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  • "Collection/DB Lookup” field added for Delivery Content Cases on Customer Support Portal
  • Activating ProQuest One Academic Collection in Ex Libris Products
    Activating ProQuest One Academic Collection in Ex Libris Products
  • Adding a new Alma institution as an External resource.
    Adding a new Alma institution as an External resource
  • Alexander Street Content Reload and Mapping
    Alexander Street Content Reload and Mapping from old collections to new collections
  • Alma: GFMER Free Medical Journals - June 2020
  • Alma: KB+ Portfolios Without Article Level Linking
    These collections contain a number of different linking syntax and the system is currently unable to support more than one type of linking syntax within a collection. In these cases to ensure continued access to all the portfolios within the collection, Exlibris and KB+ have agreed to support deep linking for the majority of the portfolios but allow journal level linking for any portfolios with a variant syntax. Please see below for the collections affected.
  • Alma: KB+ Portfolios Without Coverage Dates
    In some cases, often old newspapers and magazines, the provider is unable to supply the coverage dates. In these cases when ingested into the knowledgebase it will appear to the end user that full access is available to the resource for the entire date range available, even if you have access to only a specific period. To ensure continued access to these portfolios, KB+ and Exlibris have agreed that these portfolios should be ingested and recommend that a local note is added to warn end users of
  • Alma: MyiLibrary e-collection Retirement Notification
    MyiLibrary upgrades to Ebook Central was completed. In order to maintain accurate and current metadata the existing MyiLibrary Collection will be removed progressively during the Alma 20184600 (November 18th) – 20184800 (December 2nd) CKB Updates
  • Brief Level Definition in the Alma CZ
    The level of enrichment for Alma Community Zone records is varied based on many factors and availability of MARC records.  In order to make this information more accessible to the community, we have set up a scale to help identify the “Brief Level” of each record, with 01 being the briefest level and 10 the richest.     Each record in the CZ has been reviewed by an automated process to assess the relevant Brief Level.
  • Community Zone: CONSER record conversions (January 2020 - Present)
    Starting in the Alma January 2020 release, the Community Zone will begin to process conversions of CONSER records from print to electronic, while maintaining CONSER updates and quality control.
  • Community Zone Monograph Records Enrichment
    Brief monograph records in the Alma Community Zone Central KnowledgeBase (CKB) are regularly enriched by Ex Libris using MARC records from several different providers. The schedule of monograph enrichment varies, depending on the availability of new eBook provider records.
  • Community Zone Record Enrichment - Overview (April 2019)
    This webinar reviews the process of Enrichment in the Alma Community Zone (how bibliographic records go from brief to full). It gives an overview of Community Zone content and the ways that content is enhanced, and then takes a closer look at the process for Bibliographic record enrichment, including our sources for enrichment.
  • Community Zone Serial Records Enrichment
  • EBL/ebrary migration to Ebook Central
    If you subscribe to a package within ebrary/EBL and are migrating or have migrated to Ebook Central, use the following steps in order to ensure smooth migration.
  • GND authorities update issues in Alma CZ (January 2019)
  • How can I request new collections to be added to our Discovery Indexes, KnowledgeBases and the Alma Community Zone?
    How can I request new collection and data to be added to the Alma Community Zone, Summon Index, Primo Central, 360 KB and SFX KnowledgeBase? At the Ex Libris Idea Exchange, the Content forum is the channel that will be used for suggesting new collections and data, that you would like to see added to our Discovery Indexes, KnowledgeBases and the Alma Community Zone. Through Idea Exchange you can easily submit your own ideas, or you can review and vote on ideas posted from others from within
  • How to edit a Parser parameter or Coverage and contribute the change to the Alma CZ
    How to edit a Parser parameter or Coverage and contribute the change to the Alma CZ
  • National Library of Korea (National Shared Cataloging) external resource has been deactivated as it is not supported anymore
    National Library of Korea (National Shared Cataloging) external resource has stopped working. we contacted the library and they informed us that the search based on z39.50 has been terminated. Instead, they provide Open API based on REST which is not supported by Alma.
  • Ovid - WAYFless URL structure update (OpenAthens)
  • Searching External Resources
    Alma supports copy cataloging by integrating the search and import of records located in external databases directly into the MD Editor. External searches may be done with any search target/database that is supported by Ex Libris Data Services and that has been enabled by your institution. External databases can be searched from within the MD Editor interface, and records displaying in the results of the searches can be imported directly into Alma from the search results screen. In addition, whe
  • SpringerNature Journal Title Deletions in Alma CZ
  • Synchronize Changes from CZ Job: what does it do?
    Copies changed authorities and resources from the Community Zone to the local institution. Alma handles 50,000 changes at a time. If more than 50,000 changes are to be performed in the Community Zone, Alma launches an additional job to handle the rest of the changes. You can monitor the job under the "Monitor Jobs" tab
  • Upload Electronic Holdings from Elsevier
    You can both import and continuously update Elsevier electronic holdings by automatically retrieving the institution-specific holdings using an integration profile. For more information, see Setting Up Continuous Update for Elsevier Portfolios Using an Integration Profile. When uploading holdings using the Elsevier Upload Electronic Holdings integration profile, multiple Excel lines of the same ISSN and with different coverages are concatenated and uploaded as one portfolio with multiple coverag
  • Upload Electronic Holdings from Ovid
    You can automatically update your Ovid electronic portfolios using an integration profile, which saves you from having to manually upload them. The Ovid integration profile uses the KBART format to retrieve institution-specific portfolios. The profile identifies the subscription and purchase values in the KBART notes field for monographs in order to manage the Ovid subscription and Ovid purchase electronic collections separately. See the Prerequisite Tasks for Creating the Ovid Integration Profi
  • Upload Electronic Holdings from ProQuest Ebook Central
    The Alma Ebook Central Integration feature may be used by any institution that has access to titles via ProQuest Ebook Central. Institutions that participate in the PDA/DDA (Patron Driven Acquisition/Demand Driven Acquisition) program and institutions that do not participate in the PDA/DDA program can both take advantage of this facility to automatically activate the titles to which they have access via ProQuest Ebook Central. (Note that the PDA and DDA acronyms are used interchangeably.) The au
  • What is happening with Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. collections in the Alma Community Zone?
  • Why Using Identifiers is Important for Delivery and Discovery
    ISSNs and ISBNs are the most commonly used library standards to identify serial and monograph content, and are a required data element in the library community. In order to improve both linking and record quality, as well as increase traffic to providers’ platforms, as many identifiers as possible should be provided in vendors’ title lists and MARC records.
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