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    Configuring Leganto UI Elements

    To configure Leganto, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Fulfillment Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    You can configure the following Leganto UI elements in Alma:
    The following is a summary of the configuration parameters in the Leganto Customer Setting table (Configuration Menu > Fulfillment > Leganto > Customer Settings):
    Leganto Customer Setting Table Parameters
    Parameter See
    allow_leganto_license_through_SIPX Deprecated
    authentication_method Configuring Reading List Publication Options
    auto_set_instructors_as_owners Configuring Whether Instructors Are Automatically Added as Owners to Relevant Reading Lists
    bx_recommendation Configuring the bX Recommender Service
    bx_token Configuring the bX Recommender Service
    cms_entry_actions Configuring File Upload in Leganto and Configuring Whether Instructors Can Create Undefined Courses
    course_materials_expiration_warning Configuring Warnings
    create_task_for_published_list Configuring Reading List Publication Options
    default_language Configuring Default Language
    default_processing_department Configuring Whether Instructors Can Create Undefined Courses
    delete_reading_list Configuring What Happens to Deleted Lists
    discussion_header_default_text Configuring Headings and Text in Leganto
    discussion_header_enabled Configuring Headings and Text in Leganto
    display_CLA_info_in_leganto Configuring the Display of British CLA Copyright Information
    display_digital_representation Configuring Digital Representation Display Options
    display_general_electronic_services Enabling General Electronic Services in Leganto
    display_google_book_preview Enabling Google Preview
    display_instructors_in_leganto Enabling Instructor Information in Leganto
    display_other_formats_and_editions Configuring the Display of Other Formats and Editions of Citations
    ebook_central_secret For future use
    ebook_central_siteID For future use
    email_notifications_group Configuring Whether Students Receive Notifications
    enable_subject_tags Disabling Reading List Subjects
    force_direct_uresolver Configuring the Links for Electronic Citations
    google_analytics_id Enabling Google Analytics
    mark_as_broken Enabling Broken Link Reporting
    materials_available_for_all_students Not in use.
    max_file_size_allowed_faculty_MB Configuring File Upload in Leganto
    max_file_size_allowed_students_MB Configuring File Upload in Leganto
    mendeley_client_id Enabling Mendeley
    mendeley_secret Enabling Mendeley
    move_source_url_on_locate Configuring Links for Electronic Citations
    new_section_last Configuring Where New Sections Appear
    override_bib_on_locate Configuring Repository Locate Workflow
    primo_default_search_scope Configuring Search Repository
    primo_include_non_fulltext_option Configuring Search Repository
    primo_search_scopes Configuring Search Repository
    primo_tab Configuring Search Repository
    primo_vid Configuring Search Repository
    reading_list_creative_commons_default_value Configuring the Default Creative Commons Value for a Reading List
    refworks_group_code Enabling RefWorks
    syndetics_account_id Configuring Journal Thumbnails Using Syndetics
    use_alma_delivery_domain Not for use
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