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    Configuring Acquisition Activities

    To configure acquisition activities, you must have the following role:
    • Acquisitions Administrator
    The infrastructure for the acquisition workflows involves configuration of Alma functionality with regards to POs, invoices, licenses, and other activities, and includes setting rules for the workflows for these processes.
    • The location filter on this page is disabled. Acquisitions configuration is at the institution level, not the library level.
    • Note that some configuration changes in Acquisitions impact other functional areas. Consider the impact on other functional areas before making changes to existing configurations.

    The following table lists the available configuration options.

    For a full reference of all the code tables provided with Alma, see Alma Code Table Reference.

    Configuration Options
    Section Configuration Item Configuration Level See
    Purchase Orders 1st Reporting Codes
    2nd Reporting Codes
    3rd Reporting Codes
    4th Reporting Codes
    5th Reporting Codes
    Institution Configuring Reporting Codes
    Purchasing Review Rules Institution Configuring Purchasing Review Rules
    Shipping Method Institution Configuring Shipping Methods
    PO Line Cancellation Reasons Institution Configuring PO Line Cancellation Reasons
    PO Line Types Institution Enabling/Disabling PO Line Types
    PO Line Deferral Reasons Institution Configuring PO Line Deferral Reasons
    Acquisition Method Institution Configuring Acquisition Methods

    Searchable Columns

    This page is no longer in use.

    Institution Configuring PO Line Search Field Options
    EDI Vendor Note Fields Institution Configuring EDI Vendor Note Fields
    Invoices Invoice Review Rules Institution Configuring Invoice Review Rules
    Invoice Approval Rules Institution Configuring Invoice Approval Rules
    Disapproval Reasons Institution Configuring Invoice Disapproval Reasons
    VAT Codes Institution Configuring VAT Codes
    Payment Method Institution Configuring the Default Payment Method
    Invoice Line Types

    This link appears only after enabling the customer parameter invoice_split_additional_charges (see Configuring Other Settings).

    Institution Configuring Invoice Line Types

    Explicit Exchange Rates

    This link appears only after enabling the customer parameter currency_exchange_use_explicit_ratio (see Configuring Other Settings)

    Institution Configuring Explicit Exchange Rates
    Licenses Sections Order Institution Configuring Sections Order
    Manage License Terms Institution Managing License Terms
    License Storage Location Institution Configuring License Storage Locations
    Access Model Institution Manage Access Models
    License Review Status Institution Configuring License Review Statuses
    Discovery Interface Labels Customized Institution Viewing User-Created License Terms that Appear in Primo
    License Term Controlled Vocabulary Institution Configuring License Term Controlled Vocabulary Values
    Purchase Requests Purchase Request Reject Reasons Institution Configuring Purchase Request Reject Reasons
    Purchase Request Material Types Institution Configuring Purchase Request Material Types
    General Other Settings Institution Configuring Other Settings
    Currency Subset Institution Configuring Currencies
    Fund and Ledger Fiscal Period Institution Configuring Fund and Ledger Fiscal Periods
    Receiving Departmental Validations Institution Configuring Receiving Departmental Validations
    Fund Types Institution Configuring Fund Types
    Acquisition Jobs Configuration Institution Configuring Acquisition Jobs
    Subscribers Institution Configuring COUNTER Subscribers
    Legal Deposit Reports Institution Configuring Legal Deposit Report Paths
    Survey Question Multiple Choice Institution Configuring Multiple Choice Survey Questions
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