parameter will display. The new general_message_role parameter allows you to specify that the value in the general_message parameter will display only for the user role indicated. Possible values are instructor, student, librarian, guest, or leave empty for the general message to display to all users. Multiple roles can be entered, separated by commas. All of these parameters are found in the Leganto Features table (Configuration Menu > Leganto > Features > Leganto Features).
    • February 2021 Leganto SF: 00872589 URM-138335
      If a user has instructor privileges for one course but is a student in a second course in the LMS (CMS), Leganto now recognizes this scenario and displays the CMS entry only if the user is the instructor of the course. This is controlled by a new parameter, display_cms_entry_by_cms_role. When set to true, the CMS entry page is displayed according to the role in the CMS. When set to false, the CMS entry page is displayed according to the Alma user role.
      CMS Entry.png
      CMS Entry Page
    • February 2021 Leganto SF: 00873506 00903697 URM-141966
      A new parameter allows you to block guest access to Leganto. The parameter, Force_login, is found on the Configuration Menu > Leganto > General > Settings page and is true/false. When set to true, guest users' access to Leganto is blocked. Any link that previously allowed guest access will now present a login page. See Leganto Customer Settings Parameters.
    • February 2021 Leganto SF: 00904753 URM-142578
      The new display_in_process parameter (Configuration Menu > Leganto > Features > Leganto Features) allows you to hide the process status in Leganto. When set to false, the status is suppressed. When set to true, which is the default, the status is displayed.
      Citation List
    • February 2021 Leganto URM-142749
      The default_list_sort_instructors parameter (Configuration Menu > Leganto > List Management > Settings) now defaults to the list_updated value for the Citations list, meaning it is sorted by most recently updated.
      Citations List
    • February 2021 Leganto SF: 00897256 URM-141119
      Public notes in the Citation view now appear without the quotation marks.
      Citation View
    • February 2021 Leganto SF: 00910873 URM-143507
      Previously, in the student view of Leganto, when access to an article or chapter was restricted by copyright to one week before the semester starts, it was formatted as DD-MM-YYYY. It is now formatted as defined in the system_date_format parameter.
    • February 2021 Analytics URM-140482
      The Time and Date and Time fields were added to Leganto Student Usage > Event Date to display the date and time of the event.
    • February 2021 Analytics URM-141260
      The Searchable ID fields 4-10 were added to supplement the existing Searchable ID fields 1-3 in the Courses dimension of the Leganto Student Usage and Leganto Instructor Usage Events subject areas.
    • February 2021 Analytics URM-141842
      Analytics now displays information about courses created from a learning management system using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). This information is available in the Leganto Instructor Usage Events subject area, under Instructor Usage Events. Create a Course from LTI is now one of the event types.
    • January 2021 Analytics URM-139819
      The following fields were added to the Reading List folder in the Course Reserves, Leganto Student Usage, and Leganto Instructors Usage Events subject areas:
      • Review Requester Name – in "last name, first name" format
      • Review Requester Name and ID – in "ID, last name, first name" format
    • December 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reservesidea exchange Idea Exchange

      When a purchase request is created from a citation, a new bibliographic record is created if one does not already exist. If the purchase request is rejected, the bibliographic record is deleted. Previously, the citation remained attached to the MMS_ID of the deleted bibliographic record. Now, the MMS_ID is also detached from the citation.

    • December 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reservesidea exchange Idea Exchange

      Institutions now have the option to set the DCS Synchronize job to run every six hours, in addition to the existing option of running it once a day.

      For more information, see DCS Synchronize.

    • December 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reservesidea exchange Idea Exchange

      When rolling over a course, Alma now enables you to Copy (Configuration Menu > Leganto > List Management > Instructor Rollover Operations) an:

      • internal library note

      The option is disabled by default.

      For more information, see Configuring Course Loading.

    • November 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-156618
      The Section ID field, already in Leganto Student Usage and Leganto Instructor Usage Events > Reading List Sections, was added to Course Reserves > Leganto Reading List Section.
    • November 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-158676
      The Citation Material Type Code field was added to the following subject areas under the Citations or Reading List Citations dimensions:
      • Course Reserves
      • Purchase Requests
      • Leganto Student Usage
      • Leganto Instructor Usage Events
    • October 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves
      Alma now supports itemized Reading List sets containing more than 1000 Reading List IDs.
    • October 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 00924743 URM-150320
      The following changes were made in the Reading List dimension of the Course Reserves, Leganto Student Usage, and Leganto Instructor Usage Events subject areas:
      • The Leganto Date Sent For Library Review and Leganto Date Sent For Library Review (Calendar) fields were renamed to Leganto Last Sent for Library Review Date and Leganto Last Sent for Library Review Date (Calendar) respectively.
      • The Leganto First Sent for Library Review Date field and Leganto First Sent for Library Review Date (Calendar) field were added
    • August 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 00924743 URM-152506
      The Leganto List Library Notes and the Leganto List Library Notes Last Update fields were added to Course Reserves > Reading List. They indicate the reading list library notes and the date that the notes were last updated.
    • August 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-151990
      If the reading list has no citation, the Librarian > First Name and Librarian > Last Name fields now contain the librarian name. However, if there is no reading list, the value of these fields is unassigned. In this case, the Librarian > User ID field is also unassigned.
    • July 2021 Fulfillment - Course ReservesURM-152351
      A new event was added to the DCS synchronize job report to include copyrights whose statuses remain unchanged.
    • June 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves
      The following DSC system tags can be used when creating a rule to auto-generate a purchase request (Configuration > Fulfillment > Courses > Citation Processing Rules):
      • Digitisation Approved
      • Digitisation Rejected
      • Digitisation Removed
      • Digitisation Sent
      • Digitisation In Progress

    • April 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-148969
      You can now control whether there will be an option to automatically attach files to a citation in a digitization request. When the auto_attach_digitization_to_citation parameter is set to true (Configuration Menu > Fulfillment > General > Other Settings), the option is available. When set to false, the option is unavailable. See Configuring Other Settings (Fulfillment)
    • February 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-143162
      You can now create a set of courses by uploading a file that contains the course IDs. For more information, see Creating Itemized Sets.
    • January 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 00855648 URM-136134
      When a user is added as an instructor to a course in Alma, the instructor role is added if it was not already present for the user. The role expiration date is calculated based on the instructor_role_expiration_months parameter (Fulfillment > General > Other Settings). 

    Resolved Issues

    • December 2021 Release Update Leganto SF: 06045287
      Previously, the Mark as Broken link appeared in the new PDF viewer when mark_as_broken in Configuration > Leganto > Leganto Features was blank. This was fixed.
    • December 2021 Leganto SF: 05327004
      Previously, list names with commas could not be exported to Word. This was fixed.URM-163381
    • December 2021 Leganto SF: 01008377
      When adding an item from Mendeley, journal articles were added as Journals. These items are now added as Articles.URM-161187
    • December 2021 Leganto SF: 00990122
      The Links icon and Guest text in the Leganto header now change color on dark/light background colors.
    • December 2021 Leganto SF: 00633039
      When creating duplicate mappings in Primo for chapter title and author, duplicate values were created in the citation (chapter title + regular title). This was fixed.URM-159155
    • December 2021 Leganto SF: 00972746 00984385 00985753
      Purchase requests failed when the academic department included the & character. This was fixed.URM-159075
    • December 2021 Leganto SF: 00965724
      On the branding page in Alma, the Your institution has customized branding field was renamed Leganto logo exists.
    • URM-156337December 2021 Leganto SF: 00920640
      Item requests created from Leganto now include Leganto in the Creator field.URM-150358URM-146978
    • November 2021 Release Update Leganto
      There are no issues for the November Release Update.
    • November 2021 Leganto
      For some institutions, Cite It! from Filmdiy did not work. This was fixed.
    • November 2021 Leganto SF: 01000833 01006093
      When using Moodle and Leganto assignments, some screens endlessly displayed the wait diamonds. This was fixed.
    • November 2021 Leganto SF: 00738401 00961731 00983601 01008372
      The Leganto in list analytics displayed incorrect date values. This was fixed.
    • November 2021 Leganto SF: 00989130
      Whenever the Enrollment DELETE API was called, it deleted the enrollment for all courses rather than for a specific course. This was fixed.
    • November 2021 Leganto SF: 00975292
      The sections label for PDF exports was fixed.
    • November 2021 Leganto SF: 00987113
      You can now customize the Publish button tooltip without changing the label.
    • November 2021 Leganto SF: 00975911
      Some text presented in Leganto did not support HTML. This was fixed
    • November 2021 Leganto SF: 00973915
      Previously, only list owners could move or copy citations in a list. This was fixed.
    • November 2021 Leganto SF: 00983592
      To prevent confusion, when selecting Duplicate List, the Duplicate List option will be disabled until the duplication completes.
    • November 2021 Leganto SF: 00980701
      When creating a borrowing request from a reading list citation, if the citation has start/end page values, the borrowing request Pages field populates with that page range (based on the start/end pages).
    • November 2021 Leganto SF: 00973030
      We have improved the user experience when dragging a new item to a new section.URM-155788
    • November 2021 Leganto SF: 00968770
      A message now appears for empty sections.
    • November 2021 Leganto SF: 00936533
      Previously, adding instructors using the multi_inst column in the course loader using + was not supported. This was fixed.URM-154890
    • November 2021 Leganto SF: 00922730
      CiteIt! for Taylor & Francis did not work when proxied. This was fixed.
    • October 2021 Release Update Leganto
      Reordering of sections using the drag handle did not save the new order. This was fixed.
    • October 2021 Release Update Leganto SF: 00999650
      For some links the public note was missing. This was fixed.
    • October 2021 Release Update Leganto
      Previously, instructors were unable to view the entire assignment screen when viewing an assignment. This was fixed.
    • October 2021 Release Update Leganto SF: 00993100
      Japanese citations were not searchable in the Reading list. This was fixed.
    • October 2021 Release Update Leganto SF: 00994476
      Previously, the Leganto left panel was not customizable. This was fixed.
    • October 2021 Release Update Leganto
      Previously, when adding tags, the new tags were not translated. This was fixed.
    • October 2021 Release Update Leganto
      Previously, the Alma citation form was missing the Source field. This was fixed.
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00949567
      In some cases, lists with over 150 citations did not display all citations in a list. This was fixed.
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00974629
      The Reading List Citation field Citation Digital File Date Added (Calendar) was renamed Citation Digital File Date Added (Calendar) (to be deprecated). This field will be removed in the November release. URM-156999
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00957089
      The Reset button label (Configuration > Leganto > UI > Branding) was renamed Restore. URM-156883
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00950508
      Previously, when an operator with the role Course Reserves Manager with a library Scope opened the Reading Lists Task list, the Assigned to others tab was missing. This was fixed.
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00968730
      Previously, a self-registered Course Reserves Viewer was unable to update their name and email address. This was fixed. URM-156800
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00973688
      Improvements were made to the Accessibility menu in the user settings.URM-156521
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00962069
      In some cases, duplicate rows existed in the guided videos mapping table. This was fixed.
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00971476
      When searching Summon, diacritics did not appear properly. This was fixed.URM-156096
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00963889
      Previously, duplicated rows were allowed in the Item Request Questions table. This was fixed.URM-155788
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00956535
      When rejecting a digitization request, the DCS tag is now removed.URM-155082
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00947206
      In some cases, the citation More details view did not appear. This was fixed. URM-154890
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00931403
      Previously, the Analytics Reading List Citation displayed digital file names from a previous reading list. This was fixed. URM-154540
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00940545
      Previously, when customizing BIB mapping rules, the rows were duplicated. This was fixed.URM-154040
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00948092
      Previously, the Publication date was not included on purchase requests that were automatically created by a non-repository citation. This was fixed.URM-153734
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00903997
      Previously, on the welcome screen, a form was displayed and then disappeared. This was fixed.URM-153477
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00937547
      In some cases, the Find list displayed an incorrect number of results. This was fixed.URM-152522
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00909521
      In some cases, Availability was not displayed in the citation full view. This was fixed.URM-148037
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00880153
      In some cases, the general electronic services did not appear. This was fixed.URM-143372
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00874364
      For the Analytics Link Resolver subject area, Leganto sources were excluded from the Link Resolver Usage report. This was fixed. URM-139784
    • October 2021 Leganto SF: 00886061
      Previously, Reading Lists did not load properly in some circumstances. This was fixed.URM-139107
    • September 2021 Leganto SF: 00924223
      Updating a citation using the citation API caused the citation to move to a different section. This was fixed.
    • September 2021 Leganto SF: 00978576
      In some cases summon results did not display the correct availability. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Release Update Leganto
      There are no issues for the August Release Update.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00977205
      The Processing status mistakenly displayed in the Alma reading list. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00970569
      LTI 1.3 links did not open correctly when opening multiple tabs. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00962789
      Previously, Alma citation sets with more than 1000 members did not display correctly. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00966898
      The concatenation of multiple fields from Primo mapping now uses ";" instead of a space as a delimiter.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00963541
      Previously, it was not possible to use keyboard navigation to select options within the Accessibility menu. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00955418 00965570
      When removing a tag from a citation, some of the metadata was also removed. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 009907054
      In some cases, the Process and Enrich Citations Job had incorrect counters. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00945460 00968483
      When importing a .lgn file, the Modified By field was incorrect. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00960224
      Previously, the List status changed when a section note was added. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00904805 00965732
      The date picker now uses the date format configured in Alma.URM-144554
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00935076
      Previously, the citation API did not work properly for specific fields. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00941341
      Cite It! was fixed for Ovid.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00941695
      Previously, analytics truncated values for library discussion after commas. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00938278 00963092
      Previously, the weekly active students graph did not display properly. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00941949
      Previously, the Leganto Create List reminder email was not categorized as patron-facing. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00934191
      Previously, when configuring default thumbnails, the Book thumbnail did not display as the default thumbnail. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00920669
      Previously, some RIS file fields did not import correctly and the list needed to be refreshed in order to view a citation in full view. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00950838
      Previously, Cite It! on PDF files from EBSCO did not work. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00940922
      Previously, Mendeley searching returned an error. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00938071
      Previously, when exporting a Leganto list, spaces were replaced with a +. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00946712
      Previously, when editing a citation in Alma, some fields were removed for no reason. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00929834
      You can now edit citations in Leganto and enable the Personal copy parameter. The parameter only appears if the citation is not attached to an Alma title.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00884689 00958139
      Questions & Answers did not always display when using Cite It!. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00924487
      Previously, citations were reordered when scrolling through a list on Microsoft Surface devices. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 00924612 00971454 00972270 00972655 00972784 00973228 00973788URM-155678
      The job 'Email Leganto notifications to users' was failing. This was fixed.
    • August 2021 Leganto SF: 008727232 00945684
      Previously, General Electronic Service names were not translated. This was fixed.
    • July 2021 Release Update Leganto
      Previously, LTI 1.3 did not support user roles. This was fixed.
    • July 2021 Leganto SF: 00936497
      The Section title disappeared when uploading RIS file. This was fixed.
    • July 2021 Leganto SF: 00935956
      The error message: 
      "Based on your browser settings, it is required that you open the list(s) in a new tab.<br> Please click below to open your list(s) in a new tab" 
      was not translatable. This was fixed.
    • July 2021 Leganto SF: 00945944
      The user API returned unneeded data. This was fixed.
    • July 2021 Leganto SF: 00920719
      When copying a citation to a collection, the Modified By and modification date changed. This was fixed.
    • July 2021 Leganto SF: 00933180
      The option "Remove from clipboard" displayed in situations when it was not relevant. This was fixed.
    • July 2021 Leganto SF: 00860491
      In some cases, the Summon results in Leganto did not match the results in Summon. This was fixed.
    • July 2021 Leganto SF: 00939679
      A citation could not be added to the list in some cases. This was fixed.
    • July 2021 Leganto SF: 00929336
      In the course loader report, some counters were fixed.
    • July 2021 Leganto SF: 00932433
      The Updated By field was not being changed when using Recommended Features. This was fixed.
    • July 2021 Leganto SF: 00924612
      Some counters were fixed in the Leganto notification email.
    • July 2021 Leganto SF: 00929541
      Previously, Leganto displayed a digitization link for electronic items. Now,  the following message is displayed for electronic items:
      A digitization request cannot be created because the resource is available electronically.
    • July 2021 Leganto SF: 00908698
      Previously, the course Submit By date did not display for a list unless it had a citation with a due date. This was fixed.
    • July 2021 Leganto SF: 00896523
      The date picker did not translate the days/months to the interface language. This was fixed.
    • July 2021 Leganto SF: 00821295
      Previously, when adding an item from CiteIt! to a collection and then to a list, the source URL was not moved even if the move_source_url flag was set to true. This was fixed.
    • June 2021 Release Update Leganto
      There are no issues for the June Release Update.
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00924223
      Updating a citation using the citation API caused the citation to move to a different section. This was fixed.
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00925603
      The following labels were added:
      More details > citation.view.btn.more.details 
      Fewer details > citation.view.btn.fewer.details 
      More item details > citation.btn.more.details 
      Fewer item details > citation.btn.fewer.details

      The old labels were deleted.
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00936064
      The label could not be customized because of the dot at the end. It was replaced with the label
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00929983
      List description was lost when working with two tabs. This was fixed.
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00939666
      Going forward, Leganto questions with the same conditions for citation type and availability will be sorted in alphabetical order (by question code).
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00849831
      When uploading a PDF file, in some cases the citation type changed to Article for no reason. This was fixed.
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00907468
      Network zone bibliographic records were created without the incomplete indication. This was fixed.URM-144554
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00792059
      The site HeinOnline was removed from supported Cite It! Sites.
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00935609
      The labels "View more notes" and "View less notes" were not translated. This was fixed.
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00933016
      Discussions on a list would reset after selecting a filter. This was fixed.
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00904805
      The date format caption on the date picker was wrong. This was fixed.
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00864733
      List scrolled to the top In some cases for no reason. This was fixed.
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00920971
      In some cases, the list thumbnails were not displaying the correct thumbnails. This was fixed.
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00917148
      Export PDF job failed in some cases. This was fixed.
    • June 2021 Leganto SF: 00917180 00905492 00579213
      The date value was wrong in some cases. This was fixed.
    • May 2021 Release Update Leganto
      There are no issues for the May Release Update.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00944294 151194
      Some items could not be added from the Primo search to a list. This was fixed.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00923506 URM-148335
      The label on a citation, Less Details, was changed to Fewer Details.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00909013 URM-148222
      Previously, when the license type was No Declaration, No Declaration (not listed) was displayed in the Creative Commons dropdown list on the Edit Citation page. This was fixed. Now, in this situation, a blank value is selected in the dropdown list.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00924957 00930534 00931536 00931910 URM-148207
      The Instructor Search option in Leganto Find Lists Advanced Search was returning incorrect results. This was fixed.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00925259 URM-147733
      Previously, when landing on a page from an LTI link, the librarian could not view lists in draft mode. This was fixed.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00922179 URM-147687
      In some cases, changes made to the Copyright Status/Request Status of citations in duplicated reading lists were not saved. This was fixed.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00921663 URM-147445
      The Leganto General Message was not translated. This was fixed.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00911361 URM-147079
      In the preview mode for the Leganto Create List - Reminder Email letter, The Update Now link appeared in a different place in Preview mode than what was actually sent. This was fixed.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00924086 URM-147015
      When the email_notifications_group parameter was disabled for a user group (left blank), the Receive Notifications by Email check box still appeared for instructors. This was fixed.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00922240 00923866 URM-146848
      In some cases, when adding items from Primo, the wrong question was displayed. This was fixed.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00918631 URM-146611
      When exporting to LGN, the review requester name and date was not included in the export. This was fixed.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00921728 URM-146590
      If a URL in Help Pages cannot be opened in embedded mode, it will now be opened in a new tab.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00841343 URM-146476
      Citation processing rules did not always calculate the availability correctly. This was fixed.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00916815 00920146 URM-145924
      Previously, if the secondary citation type changed, the primary citation type was not updated. This was fixed..
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00870893 URM-145038
      In some cases lists could not be created when course code included a "/". This was fixed.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00888808 URM-144341
      Leganto could not successfully delete reading lists with more than 1000 items. This was fixed.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00895008 URM-144080
      When creating a purchase request from a citation, the requester field was not populated correctly according to the list assignee or logged in user. This was fixed.
    • May 2021 Leganto SF: 00909275 URM-143958
      Citations added from external records in Primo VE did not have a link. This was fixed.
    • March 2021 Release Update Leganto
      There are no issues for the March Release Update.
    • March 2021 Leganto SF: 00923112 00926142 URM-146969
      When in student view, the list filter menu was cut off by the left hand menu. This was fixed.
    • March 2021 Leganto SF: 00920651 URM-146772
      Network records appeared even when the related_records parameter was set to false. This was fixed.
    • March 2021 Leganto URM-146081
      If Primo returns 0 as a facets count (when searching against EBSCO), the number no longer displays in Leganto.
    • March 2021 Leganto SF: 00919074 URM-145772
      URL validation was done only on the main source field in citation. This was fixed. Now, the URLs in source1-source10 are also checked.
    • March 2021 Leganto SF: 00916904 00919640 URM-145422
      Some filters disappeared after editing an item in a filtered list. This was fixed.
    • March 2021 Leganto URM-145158
      RIS now supports importing and exporting for the Web type.
    • March 2021 Leganto SF: 00475138 URM-145056
      In the analytics reports, the Origin value that previously displayed "PC" will now display "CDI" (Ex Libris Central Discovery Index).
    • March 2021 Leganto SF: 00913690 00913691 00914172 URM-144692
      Regarding the Leganto Questions feature: Library tags (intended for librarians) were also visible to instructors after choosing an answer. This was fixed.
      The workflow note (intended for librarians) was visible to instructors. This was fixed.
    • March 2021 Leganto SF: 00910202 URM-144586
      When importing RIS files, in some cases the citation type generated was incorrect. This was fixed.
    • March 2021 Leganto URM-144554
      The Not Marked as Read filter label was changed to Marked as Incomplete.
    • March 2021 Leganto SF: 00896518 00899021 URM-144047
      The Reading List actions menu cut off when zoomed in on Firefox. This was fixed.
    • March 2021 Leganto SF: 00909275 URM-143958
      Citations created from a Primo VE external records did not have a link value in the source URL field. This was fixed.
    • March 2021 Leganto SF: 00909118 URM-143493
      When moving from one citation to another using the next and previous buttons in the citation full view, links and availability did not refresh. This was fixed.
    • March 2021 Leganto SF: 00896239 URM-141279
      In some cases, the citation status was incorrect when items were pushed from Primo to Leganto. This was fixed.
    • March 2021 Leganto SF: 00867524 URM-139581
      Configuring the citation_primo_url_regexp parameter had no effect. This was fixed.
    • March 2021 Leganto SF: 00923117 URM-147160
      In some cases, when adding citations from Primo, the URL in the citation was corrupted. This was fixed.
    • February 2021 Leganto URM-143543
      If source URL does not start with HTTP, an error message is now displayed and the citation cannot be saved.
    • February 2021 Leganto SF: 00904313 URM-143495
      Users that were not marked as instructors in the LMS were still added as course instructors in Leganto. This was fixed..
    • February 2021 Leganto SF: 00888677 00889055 URM-142916
      When searching for citations with the Citation Available status, citations were incorrectly displayed with a status of Full Text Available. This was fixed.
    • February 2021 Leganto SF: 00903098 URM-142877
      In some cases newspapers links did not display in Leganto. This was fixed.
    • February 2021 Leganto SF: 00905516 URM-142751
      The Creative Commons license image tool tip was not displaying correctly. This was fixed.
    • February 2021 Leganto SF: 00903816 URM-142346
      Moving a citation between sections with the arrow buttons made a citation disappear. This was fixed.
    • February 2021 Leganto SF: 00903758 URM-142341
      When importing an RIS file to create an RL, the published date field value was duplicated. This was fixed.
    • February 2021 Leganto SF: 00904012 URM-142222
      Previously, locked sections could only be unlocked by the user that locked them. This was fixed. Now, a librarian or administrator can unlock sections locked by instructors.
    • February 2021 Leganto SF: 00887837 URM-141942
      On the Find List page, after performing a search, the page did not scroll to the top, thus not displaying the first result on the page. This was fixed.
    • February 2021 Leganto SF: 00887509 URM-140800
      When filtering lists by tags, some tags were not displaying. This was fixed.
    • February 2021 Leganto SF: 00917940 URM-145808
      CiteIt! did not load on the new Informit interface. This was fixed.
    • February 2021 Release Update Leganto SF: 00922807 URM-146684
      In Leganto when publishing a list, some options were not clickable. This was fixed.
    • February 2021 Release Update Leganto SF: 00884767 URM-146710
      In some cases, the wrong question was displayed in Leganto Q&A. This was fixed.
    • January 2021 Leganto SF: 00898839 URM-141831
      In the Links & Availability section of Leganto, when the link contained a hyphen, it was truncated at the hyphen. This was fixed.
    • January 2021 Leganto SF: 00900689 URM-141830
      When updating citations via the courses API, the Title field was incorrectly being checked as mandatory. When the field was empty, an error was generated and the citation was not saved. This was fixed.
    • January 2021 Leganto SF: 00886019 URM-141541
      Translation support was added for the items in the drop down menu for the Reading List Publication Status.
    • January 2021 Leganto SF: 00878118 896571 URM-137576
      The Leganto Source field now validates that a value begins with http.
    • January 2021 Leganto SF: 00843720 URM-133954
      Previously, the citation attributes dropdown was not populated with the relevant option after choosing a citation attribute type. This was fixed.
    • January 2021 Leganto SF: 00822685 URM-131348
      In the Physical Items Subject Area and Course Reserves area of Analytics, the Active Course Code and Active Course Name fields appeared empty for several courses that were in Active status. This was fixed.
    • January 2021 Release Update Leganto URM-144762
      Viewing List Details in mobile through campusM was not formatted correctly. This was fixed.
    • January 2021 Release Update Leganto URM-144984
      The public note was re-added for editing in the full view (changes made in the January release were rolled back).
    • December 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 00944271
      Citation processing rules for electronic inventory did not account for citations with resolved URLs (such as CDI records). This was fixed.
    • December 2021 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 00970404
      Tag labels are now translated in the reading list's tag filter dropdown.URM-159022
    • October 2021 Fulfillment – Course Reserves
      Leganto specific features no longer appear for non-Leganto customers.
    • June 2021 Fulfillment – Course Reserves SF: 00917148URM-146475
      Exporting PDFs was failing in some cases. This was fixed.
    • January 2021 Fulfillment – Course Reserves SF: 00887698 URM-139607
      In the course loader job, a more accurate error message appears instead of 'Failed records'.
    • January 2021 Fulfillment – Course Reserves SF: 00848125 URM-140024
      Bibliographic details were overwriting citation details for non-repository citations. This was fixed.
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