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    Alma Analytics Subject Areas

    The following subject areas are available for Alma.
    • Analytics Objects – Information about analytics objects
    • Analytics Usage Tracking – Information about usage of Analytics.
    • API Usage – Usage of APIs in Alma
    • Benchmark – Compares the performance of your institution to similar institutions
    • Borrowing Requests – Details on the borrowing side of ILL requests
    • Cost Usage – The cost per use for electronic resources. Cost Usage is part of the E-Inventory subject area. 
    • Course Reserves – Course Reserves information: courses, reading lists, and reading list citations
    • DARA – Usage of DARA recommendations
    • Digital Inventory – Usage of digital resources
    • Digital Usage – Usage of digital resources
    • Digital Waitlist – Usage of the waitlist feature in Alma
    • E-Inventory – Detailed electronic inventory related information including packages, portfolios, and services
    • Events – Almost any activity in an Ex Libris's server creates an event. For example, each time an MMS is created, updated, or deleted an event is generated.
    • Fines and Fees – Patron related fines and fees information
    • Fulfillment – Detailed loan history information
    • Funds Expenditure – Fund transactions details (allocation, expenditure and encumbrance) combined with PO and invoice data
    • Leganto Instructor Usage Events – Instructor-specific usage in Leganto
    • Leganto Student Usage – Student-specific usage in Leganto
    • Lending Requests – Details on the lending side of ILL requests
    • Licenses – Licenses for electronic resources
    • Link Resolver Usage – Usage details for the OpenURL link resolver
    • Local Authorities – Details of local authority records
    • Physical Items (formerly Inventory) – Print inventory related information (for example, titles, holdings, locations)
    • Physical Items Historical Events – Historical events of physical items
    • Purchase Requests – Purchase request information
    • Requests – For example: Request Date, Pickup Location, and Material Type Description
    • System Events – Create reports/dashboards that provide details about a select number of events generated through Alma
    • Titles – Physical, electronic, and digital titles
    • Usage Data – COUNTER related data
    • Users – For example: details, contact information, and roles
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