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    Leganto 2023 Release Notes

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    Download June Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download June Full Release Notes as a PDF

    July 2023 Sneak Preview

    • New User Experience release for early adopters

    Download May Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download May Full Release Notes as a PDF

    June 2023 Sneak Preview

    • New option for resource locate - locate items by ISBN or by Title and Author combination

    Download April Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download April Full Release Notes as a PDF

    May 2023 Sneak Preview

    • Ability for Librarians to execute DOI enrichment for multiple items

    Download March Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download March Full Release Notes as a PDF

    April 2023 Sneak Preview

    • NERS 7747: Suggest alternative citation versions to Instructors
    • Customize the approval, reject reasons for copyrights
    • Option to add a circulation desk in the copyright managing_department

    Download February Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download February Full Release Notes as a PDF

    March 2023 Sneak Preview

    • Citation metadata enrichment by DOI
    • Link to predefined searches in Find lists
    • Synchronize courses job for libraries with DCS integration

    Download January Instructor Highlights as a PDF | Download January Full Release Notes as a PDF

    February 2023 Sneak Preview

    • Search by list ID in the list search in Alma
    • Customize the mapping of UNIMARC to Leganto fields

    Main Features

    Option to Connect Citations to Library Resources by Title and Author Combination

    June 2023 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-185309

    Leganto now provides more flexibility for matching citations to library inventory using the Resource Locate process. The Resource Locate process runs automatically as citations are added to reading lists, manually on demand, or in bulk using a job. It is now possible to specify that a combination of both the title and author fields be used to identify matching resources in the library collection. The library can now configure, for example, that Leganto checks for a match using first ISBN/ISSN, and if a match is not found, check for a match using title AND author. Both the title and author must match the repository record for the citation to link to the bibliographic record. 

    To configure, enable the new parameter Title_Author in the Locate Citation by Fields table (Configuration > Fulfillment > Courses > Locate Citation by Fields). When the parameter resource_locate_mode (Configuration > Fulfillment > General > Other Settings) is set to OR, Leganto checks against all enabled fields in the order configured in the table.

    The option to require both the title and author.

    Title AND Author parameter

    For more information, see Match by Fields.

    Enrich Multiple Citations Using DOI

    May 2023 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-183432

    Leganto can now automatically enrich citations containing a DOI with additional metadata in bulk by checking Enrich by DOI in the Reading List Citation Update Task job (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Run a Job). The default setting for this checkbox is unchecked.

    The option to enrich by DOI.

    Option to Enrich by DOI

    For more information, see Enriching Citation Metadata.

    Find Matching Bibliographic Records for Multiple Citations - Run Resource Locate on Citation Sets

    May 2023 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-183432

    It is now possible to locate a set of citations by using the new Reading List Citation Process and Enrich job (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Run a Job). Perform locate on type is not included in this new version of the Process and Enrich Citations job (Fulfillment > Advanced Tools - Reading Lists > Process and Enrich Citations). When Resource locate repository is checked (this checkbox is unchecked by default), you can choose to either manually handle citations when multiple matches are found or use the first matching resource for a specific inventory type. When Use first matching resource of a specific inventory type, if exists (otherwise handle manually) is selected, drop-down lists for Physical, Electronic, and Digital are displayed. The default priority selections for these drop-down lists are set according to your priority settings in resource_locate_multiple_matches_priority (Configuration Menu > Fulfillment > General > Other Settings).

    The Reading List Citation Process and Enrich job.

    Reading List Citation Process and Enrich job

    The Process and Enrich Citations job (Fulfillment > Advanced Tools - Reading Lists > Process and Enrich Citations) is still available for use.

    You can use the Reading List Citation Process and Enrich job to perform a resource locate on a specific set by selecting a specific facet, such as the new Not located facet, which returns all citations that do not have a Resource located status.

    Easily Identify Citations that are Not Located

    May 2023 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-183432

    The Resource Locate facet (Fulfillment > Course Reserves > Citations) now includes a Not Located facet which accounts for all resources with the statuses Multiple Resources Located, Locate Not Run, No Resources Located, Locate Failed, and Information Incomplete.

    The not located facet. 

    Not located

    For more information, see Reading List Citation Process and Enrich and Manual Jobs on Defined Sets.

    Control When a Citation is Hidden from Students

    May 2023 Leganto URM-130014

    It is now possible to hide citations with specific citation statuses from students. When the parameter hide_uncompleted_citations (Configuration > Leganto > Features > Leganto Features) is set to a specific status or multiple statuses divided by comma BeingPrepared, Complete, Declined, Inactive, InProcess, ReadyForProcessing, or a code from the Additional Reading List Citation Statuses code table, citations with those specified statuses are hidden from students. True/false values are still supported. When the parameter value is set to true, citations that do not have a status of Complete are hidden. When the parameter value is set to false, the citation appears regardless of its status.

    For more information, see Hiding Incomplete Citations from Students.

    NERS: Offer Citation Replacement for an Existing Citation

    April 2023 Leganto URM-176864 NERS NERS Enhancement (ID #7747)

    Leganto now supports replacing citations in bulk. For example, this feature can be used to replace citations with newer editions or to replace physical citations with electronic citations. The library can configure whether citations are replaced immediately, or whether the replacement appears to instructors as a suggestion.

    Citations with a Copyright Status of Approved cannot be replaced.

    If your institution would like to have replacements presented to instructors as suggestions, set the parameter replacement_suggestion_auto_replace (Configuration > Leganto > Features > Leganto Features) to false. This is the default.

    From the Edit Citation screen, select the citation or citations to be replaced. Then choose Suggest Replacement.

    The Suggest Replacement action.

    Suggest Replacement action

    Library staff are directed to the Repository Search, where they can search for and select the new item that they want to use as the replacement.

    The option to select a newer edition.
    Selecting a newer edition
    Library staff are presented with a confirmation screen.
    A confirmation replacement message.
    Confirmation message to confirm that the MMS ID should be replaced

    After selecting Confirm, suggestions are added to each of the citations in Leganto. Additionally, a system tag New Edition Available is added to each citation.

    Instructors receive an alert letting them know about new suggestions. They can select the alert to filter the list to see items with new edition suggestions.

    Alert to replace item.

    Alert to replace item

    Selecting the item opens the full view, which includes the details of the suggested replacement. Instructors can choose to replace the item, which re-links the citation to the new MMS ID, updating the inventory and the citation metadata. Other existing information about the citation, including usage information, tags, and notes, is preserved. Alternatively, the instructor can choose to decline the suggestion, which removes the information about the new edition and the tag.

    The option to replace the item or decline.

    Option to Replace Item or Decline replacement

    Alternatively, if your institution would like to have citations replaced immediately, rather than sent to instructors for approval, set the parameter replacement_suggestion_auto_replace (Configuration > Leganto > Features > Leganto Features) to true. Once library staff has selected a new item to use as a replacement, they are presented with a confirmation screen.

    The confirmation message for a citation with an approved copyright.

    Confirmation message to confirm that the MMS ID should be replaced

    After selecting Confirm, all the citations which were selected for replacement are linked with the MMS ID of the item chosen as the replacement item. The citation metadata and inventory update, but tags, notes, and usage information are preserved.

    Automatically Publish Lists to Students Without Library Review

    April 2023 Leganto URM-187413

    It is now possible to have new reading lists published automatically, immediately after they are created, eliminating the need to publish reading lists individually and ensuring that all reading lists are visible to students. This feature is disabled by default.

    To enable, change the parameter auto_publish_on_create (Configuration > Leganto > List Management > Publishing) to Yes. When enabled, all new reading lists created in Leganto are immediately published according to the publish_default_mode on the Leganto Publishing Configuration page.

    The Leganto Publishing Configuration options.

    Leganto Publishing Configuration

    Only lists created in Leganto are published by default, including lists created using the NEW LIST button on the My Lists page or using the Create button on the Quick Start screen. Lists that are created by other means, including the Reading List Loader integration profile, the API, or using the Alma interface are not published automatically.

    For more information, see Configuring Reading List Publication Options.

    Customize Copyright Approval and Reject Reasons

    April 2023 Fulfillment - Resource Request SF: 06374629 URM-175779

    You can now customize the copyright approval and reject reasons (Fulfillment > Resource Requests > Approval Requests List).

    Copyright approval reasons list.

    Copyright approval reasons list

    Copyright rejection reasons list.

    Copyright rejection reasons list

    You can customize the approval and reject reasons using the Configuration > Fulfillment > Copyright Management > Copyright approval reasons and Configuration > Fulfillment Copyright Management > Copyright reject reasons tables. You can edit any of the existing reasons or use the Add Row button to add new reasons. The reasons can now be translated to the Alma display language.

    Copyright approval reasons configuration.

    Copyright approval reasons configuration

    Copyright rejection reasons configuration.png

    Copyright rejection reasons configuration

    For more information, see Customizing Copyright Approval and Reject Reasons.

    DOI Enrichment of Citation Metadata

    March 2023 Leganto URM-179391

    Leganto can now automatically enrich citations containing a DOI with additional metadata. For example, a user can now only enter a DOI in the blank form and the citation metadata is enriched with additional information from CrossRef.

    For institutions whose AUGMENTATION profile (Configuration > General > External Systems > Integration Profiles) is configured to work with CrossRef, when a citation containing a DOI is added, any missing metadata is automatically added to the citation.

    The CrossRef configuration.
    CrossRef configuration

    The DOI field on the Add Item Details form.

    Enriched metadata

    In a future release, you will be able to perform a bulk DOI enrichment using a job.

    For more information, see Enriching Citation Metadata.

    Share a Link to a Predefined Find Lists Search

    March 2023 Leganto URM-160342

    Leganto now enables you to share sharable links for predefined searches from the Find Lists form. Select the copy icon next to the Find Lists header to generate a sharable link to a predefined search.

    The default predefined list search.

    Default predefined list search

    The following fields are supported for predefined searches:

    course_status "all", "active" or "inactive"
    faculty  ""
    publication "all", "published", or "draft"
    subject  ""
    course_code  ""
    course_instructors  ""
    course_title  ""
    description  ""
    list_title  ""
    term  ""
    year  ""

    The only fields that appear for a predefined search are fields that the user has permission to view.

    A predefined list search.

    Search fields

    Additionally, you can manually generate or edit a URL. Append a question mark (?) to your URL, then specify which fields to search for and their search criteria. For example, Find_lists_ sharable_link?list_title=art searches for lists with the word art in the List Title.

    You can search for multiple fields at once by adding an ampersand (&) between each field. For example, Find_lists_ sharable_link?list_title=art&year=2022 searches for lists with the word art in the List Title, published in the Year 2022.

    All field names and values must be in lowercase.

    For more information, see Sharing a Link to a Predefined Find Lists Search.

    For CLA Users (UK): Course Synchronization Between Leganto and the DCS

    March 2023 Fulfillment - Resource Request URM-111923

    Librarians who have courses in the DCS that do not match the Leganto courses, can now override the course in the DCS with information from Leganto. When the integration profile Digital content store is active, the option to update DCS courses is now available from the Course Bulk Update job (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Run a Job). When Update course in DCS is checked in the Course Bulk Update job, librarians can now update their DCS courses in bulk to match their Alma courses.

    The option to update courses in the DCS.

    Update course in DCS

    The following parameters are all automatically updated in the DCS course based on the values in Alma:

    • Course code
    • Course name
    • Number of weeks
    • Number of participants
    • Processing department
    • Instructor name
    • Instructor email
    • Course status
      • Active - sets the DCS course to Active
      • Archived - sets the DCS course to Archived
      • Inactive - sets the DCS course to Archived

    The job event now includes a Failed to update DCS event.

    For more information, see Course Synchronization Between Leganto and the DCS.

    Search for Reading List by List ID

    February 2023 Fulfillment - Course Reserves idea exchange Idea Exchange URM-135743

    You can now search Reading lists by List ID in Alma.

    List ID searches are not currently included in All searches. This option will be available in a later release.

    Searching a reading list by list ID.

    Searching a Reading list by List ID

    For more information, see Reading List Search Fields.

    Customize UNIMARC Mapping for Leganto Fields

    February 2023 Leganto URM-164377

    You can now customize the UNIMARC BIB mapping for Leganto fields.

    To customize the mapping, from the Bibliographic Mapping Rules page (Configuration Menu > Fulfillment > Courses > Bibliographic Mapping Rules) customize the test rule. You can then test the Bibliographic Mapping Rule on the Test BIB to Citation Normalization page (Configuration Menu > Fulfillment > Courses > Test BIB to Citation Normalization). When you are done, copy your changes to the production rule on the Bibliographic Mapping Rules page (and optionally test them again on the Testing BIB to Citation Normalization screen).

    UNIMARC bibliographic mapping rules.

    UNIMARC mapping rules

    The Testing BIB to Citation Normalization screen.

    Testing BIB to Citation Normalization

    As part of this enhancement, some changes were made to the UNIMARC mapping to conform to the IFLA reference standards.

    For more information, see Mapping Bibliographic Record Fields to Citation Fields.

    NERS: Indication for Courses that Deliberately Have No Reading List

    January 2023 Leganto URM-176862 NERS NERS Enhancement (ID #7744)
    Your institution likely has a number of courses that will never require a reading list. You can now add a No list expected indication to a course to indicate to library staff that the course deliberately does not include a reading list. Marking courses that will not have reading lists can help you when communicating with instructors, and when reporting on the percentage of courses the library supports through reading lists.

    Reading lists can still be added to courses with the No list expected checkbox checked. Additionally, existing lists are not removed when the No list expected checkbox is checked.

    The "no list expected" checkbox.

    No list expected checkbox

    In the Courses table (Fulfillment > Course Reserves > Courses), the No list expected column indicates which courses have the No list expected checkbox checked.

    The No list expected column is hidden by default. To show the No list expected column, select the column from the Manage column display  list. 

    The no list expected column.

    No list expected column

    If the librarian selects the Leganto create list - reminder email action for a course that has the No list expected checkbox checked, the librarian can still send the reminder email, but an alert appears indicating that This course is marked as 'No list expected'.

    The no list expected alert on the Leganto create list - reminder email window.

    'No list expected' alert

    When duplicating a course that has the No list expected checkbox checked, the No list expected checkbox is checked on the duplicated course.

    When rolling over a course that has the No list expected checkbox checked, the No list expected checkbox is checked on the rolled over course.

    The Course Bulk Update job (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Run a Job) now includes the condition Excluded courses marked as 'No list expected' when the Leganto create list - reminder email checkbox is checked. This enables you to not send the Leganto create list reminder email to instructors whose courses intentionally do not include reading lists when the Course Bulk Update job runs.

    The option to exclude courses marked as "No list expected" when sending bulk create list reminder emails.

    Exclude courses marked as 'No list expected' when sending bulk reminders

    The No list expected indication will be added to Analytics in the February release.

    For more information, see Working with Courses

    Additional Enhancements

    • June 2023 Leganto URM-168477
      You can now use the Leganto API to update reading lists that are not associated with course, i.e. EXLIBRIS_DEFAULT_COURSE, using the following URL: 


      For more information, see Developer Network - Courses.

    • June 2023 Leganto idea exchange Idea Exchange URM-130015
      You can now specify the language for a citation.

      To enable, add a bibliographic mapping rule (Configuration > Fulfillment > Courses > Bibliographic Mapping Rules), the Primo mapping (Configuration > Leganto > Discovery > Primo Mapping) or Summon mapping.

      The MARC language drools configuration.

      Drools configuration

      Additionally, enable the language citation field mapping (Configuration > Leganto > UI > Citation Field Mapping) for relevant material types.

      The language citation mapping.
      Language citation mapping

      The language field then appears in the metadata and on the Item form.

      The metadata language field.
      Language field for metadata
      The item language field.
      Item language field

      There is no out-of-the-box configuration for this feature.

      This feature will be available in analytics in a future release.
    • June 2023 Analytics URM-156638
      The Leganto List Last Published By field was added to Course Reserves > Reading Lists. It displays the last publisher of the reading list.
    • May 2023 Leganto URM-189418
      The possible values of the cite_it_filter configuration (Configuration > Leganto > List Management > Course Reserves Automatic Statuses) were changed to blocked and allowed, as requested by the DEI focus group, and set values are automatically updated.
    • May 2023 Leganto URM-182463
      Leganto no longer tries to locate resources that are added to a reading list using the Rialto search scope in Leganto.

      For more information, see Enabling the Rialto Search Scope.

    • April 2023 Leganto SF: 05333132 URM-149389
      You can now set the default digitization department for digitization requests initiated from Leganto to be a circulation desk rather than a digitization department. When Supports Digitization is enabled for a Circulation Desk (Fulfillment > Circulation Desks), a code is created for the Digitization Departments (Configuration > Fulfillment > Digital Fulfillment > Digitization Departments), and the managing_department parameter (Configuration > Leganto > List Management > Copyright Settings) can now be set to use that code for the circulation desk.

      Supports Digitization enabled for a circulation desk.

      Supports Digitization enabled for a circulation desk

      The auto-generated circulation desk code.

      Auto-generated circulation desk code

      The managing department circulation desk code.

      Managing department circulation desk code
    • For more information, see Configuring Leganto Copyright-Related Procedures.

    • April 2023 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 06572598 idea exchange Idea Exchange URM-162845
      You can now use the Leganto API to update citation tags. Use the following PUT method, containing a URL with the course ID, reading list, reading list ID, citation, citation ID, and the word tags. The body must include the tags you want the citation to include. For example:

      If the body <citation_tag> is empty, all tags are removed from the citation.

      For more information, see Developer Network - Courses.

    • April 2023 Analytics URM-185848
      The below fields were added to the following out-of-the-box Leganto Analytics reports:
      • Leganto Instructors Usage - Lists KPIs:
        • Course start date – the date the course started
        • Course end date – the date the course ended
        • Total items – the total number of citations
        • List title – the name of the list
      • Report2: Leganto Instructors Usage - Citation Usage:
        • Citation title – the title of the citation
        • Section Id – the ID of the section
        • Due date – the due date of the citation
    • March 2023 Leganto URM-184652
      When the mark_as_broken (Configuration > Leganto > Features > Leganto Features) is set to all, the Mark as broken link now appears even when a citation only contains hidden links, so that students can report when links are missing.

      The mark as broken link even when no links appear.

      Mark as broken

      For more information, see Enabling Broken Link Reporting.

    • March 2023 Leganto SF: 06412395URM-175466
      The asgmt.file.copyright.not.approved.msg.instructor label (Configuration > Leganto > General Labels) for configuring the assignment dashboard copyright statement now supports HTML.

      A formatted assignment dashboard copyright statement.

      An HTML-formatted assignment dashboard copyright statement
    • March 2023 Leganto URM-141712
      You can now set the order of copyright options and enable the default setting for the File Upload Copyright Options (Configuration > Leganto > List Management > File Upload Copyright Options).

      When no order is set, the order appears according to the order in the Mapping Table.

      The option to order the File Upload Copyright Options order.

      Set the File Upload Copyright Options order and default

      The Upload a File Copyright Options order.

      Upload a File Copyright Options order as per configuration

      For more information, see Configuring File Upload for My Collection or as Citations.

    • March 2023 Analytics URM-185060
      The Total Full text Access column was added to the Leganto Instructors Usage - Lists KPIs and Leganto Instructors Usage - Citation Usage out-of-the-box reports. This new column displays the sum of the Number of Full Text Views and Number of Files Downloaded fields from Leganto Student Usage > Student Usage.
    • February 2023 Leganto URM-169233
      Libraries that are reusing reading lists can now reset the request for a review date, making it easier to monitor submitted reading lists. The Reading List Bulk Update job (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Run a Job) Reset options now includes an option to Reset request for review

      The option to Reset request for review.

      Reset request for review
      When the Reset request for review option is checked, the Current Request for Review, Review Requester, and Initial Request for Review columns on a reading list are reset.

      The Reading Lists Task List with reset columns.

      Reset columns on the Reading Lists Task List

      For more information, see Manual Jobs on Defined Sets.

    • February 2023 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-180468
      For Norwegian customers, files available from Bolk now only display to students when permitted according to the permissions set in Leganto. For example:
      • Files for citations which are not marked as complete do not display to students
      • Files only display when access to materials is allowed according to the publishing visibility 
    • February 2023 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-180928
      The No List Expected field was added to the Course dimension in the Leganto Student Usage, Leganto Instructor Usage Events, Course Reserves, and Requests subject areas. (Possible values: Checked and Unchecked). It indicates if the No List Expected checkbox is selected on the course record in Alma or not. For more information on this checkbox, see Indicating that Courses Deliberately Have No Reading List.
    • January 2023 Leganto URM-176226 idea exchange Idea Exchange
      Previously, when selecting the Reset X after searching for items within a list, the search term cleared, but the results remained. Now when selecting the Reset X after searching for items within a list, the search term clears and the results are reset.

      The option to reset your search terms.

      Reset search
    • January 2023 Leganto URM-179656
      To describe the attribute more accurately and match the analytics term, the Publication Status attribute was changed to Publication List Visibility

      The publication list visibility label.

      Publication List Visibility label
    • January 2023 Leganto SF: 06528866 URM-181231
      When exporting a file to RIS, the Y1 field now only includes the YYYY digits so that when the RIS is imported, the publication year populates as expected.
    • January 2023 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-175007
      The Reading List Type field was added to the Reading Lists dimension in the Leganto Student Usage, Leganto Instructor Usage Events, and Course Reserves subject areas. It indicates if the reading list is designated as the master list. Possible values are Master and blank (no value).
      The Master label will be changed to Parent in February.
    • January 2023 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 06481498 URM-178971
      The Start Page 2 and End Page 2 fields were added to the Citation Metadata Details dimension of the Leganto Student Usage, Leganto Instructor Usage Events, and Course Reserves subject areas. They display an additional start and end page.
      The Number of Pages field now displays the number of pages between the Start Page and End Page fields and the Start Page 2 and End Page 2 fields.

      In addition, the names of the Article Number of Pages, Article Start Page, and Article End Page were changed to Number of Pages, Start Page, and End Page.

    • January 2023 Fulfillment - Course Reserves URM-179659
      The following field names were changed in Analytics for better clarity and consistency:
      New Name Old Name Location
      Course Created By  Course Creator
      • Course Reserves > Courses
      • Leganto Student Usage > Reading Lists
      • Leganto Instructor Usage > Courses
      • Requests > Request for Course
      Reading List Created By Reading List Creator
      • Course Reserves > Reading Lists
      • Leganto Student Usage > Reading Lists
      • Leganto Instructor Usage > Reading Lists
      Number of Suggestions Leganto List Num of Student Suggestions
      • Course Reserves > Reading Lists
      • Leganto Student Usage > Reading Lists
      • Leganto Instructor Usage > Reading Lists
      Section Created By Section Creator
      • Course Reserves > Leganto Reading List Sections
      • Leganto Student Usage > Reading List Sections
      • Leganto Instructor Usage > Reading List Sections
      Citation Created By Citation Creator
      • Course Reserves > Reading List Citations
      • Leganto Student Usage > Citations
      • Leganto Instructor Usage > Citations
      • Purchase Requests > Reading List Citations
      Number of Files Downloaded Number of Files Download Leganto Student Usage > Student Usage
      Number of Student Comments Students Discussions Leganto Student Usage > Student Usage

    Resolved Issues

    • June 2023 Leganto URM-192579 SF: 06738200
      When using the Expanded Reading List style, the chapter author and book title were missing from Word exports. This was fixed.
    • June 2023 Leganto URM-192051 SF: 06486863
      When adding items from Primo VE, $$ appeared in Leganto. This was fixed.
    • June 2023 Leganto URM-191939 SF: 06676661
      For citations without an MMS ID, when adding the Place of Publication - Country field to the Analytics report, none of the results were displayed. This was fixed.
    • June 2023 Leganto URM-190028 SF: 06689131
      Previously, the API did not return Library-Internal or Instructor-Library tags. This was fixed.
    • June 2023 Leganto URM-189579 SF: 06670751
      Previously, the UNIMARC rule for additionalPersonName did not work. This was fixed.
    • June 2023 Leganto URM-189289 SF: 06647910
      In some cases, when manually selecting a list action (delete, archive, purge) and running a bulk action, an error occurred. This was fixed.
    • June 2023 Leganto URM-188815 SF: 06662101
      All references to Master labels were removed and replaced with Parent.
    • June 2023 Leganto URM-164274 SF: 05304877
      The End Page field was missing from Book Extract types. This was fixed.
    • June 2023 Leganto URM-152788 SF: 05435574 05723098
      In some cases, reading lists were not associated with the correct course in Analytics. This was fixed for future data but not for historical data.
    • May 2023 Leganto URM-190824 SF: 06699651
      Citations added from Summon's direct link from ProQuest included a placeholder parameter that caused the link to break. This was fixed.
    • May 2023 Leganto URM-189613 SF: 06680750
      When using the QuickCite APA style, the first letter of the author's first name was missing. This was fixed.
    • May 2023 Leganto URM-189253 SF: 06659552
      Previously, when adding citations from EBSCO, a + was appended to the URL rather than the identifying institution. This was fixed.
    • May 2023 Leganto URM-188306 SF: 06659649
      When importing .lgn files to a reading list, the attributes were not reset. This was fixed.
    • May 2023 Leganto URM-163390 SF: 05321084 06704551
      In some cases, when using the View list as a student feature, the view did not properly represent the actual student view. This was fixed.
    • April 2023 Leganto SF: 06660440
      Citations added from external resources did not include the Links & Availability. This was fixed.
    • April 2023 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 06655246
      In some cases, courses did not appear in Alma, but they did appear in Analytics. This was fixed.
    • April 2023 Leganto SF: 06653039
      Previously, retrieving course information from Primo using an MMSID was very slow. The speed has been increased.
    • April 2023 Leganto SF: 06630050
      The option to Add tags to item was missing from the Student View. This was fixed.
    • April 2023 Leganto SF: 06526087
      In some cases, the Leganto Physical item location did not match Primo’s Get it. This was fixed.
    • April 2023 Leganto SF: 06629253
      When adding a course From date but not a To date, the To date was incorrectly populated with today's date rather than remaining blank. This was fixed.URM-186582
    • April 2023 Leganto SF: 06558701 06558710 06559233 06620758 06656576 06665869 06668218
      In some cases, reading lists with items that are physically available took a significant amount of time to load. This was fixed. URM-183148
    • April 2023 Leganto SF: 06471606
      Previously, the maximum file size error message did not display the unit of MB. This was fixed.URM-178192
    • April 2023 Leganto SF: 06328038
      In some cases, refreshing issues caused inconsistent search results when opening a reading list from a Primo record. This was fixed.
    • March 2023 Leganto SF: 06499977
      Quick Cite did not always display the additional person’s name appropriately. This was fixed.
    • March 2023 Leganto SF: 06602672
      Previously, when new_refworks and refworks_sso (Configuration > Leganto > General > External Integrations) were both set to true, exporting citations to RefWorks failed. This was fixed.
    • March 2023 Leganto SF: 06625570
      When adding a citation using the blank form, the Year field was empty when the citation was sent to the DCS. This was fixed.
    • March 2023 Leganto SF: 06597799
      When PDF files were set to ReadOnly, the Make File Downloadable menu item displayed an error. This was fixed.
    • March 2023 Leganto SF: 06586029
      In some cases, users were unable to delete the last item in a Collection. This was fixed.
    • March 2023 Leganto SF: 06546785
      Previously, digitization requests for reading lists attached to multiple courses did not account for the total amount of students in all the courses for copyright clearance purposes. This was fixed.
    • March 2023 Leganto SF: 06527750
      Electronic resources with an assigned inventory management group did not appear as available in the repository. This was fixed.
    • March 2023 Leganto SF: 06520255
      Previously, the reading list requestor fields did not update after publishing a list sent to the library. This was fixed.
    • March 2023 Leganto SF: 06275257
      Previously, posting instructor notes on a reading list using the API did not post the note to Alma and overwrote existing library notes. This was fixed.
    • February 2023 Release Update Leganto
      There are no issues for the February Release Update.
    • February 2023 Leganto SF: 06353681
      The Citations Alternate Suggestions job did not list any Electronic Resources in the job report. This was fixed.
    • February 2023 Leganto SF: 06617691
      The hide toggle button was missing for physical items. This was fixed.
    • February 2023 Leganto SF: 06619985
      Citations added from an EBSCO search did not perform resource locating or create link resolver or article links. This was fixed.
    • February 2023 Leganto SF: 06595787
      Previously, the LTI system role mapping ignored the Enabled/Disabled parameter. This was fixed.
    • February 2023 Leganto SF: 06575653
      Previously, the field volume was not compatible with the Type Book citation. This was fixed.
    • February 2023 Leganto SF: 06589661
      In some cases, when items were added using Cite It! and connected to the libraries' holdings, the original URL was not added as a Note. This was fixed.
    • February 2023 Leganto SF: 06557709
      In some cases, Leganto citations pointed to the wrong resource/source. This was fixed.
    • February 2023 Leganto SF: 06578156
      In some cases, the Resource locate no match found. displayed on the Process and Enrich Citations in Bulk job report even when the resource was located. This was fixed.
    • February 2023 Fulfillment - Course Reserves SF: 06474685
      In some cases, data from deleted citations showed in analytics even though it should not have. This was fixed.
    • February 2023 Leganto SF: 06550768
      In some cases, the Recent Changes tab indicated that there was no content even though there was content. This was fixed. URM-181862
    • February 2023 Leganto SF: 06506969
      Previously, when a citation's digitization request was automatically approved and sent to the DCS, the citation status did not update to the value assigned in the parameter citation_copyright_approved. This was fixed.
    • January 2023 Leganto SF: 06530718
      Previously, there was no option to translate the CiteIt! Grab here to drag this window text. You can now add a translation for (Configuration > Leganto > General > Labels). URM-181065
    • January 2023 Leganto SF: 06539784
      The list status label citiation.status.BeingProcessed was missing from the Labels Code Table (Configuration > Leganto > General > Labels). This was fixed. URM-182141
    • January 2023 Leganto SF: 06535083
      Instructor-Library tags did not appear on new citations until refreshing the page. This was fixed. URM-181788
    • January 2023 Leganto SF: 06530290
      In some cases, permalinks from rolled over courses did not open the correct links when the course was published. This was fixed.URM-181741
    • January 2023 Leganto SF: 06518583
      Citations with many tags did not include a scrollbar. This was fixed.URM-181729
    • January 2023 Leganto SF: 06544357
      Citations with many tags did not include a scrollbar. This was fixed. URM-181460
    • January 2023 Leganto SF: 06499977 06561578
      When using Quick Cite for citations using the Harvard CSL style, the references listed the second author as an editor. This was fixed. URM-180318
    • January 2023 Leganto SF: 06483272
      In some cases, completed citations appeared in the Ready for Processing task list. This was fixed.URM-180251
    • January 2023 Leganto SF: 06503914
      In Canvas, in some cases, PDFs were partially cut off by the right side panel. This was fixed.URM-180091
    • January 2023 Leganto SF: 06482028
      In some cases, when running the Course Bulk Update Job to remove a list association, some courses that should have still been associated with the reading list were missing. This was fixed. URM-179448
    • January 2023 Leganto SF: 0646569
      Previously, the Leganto UI language did not update until the page was refreshed. This was fixed.URM-177939
    • January 2023 Leganto SF: 05329002 06287393
      CDI records for videos that use direct links included the citation metadata but not the link to the video. This was fixed.URM-171341
    • January 2023 Leganto SF: 05318981
      Previously, the citation Status was changed from Complete to Being prepared when a list was duplicated. This was fixed.URM-157160
    • January 2023 Leganto SF: 06530290
      Previously, when rolling over a list, the default was that shareable link pointed to the newest published list. Now, if permalink_goto_newest (General > Settings) is false, the shareable link points to the original list. The default for this parameter is true. URM-183601
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